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India is getting better in sports and that’s a sign of betterment as a nation

Updated on October 25, 2017
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Probir is a content writer with ample experience in various domains. He is from Kolkata, India and runs a content agency, Contentoto India.

Play well
Play well

Sports is a social issue

I am not a sportsperson, but I love sportspersons. I feel they are hard workers and they carry the nation’s pride on their shoulders. Being a sportsperson in India is not easy. Even the most popular sport of the country, cricket, requires you to be enough passionate and optimist to carry on with the long journey to become a national player. Other sports are in an abysmal mode, and those who make it to the national rank can tell you about the apathy they go through to cover the long path.

India has a huge population but the number of good sportsmen, other than cricketers, is rare. Have you ever questioned why we are so lackluster when it comes to sports? I do not have a surest answer for the question, but I have many reasons why we do not have world class sportsperson in sports other than cricket.

What's the Issue?

Firstly, we measure the success of sports by the wealth a person earns. That is why people who score medals in great championships are crowned with bank-cheques and gifts overnight. But, the general condition of the environment to pursue and go ahead in sports remains a matter of utter disgrace. The sports ministry in India is a bandwagon of looters. Persons who don’t understand the spirit of sports and have nothing to do with sports become ministers just to adorn the theoretical dogma of sports ministry. That is why they fail to perform in making the conditions better.

Next, we do not have enough awareness about the lustrous careers of the sportspersons who attain superiority. The corporate often offers huge compensations to the successful athletes and other sportsmen. Check the income of Usain Bolt and Lionel Messi to understand how successful they are in terms of financial income and you would understand that the success in sports does not make people less self-reliant.

Probable Solutions

But, that is a matter of high success; what will happen to players who do not become world class? In India, there is already a system of offering good players employments, but it has often remained a less-managed and less-thought-about department. I think, we must encourage people to play more if we want more sportspersons. And we have to do it right.

So what's the current scenario?

Now, let me come to the exact point. India is becoming really better in sports. Over the last few years, we have seen progress in sports such as Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Football and a few other popular sport domains. Is this a sign that we are improving as a nation? Yes, it is to some certain extent. I do not want to say that the current government is better than the last, but some form of positivity has come to the sports arena in India. The corporate push and people’s enthusiasm about general sports and popular media forms, such as movies and TV soaps have also contributed in bringing a form of confidence in the minds of the sportspersons. And, that is really a thing to feel proud.

The Future

I think, India can scale new heights in every form of sport. The path has already been paved; we just need to erase the politics and bureaucratic interference from the sports domains. We need enthusiastic coaches, talented and confident sports-persons and zeal to shine in the international competitions. I do believe that sports are the most ethical method to prove dominance and superiority and we must progress well enough in sports to prove our mettle internationally if we want to build a better nation.


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