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India Who Rules - ( Part-1 )

Updated on February 25, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Pride of India on Political Ride.

As many  spokes as in the wheel are the political party's trying to rule the country from their home towns.
As many spokes as in the wheel are the political party's trying to rule the country from their home towns. | Source

Reshuffeled to Rule.

The much-awaited Cabinet reshuffle took place on Tuesday with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh dropping seven Ministers and inducting eight new faces. Dr. Singh termed the exercise as the last one before the next Lok Sabha polls. Images from the swearin
The much-awaited Cabinet reshuffle took place on Tuesday with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh dropping seven Ministers and inducting eight new faces. Dr. Singh termed the exercise as the last one before the next Lok Sabha polls. Images from the swearin | Source

Reshuffle & Rule.

India today was amazed to see the dead woods still growing some leaves as the Prime Minister reshuffled his group of old cards by putting few new cards in his pack of very old cards in his pocket.INDIA is 65 years young in this world ruled by Kings,Monarchs,Queens,Presidents,Dictators and Military Rulers.Who is now ruling us the Indians.We have a President a Lady but Commander in Chief of the Army but not giving any commands to any one in the Army,Navy or Air Force.Even the Minister of a lowest category in any place in India including the National Govt in the National Capital she cannot talk officially. We were told by the political leaders who met her that she does not even tell them that she will take appropriate steps for their grievance.The media reported that the Prime Minister went 5 times to the residence of his party president to get the approval to the list of the ministers who were to be sworn in as new ministers.Its not we who say who should be the prime minister or even a minister for drinking water or sanitation.We can see people piss in public places and children shit in side walks.A minister for that was selected but he refused to accept as perhaps he could not or for that mater anyone could control this in any place.The reshuffle of the present ministers was described by a leading politician as Kho Kho an Indian game like musical chairs.

We do not know who are all the ministers in all that are ruling this nation under one party or a coalition party they all have to obey what the party president says.This is known to every Indian.We accept it as we have a system that rules our nation.Our Constitution which gives us the freedom to do anything illegal legally.

1,500 Billion USD Black Money in Swiss Bank Growing Rapidly each year..

1500 Billion USD
1500 Billion USD | Source

Do you know the name of this person in the picture. if he was our Prime Minister today it would have costed much less than Pakistan for our Petrol besides ma

The Greatest Indian Politician.
The Greatest Indian Politician. | Source

We know the person in the picture below he is made to keep his chair till Rahul Gandhi can sit.

The Most Respected Man but Unfit as PM.
The Most Respected Man but Unfit as PM. | Source

India has the poor distinguished Titles.

What are the distinguished Titles that are in our Country:-

! - Very Honest & Highly Qualified but Weak Prime Minister in the Country and says he might have done mistakes but he has to do his job and wont allow others unless his party president says you retire..

2 - Very Best with Highest Scams country in Asia.

3 - Highest corrupt ministers & politicians who are cartooned as Jokers.

4 - Terrorists favorite country.

5 - Best Jail in the country in the capitol for VIP'S & Ministers who go to Jail for Relaxation.

6 - Foods rot poor die in the country.

7 - People in Jail shown as Wanted by India list to other country.

8 - Only country when convicts go & come whenever they want from their Jails.

9 - Only country where PM takes decision through SUPREME COURTS.

10 - Only country where there is no charges of corruption on Prime Minister.

11 - Only Country where Mononly ey & Muscle Power rules the Law Keepers.

12 - High corruption in Police Dept.

13 - Highest Black Money in Swiss Bank than USA.

15 - No security to people in Business.

16 - The only country where you have to bribe even for a death certificate.

17 - A judge who is corrupt cannot be sent to JAIL.

18 - There is a MAFIA even form petrol to Beggars.

19 - No Tax for beggars who own property & Bank account with ATM cards.

Who are all the Ministerss that rule India for next under 3 years

1 - Prime Minister - Dr.Man Mohan Singh. ( Born - 1932 ),79 years - Had 2 Bye Pass Surgery's, is Diabetic and works 18 Hours per day for 5 days as Saturday and Sunday nobody works in his Government.

2 - Sri Pranab Mukarji - Finance Minister. 76 Years old speaks Benglish.

3 - Sri.Sharad Power - Agriculture & Food Processing.71 years old and allows food to rot.

4 - Sri.A.K.Antony - Defense. 71 years old but does purchase needs of Defense not defending any terrorists as it is not his Job.

5 - Sri.P.Chidambaram - Home Affairs. 66 years old and India is his Home where he cannot help eliminate the terrorists,Maoists,Naxalists and Hijackers of Plane & Train.

6 - Sri.S.M.Krishna - External Affairs.79 years old and visits Pakistan often.

7 - Sri.Virbhadra singh - Micro,Medium and Small Industries. His age is NA How does he help a Micro Industry like GUTKA.

9 - Sri. Vilasrao Desmukh - Science & Technology and Earth Science - His Age is NA. but is interested in Cricket and Kho Kho.

10 - Sri. Ghulam Nabi Azad - Health & Family Welfare.His age is 62 and does not approve MSM officially.

11 - Sri.Dinesh Trivedi - Railways.His age is 61 years and has just taken charge and will put more trains on the same tracks so that more accidents can be possible.

