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India and China race to the Top of the World

Updated on July 5, 2015

Super power struggle between Indian and China

After India won its freedom struggle in 1947, Narasimha Rao’s government is considered to be the stepping stone of India’s success today. The economic reforms took Place in 1991 opened up a new door to success with the emergence of vibrant free market democracy. Since this day India has come a long way in economic development while posing a threat not only to its neighbors but also to the western giants.

In china, after 1976 Deng Xiaoping introduced a number of reforms which removed the isolated status of china and opened up the economy for foreign capital investments and international trade. This created a great hype in the economic development and the shift from communism to more democratization, enhancing this development further.

However the argument is whether India will climb the tall Himalayan Mountains before China or whether China will be fast enough to climb before India. This refers to the creation of “Super power” status in having the dominating power and influence in the globe. In order to understand this phenomenon it is vital to explore both countries in term of their economic development, sustainability, military power, social development, political system and also the challenges each country is facing in becoming “the superpower”

In my point of view, either of the countries cannot easily win over each other. China has the 16 of world’s most polluted cities, rising consumer expenditure with a huge population leads to depletion of natural resources. Even across India, concerns are mounting over growing list of environmental problems Research shows around 37.7 Million Indians are affected by waterborne diseases annually.

I believe that India still posses human and material resources to become a super power. India itself a world filled with diversity which makes in inevitable to have all the internal issues it is facing today. Personally I am amazed by India’s enormous development while undergoing truck loads of problems on a daily basis by its community and as to how its posing a threat to the giants in the world. Hence I believe if India is to overcome evils such as public sector inefficiency, corruption with a strong leadership it can definitely reach the tall Himalaya Mountains. At the same time china has passed this stage of setting up the foundation with technology, strong leadership focusing on development and vast improvement in infrastructure however the success depends on how it balances this rise in economic development with its population rise, growing inflation and mounting economic worries. Undoubtedly China is already a super power having leadership not only in Asia but also in the African region.

I believe if China and India can forget their rivalry and get together as two friendly nations there can be a major turnaround in world politics. “Multipolar system tends towards inequality, where as bipolar systems tend towards equality, for one principal reason. The more great powers in the system, the more likely it is that wealth and population size, the building blocks of military power will be distributed unevenly among them”


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