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Updated on September 20, 2014
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Go to Goa.

In India most of the people wanted to visit Kashmir during their life time.Its now impossible with the present RULERS of India and Pakistan who meet each other for a picnic at the tax payers expense and keep talking that they opened a window in their dialogue with each other. The door is locked and theland key is lost.Now the young generation have forgotten all about Kashmir and think that its a terrorists camp with Indian Army getting killed so often by Pakistan Army. The destination during holiday's for most of the young people of south India and even the old is GOA.There is no other place that attracts so much as GOA. While the Rulers of GOA are busy fighting for power and looting the State.The Portuguese ruled the state for over 450 years and did rule the state even after we got our independence.They did not gave up till India sent its Army to drive away the Portuguese and they left with all the Gold that was there with them and the State.This tiny state is very rich with the people earning more than other state people.The tiny state is full of wonderful beaches all along its coast at nearly 9 places.Its a rumor that Russians have occupied a beach and the land around with their ships ferrying anything they need from Russia.There is it seems even sign boards in their language at many places and shops accept Russian currency also.How true it is only our media can say but than our media has also its interest in running their show.

This small state ½ the size of its neighboring state was a political decision when it was liberated from its former rulers the Portuguese actually it was war by the Indian army to fight the Portuguese who wantonly delayed the handing over of the occupied part of India by them to the Govt of India.They planed it perhaps to take away the country's national and peoples treasure they had held for over a century and felt it belonged to them and India needed only the land.It was a bold decision of the govt of India to have moved the Indian Army to Goa and as they neared the place they ran away with whatever they had already packed and left fearing capture by the Indian army and Indian jails where they would have to spend a long time before they were allowed to go home.It was perhaps a wrong decision or otherwise the Indian Air Force was not used or ordered to land and hold the people who went away with our national and people's wealth.The real history of the liberation of Goa is perhaps known to those who fought as freedom fighters of Goa.While the freedom fighters of India get many perks the same is not extended to the freedom fighters of Goa. .

The people of Goa are a difference race and mixed culture both Hindu and Christians their Churches and temples walls touch each other.They do not quarrel with each other and enjoy a free social get together at times in festivals and other social happy or sad events.It doesn't matter if they are white as long as they do not have a look other than their looks.Goa enjoys and gives happiness to all its visitors from any part of India and other countries friendly to India.The foot prints of the Portuguese is even now on this land with Portuguese language being the official language along with the native Konkani language.

Lastly there are a wounder full and must buy for everybody. Brassware, terracotta, shell work, crochets, carved furniture, bamboo work, papier-mache, etc make excellent souvenir and they are available in Government Emporiums and also at shops and stalls near the popular tourist spots you will carry such gifts that nowhere you can get.Your Camcorder would definitely get you to those spots you enjoyed more and more and will take you to those places when you want them to see besides showing it to your friends.

This tiny state has a Governor,Chief Minister and others as per norms set to the size of the state to be RULED by the politicians who created this state for their well being.

Every 10 Years once the casket of St Francis Xavier is opened to VISITORS in GOA.

According to a legend, some Portuguese merchants found the Body of St Francis Xavier just before he breathed his last.
They performed his last rites on the following day, and buried him in a box partly filled with
unstacked lime. A few months later, a Jesuit brother disinterred the body and discovered to his
surprise that it had not decomposed at all. He cut a finger from the body and was astonished to see blood ooze out. When this was reported to the Vatican, the title of saint was conferred upon Francis Xavier.
The body was interred in a cemetery in Malacca for about two years before it was brought to its final resting place in Goa. Though not anointed, it was found to be only slightly affected by death, until then. Before the mortal remains of the saint were placed in a silver casket in the Church of Bom Jesus, one hand was cut off from the body. Pieces of the hand were distributed to various parts of the world, under orders of the Pope.Every year the body of Saint Francis golden casket is visible to tourists an so this was a place of visit by stren and european tourist destinations anver a long perioas of years it spread world wide and Goa was a destination in India frequented by all nations and the portugese who encouraged this tourisum unintereptedly.

When Goa was merged with India.

The Portuguese never handed over this semi island until govt of India used force and they left as also they took valuables in the Bank and people who wanted to be in Portuguese rather India as it was their like to the culture of Portuguese. The Govt of India was not allowed by the people of the land to assign this small piece of land to neighboring states so they kept the land as a union teritary.However politicians who were puppets under agreed to the then prime minister as all states were ruled by one single party unlike today.Politicians ruled the country and enjoyed their power and position uninterrupted almost for over 50 years.Now it is a state under a new political party feels that which ever way they want to take Goa as a international city.That may be a joke or real time will tell.People of Goa are well organized and their only problem is there are no jobs for the youth of this tiny state and they are fed up.

Russians love Goa.

Around 15 years ago when India had still planning to improve tourism about 390 visitors had come to Goa and liked the place so much they made it their holiday home for many years and stayed mostly in beaches.around a place called Morjim and slowly entered Ashvem village.The tourists who came here increased and instead of stayed as guests in private Hotels and lodges started buying them and converting them as their own casinos and went further to stay and started doing business.Most of the local people got rich and there was perfect peace and freedom to Russians that it soon turned in to a little Moscow and people swarmed the place during year end when the months of Oct and December were freezing cold and here it would be their walk in semi dress and lady's in quarter dress enjoying the beaches.Hearing this the politicians and govt were wondering if this is so lets have it in our agenda and started making notice to keep people out of this place.This Russians are now in more places like Mandarim and extending in Arambol.May be we have to watch if govt of Goa is in know how of whats happening in Goa.

St Francis Xavier. - This great saint was born in Navarre, at the castle of Xavier, eight leagues from Pampelona, in 1506. We will see Jesus Soon.

St.Francis Xavier having studied philosophy for two years he became master of arts, then taught philosophy at Beauvais college,  though he lived in that of St. Barbara. If St Farncis Xavior was born in 1506,It is Jesus who was born as St.Francis.
St.Francis Xavier having studied philosophy for two years he became master of arts, then taught philosophy at Beauvais college, though he lived in that of St. Barbara. If St Farncis Xavior was born in 1506,It is Jesus who was born as St.Francis. | Source

St Francis Church in Goa.

Goa has the Body of St.Francis of Assis now.



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