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India Test Fires K-15 Missile

Updated on January 12, 2015

India achieved a unique distinction in missile technology on January 27, 2013 by successfully test firing a K- 15 missile from Visakhapatnam. Establishing underwater missile launch capabilities is considered a major achievement and only a few global nations possess such technology. The Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile (SLBM) reached its full range of 700 km and obtained single digit accuracy. India is the fifth country in the world to possess underwater missile technology. Some other countries with underwater missile capability are United States of America, China, Russia and France. According to the Indian space agency officials test firing of K-15, it’s a glorious achievement which speaks tall words about the country’s capability in space science. The performance of the K-15 was exactly as laid out and it testifies to India’s strategic defence potential. The K-15 missile can be used for the integration of space platforms in the upcoming years and India will develop a series of underwater K-15 missiles.

Entering Into Elite Space Club

An Indian space agency official was quoted saying that “launching an underwater missile involves sophisticated technology”. The K-15 missile was designed by India’s Defence Research and Development Laboratory. As the trial launching of the K-15 missile is finished, it can be integrated into INS Arihant, the country’s indigenously built nuclear submarine. India envisions more nuclear powered submarines in the Visakhapatnam naval dock yard and Vadodara in Gujarat state. The INS Arihant will be powered by a nuclear reactor which uses enriched uranium as fuel and light water as coolant. Propelled by the successful test firing of the underwater missile, the Indian Space Agency is planning to develop a K-4 missile with a range of three thousand kilometers.

Breakthrough in Missile Technology

With the test firing of the K-15 missile, India makes major strides towards the nuclear capability of firing nuclear missiles from land and air. Officials of the Defence Research and Development Laboratory have said more than ten trials of underwater missiles K-15 have been completed. The K-15 belongs to a series of underwater missiles developed by the Defence Research and Development Laboratory for the use of the Indian strategic forces. So far, the Indian Space Research Organization has the capability of launching nuclear missiles only from land and aerial stations. According to space researchers in the country, the launching of the K-15 is a significant milestone towards nuclear capability enhancement.

Paving the Way Towards Self Reliance in Space Science

In the April month of previous year, Indian space agency hit the headlines by test firing a nuclear capable Agni Intercontinental Ballistic Missile. With a strike range of five thousand kilometers it gives India the capability to hit targets in Europe, Africa and Australia. The K-15 missile is the fourteenth consecutively successful launch of India’s missile technology.


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