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India Who Rules-( West Bengal-Mata.)

Updated on January 26, 2014
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

A Real Leader of West Bengal.

Mamata Banerjee CHIEF MINISTER of WEST BENGAL ,she fought the communists giants who were paper tigers for her.
Mamata Banerjee CHIEF MINISTER of WEST BENGAL ,she fought the communists giants who were paper tigers for her. | Source

Show Red Card to Themselves.

Failed to make West Bengal No.1 state after 39 years of their misrule by democracy.
Failed to make West Bengal No.1 state after 39 years of their misrule by democracy. | Source

My Best Friend is in Kolkata.He speaks Benglish ( English spoken in Bengali acent )

When I wanted to go to Calcutta it was not possible as I had no money to buy a ticket that far from Bangalore.I might go now after few months to see what the New Chief Minister has made to bring down the price of FISH so much my friend likes.I phoned to him and asked he says what she can do in 30 days.I told him our Chief Minister Jayalalitha was giving 35 Kg of Rice Free to people below poverty line with ration card.She did this to help poor,when I asked few people in our village if they are happy they said with what shall we cook the rice the price of kerosine oil used for fuel is costing us like your petrol.How can we satisfy the poor if we give kerosine also free they will ask frying oil to fry their fish or chicken.The only way is to make them rich which is a dream in India.As a qualified textile engineer I was getting Rs395/ - per month and was happy.I could send Rs.10/- to my home.

What is going on in West Bengal.

The Chief Minister’s Relief and Discretionary Fund extend relief measures to the distressed. Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal sanctions financial assistance to the poor who are in distress on Medical Problems requiring expenses that they cannot afford and need money from none other than the government of the state.Next priorities are reserved for students who need money for furthering their education.Now are the people who lose their property and all belongings due to natures fury,fire,floods and other disasters that affect every time at any place in our country.The Chief Minister can do a lot for these people and win the hearts of thousands of persons daily.

There is a specialized Cell in the Chief Minister’s Office named Chief Minister’s Relief Fund Cell which process all the applications and disburse the sanctioned money to all the peoples applications and disburse the sanctioned money. They are also audited.Will the Chief Minister check this and see if only the real people who are affected receive the money.

All Donations to the Chief Ministers Relief Fund are 100 % exempted from any type of Tax.


NO MP or MLA of any state have sent their Donation.No BIRLA No TATA or No AMBANI is in the list.

The Land Marks of Kolcutta.

Calcutta was the name and that was the land marknd mark of West Bengal and everyone was proud of the colonial name but Politicians and Politics ushered in to India after Independence.Knowingly that communists are only for power and rule the people of West Bengal elected them and had to remove them from power after 36 years and this was possible by none other than the Lady of Calcutta Smt.Mumta Bannergy. The communists not only changed the name but also its fame.No industry worth its name set shop here and this once prosperous state that was known as the place of BIRLA'S became meaning less.Birla closed its famous textile plant and a mark of respect that this textile plant had built was history.Even few more Jute Textiles also closed due to Govt of India's poor knowledge in this sector and bad planning on the part of Govt and Industry.Today the land marks are the good old buildings including the Office of the Chief Minister " Writers Building " built by erstwhile British.

Writers Building.

Chief Ministers Office.
Chief Ministers Office. | Source

Kolcutta Museum.

National Treasure.
National Treasure. | Source

National Library

National Treasure.
National Treasure. | Source

Victoria Memorial.

National Treasure.
National Treasure. | Source

M.P.Birla Planetorium.

National Treasure.
National Treasure. | Source


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