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India: Secular or Sickular?

Updated on July 26, 2014
Nellie Massacre
Nellie Massacre
Hindus celebrating the demolition of Babri Mosque
Hindus celebrating the demolition of Babri Mosque

India; World's largest democracy. Indian people deliberately claims themselves as secular and Indian bias media leaves no stone untouched to propagate Indians with lies. From outside, India may seem as normal as other countries but Indian Media is no less than North Korea's. Let's look at some examples of secular India:

  • In 1946 in Bihar, A Group of Hindu rioters massacred 8,000 Muslims with support from their Hindu Chief Minister, Later they defended their crime by making up a story about Noakhali Massacre. No Justice was given to the Victims
  • Similer to Gaza Massacre, In 1983; Nellie Massacre occurred. It was a government supported religious cleansing. A Group of Hindu protesters killed about 10,000 Muslims; mostly Children and Women. No Justice has been given till now.
  • In 1992, Babri Mosque; One of the oldest mosque in India was destroyed by Hindu Extremists. Ironically the person behind this shameful act is currently the Prime Minister of India.
  • There have been uncountable amount of attacks on Muslims and It's still going on.

All these attacks weren't shown on any Indian Media or Newspapers and In some cases Muslims were held guilty for these incidents. OK, These incidents took place long time ago, now Indian Hindus are more open minded, If so then how can a Hindu radical extremist become the head of India with majority votes.

Indian Double Standard Policies

India media; close resembles North Korea's propaganda policy. Indian Media and Newspapers has kept Indians in the Dark World, Far from Reality. The Newspapers and Media never gets tired to bring up the flaws of it's neighbor countries; especially Pakistan and Bangladesh's. As the citizen of the world, These days, Illegal Immigration and Terrorist Activities from Bangladesh and Pakistan is a hot topic. I Plead to Indian Media, When you are telling your countrymen that there are 3 Million Illegal Bangladeshis in India, please don't forget to state that there is also about 2-4 Million illegal Indians in Bangladesh; and no- They are not IT experts, they are Indian poverty stricken people who illegally migrates from West Bengal and Bihar. There have been more terrorist attacks in India than Bangladesh. In fact no terrorist activities have taken place in Bangladesh in last 5 Years, so please stop keeping Indians in dark with your imaginary thoughts and What to say about Pakistan, According to Hindus living in India; If you are Pakistani or Muslim you are terrorist, and also according to Indians, Everyone in Bangladesh(16% poverty) and Pakistan(17% poverty) is poor and Indians(31% poverty) are rich.

There are millions of Hindus living in Arab World and other Muslim countries, enjoying their rights and earning money, but at the same time they complains about how Muslims are terrorists and always torture other religions. The whole Muslim World is being judged based on Afghanistan. In India, If you are Muslim, you will be seen as an outsider and traitor. Global Celebrities such as Shahrukh Khan, Sania Mirza are a prime example of that.

Next Time before calling Muslim Countries terrorists, please look at yourself once and before calling Indian Muslims burden to economy, please remember it was a Muslim who invented Nuclear Weapon for India.


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      4 years ago

      What about the decreasing population of Hindus in Bangladesh you Muslim Moron


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