12 - Sri. Jairam Ramesh - Rural Development. His age is 57 years and hope he will atleast make one rural village in each 28 States and 7 Union territories full of Asphalted Roads with 2 line traffic. [ 2 to 12 Cabinet Ministers ]

13 - Sri.Dinsha Patel - Mines ( Born - 1937 )

14 - Smt.Krishna Tirath - Women & Child ( Born - 1955 )

15 - Sri.Ajay Makan - Youth Affairs & Scouts ( Born - 1964 )

16 - Prof.K V Thamas - Consumer Affairs Food and Public Distribution ( Born - -NA- )

17 - Sri.Srikanth Jena - Statistics and Programme Implimentation ( Born - -NA- )

18 - Smt.Jayanthi Natarajan - Environment and Forests - ( Born - 1954 )

19 - Sri.Paban Singh Gatowar - Development of North Eastern Region.( Born - 1950 )

20 - Sri.Srikant Jena - Chemicals & Fertilizers.****** shown twice in govt web site.

21 - Sri.E.Ahamed - External Affairs & HRD. ( Born - 1938 )

22 - Sri.Muthappalli Ramachandran - Home Affairs.( Born - 1946 )

23 - Sri.V.Narayanasamy.Parliament Affairs and Personal,Public iGrivences and Pensions and Prime Ministers Office. - ( Born - 1947 ).

24 - Sri.Jothiraditya Scinda - Commerce and Industry. ( Born - 1971 )

25 - Smt.D.Purandeswari - Human Resources & Devolopment. ( Born - 1959 )

26 - Sri.K.N.Muniyappa - Railways. ( Born - 1948 )

27 - Smt.Panabaka Lakshmi - Textiles ( Born - -NA- )

28 - Sri.Namo Narain Meena - Finance ( Born - 1962 )

29 -M.M.Palam Raja - Defense ( Born - 1962 )

30 - Sri.Saugata Ray - Urban Development ( Born - -NA - )

31 - Sri.Palanimanikyam - Finance ( Born - -NA- )

32 - Sri. Jitin Prasada - Road Transport & Highways ( Born - 1973 )

33 - Sri.Smt.Preneet Kaur - External Affairs ( Born - -NA- )

34 - Sri.Harish Rawat - Agriculture and Food Processing Industries & Parliamentary Affairs.( Born - 1947 )

35 -Sri.Bharatising Solanki - Railways ( Born - 1953 )

36 -Sri.Mahadev Khandesh - Tribal Affairs. - ( Born - -NA- )

37- Sri.Shihr Adhikari - Rural Development - ( Born - -NA- )

38 - Sri.Sultan Ahmed - Tourisum - ( Born -NA- )

39 - Sri.Mukul Ray - Shipping - ( Born - 1954 )

40 - Sri.Mohan Jatatua - Information and Broadcasting ( Born - -NA- )

41 - Sri.D.Napoleon - Social Justice & Empowerment ( Born --NA- )

42 - Sri.S.Jagatrakshakan - Information & Broad Casting. ( Born - -NA- )

43 - Sri.S.Gandhiselvan - Health and Family Welfare ( Born - -NA- )

44 - Sri.Dr.Tushar A Chaudhary - Road Transport and Highways ( Born - -NA- )

45 - Sri.Sachin Pilot - Communication and Information Technology ( Born - 1977 )

46 - Sri. Pratic Prakashbapu Patil - Coal - ( Born - -NA-)

47 - Sri.R.P.N.Singh - Petroloum & Natural Gas and Corporate Affairs - ( Born - -NA- )

48 - Sri.Vincent Pala - Water Resources and Minority Affairs. ( Born - -NA- )

49 - Sri.Pradeep Jain - Rural Devolopment ( Born - -NA- )

50 - Kumari.Agatha Sangama - Rural Devolopment - ( Born - 1980 )

One Prime Minister Rules 10 Cabinet Ministers - 1 Prime Minister with 10 Cabinet Ministers and 40+ other Ministers, Rule 28 State & 7 Union Terrtories -- >

28 Chief Ministers of 28 States and 7 Chief Ministers of Union Territories rule their States and Union Territories with their Cabinet Ministers and Minister of States.The number of such ministers and minister of states depend on a % of peoples representatives called as MLA'S of States and Union Territories.Further there are 28 Governors in 28 States and 7 Lt.Governors in 7 Union Territories as Head of State sitting in Huge Palaces with god knows how many to polish his fixtures and furniture as also make his bed,breakfast,Lunch and Dinner and God knows what we pay for his extravaganza ( in a country where the poor have no 2 meals or drinking water and a roof over their head ) reporting all the activities of their State to the President of India who in turn sends the report to the Prime Minister and only he can tell to whom he reports and what action is taken on unfavorable reports.

The Prime Minister has the right to choose the Cabinet and Ministers of State and the arithmetic of all this is as per constitutional rules.These persons are elected by each state and they are called as MP'S.

Their is another invisible class called Rajya Sabha Members and Legislative Councilors and their number is also set forth in the constitution.

There is a Minister for Drinking Water & Toilets for the whole Country.

We do not know why the Government does not know the Age of MANY MINISTERS.

The whole country is aware that we have a Fake Prime Minister and the real Prime Minister is the President of the Congress Party, Mrs.Sonia Gandhi.


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