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India shamed...and raped: My angst and of a billion others

Updated on April 20, 2013

This is probably the first time I have come to HubPages without any prior preparation or planning. I don't have any words today...I am not angry...neither disgusted.

I am only ASHAMED!

Ashamed to be an Indian today...ashamed to be a part of the world's largest democracy...ashamed to be a part of what world calls a perfect living example of 'Unity in diversity'...

I don't really know where this particular Hub will go (pardon me if I astray from the path)...whether anybody would read it...or the least..comment on it. But all I know is that this is the only way I can vent my angst and probably of a billion Indians against the extreme brutality being inflicted upon the women of our country...


India has been shamed...Humanity has been shamed!

A 5 yr-old girl was brutally raped and was left to die for 2 days in a closed apartment. The accused...a 23 year-old man who fled the city. The police has nabbed him and has brought him to the Capital. He has been sent for a 72-hr police custody.

The crime didn't stop here....3 more cases of rape has been registered in the Capital in last 24 hours.

The little girl, as I write these words, is fighting for her life. What concerns me this hour is that there might be another girl somewhere in my city who might be getting raped.

The reaction

Prime Minister, as usual, has expressed grief over the situation and has ordered the Mayor of Delhi to undertake 'strictest possible action' against the culprit - these same words were repeated few months back when the hugely publicized 'Nirbhaya Rape case' hit the headlines worldover.

Ministers, with their bevy of bodyguards in their bullet-proof cars, are frequenting the hospital to 'pray for the well-being of the girl' - something which has now become a routine of sorts.

Media channels are running 24 hours reporting of the girl's health and are asking the government the same question which was asked in the previous case - "When will justice happen?"

Newspapers are carrying this as their front-paged headlines - something which was done (probably overdone) last time as well.

Public was out on the streets (they might be sleeping in their comfortable couches right now or probably watching the game of IPL) protesting with 'candles' and 'silent marches'.

Celebrities are doing what they are best in - Tweeting! Tons of tweets are pouring in, condemning the incident or highlighting what they are doing to pray for the little girl - something which was done before as well.

Police lathicharged protestors early today and slapped some women, too. A separate issue was created on this and the baby's plight was sidelined as women were now more angered about why they were hit by the policemen!

My thoughts...

I am shocked to see that in a country where women have always been prayed to (there are multitudes of goddesses in India!) the capital of that country is becoming a place where women are preyed upon! The ruthless and shameless scavengers are attacking our innocent women and now little kids - this is shameful and presents a sorry state of the country on the whole.

Ministers visit the victim only to attract votes and apathy from the public. If they had even 10% of the sympathy which they 'project' on the public, then the scenario would have been very different. Our Honorable Home Minister says that even he has daughters at home - what he didn't say was that he is being given a Z-level (the highest of the country) security blanket 24x7. Enough was said in the media about how (and how much of) are policemen are guarding these few ministers. I am short of figures but there was a report which mentioned that for every 200 odd people of Delhi, there was one policeman only but for these 400 odd ministers, there were over 15,000 security personnel available!

In the 'Nirbhaya Rape case', many bills were proposed in the Parliament in order to safeguard the women of our country. They are still what they were initially - Bills. The accused in the previous case were arrested and were sent to the prison. The case is still chugging along and no sentence has been awarded as yet (one of the accused has mysteriously committed suicide in the prison complex). Forget about the accused in the recent case getting a punishment. India's legal system is to be blamed squarely for all the malices which our society is witnessing at the moment. If only they had set a stern example in front of the public, such cases of brutality would have decreased. But sadly, this is not the case. We believe in dragging along the cases for decades....(Ajmal Kasab, the prime accused in the Mumbai terror case, was recently hanged after the country 'served' him for 3 years and after spending a close to 108 million dollars on his upkeep!).

I am very disappointed by our motor-mouth media channels. They have over-publicized and over-sensationalized these cases which needed speedy justice and not widespread promotions. India's image was dented forever as countries worldover advised its citizens against visiting India but these media channels pocketed millions by publicizing the plight of these brutalized innocent souls. So terrible (and invading) was their approach to the entire issue that the parents of the victim personally requested them to stop dragging them unnecessary to every nook and corner of the country.

Another thing which I have never got a grip of is the candle-lit marches (have come up ever since a Bollywood movie showed it) and over-the-top protests of the public. These 'peaceful' protests often result in widespread destruction of public property as some hooligans join the peaceful protesters. And also, if just by burning candles or by tweeting 'get well soon' 'pray for justice' messages a country could get rid of its malices, then the entire world would have become peaceful by now!

What is required is a CHANGE...CHANGE in psyche of the Man...CHANGE (in fact, a holistic one!) in our judiciary!

Will this discussion ever end?

Probably not, if we keep treading on in the same way we have been doing till now. The problem is HUGE and wouldn't be solved simply by discussion. It requires urgent ACTION...but who will take one? The present government? Legal caretakers? Public?

The answer is none of these as it lies in one of the world's best inventions...the most powerful machine ever made - HUMAN MIND!

At the end of this Hub, I do feel lighter but what about the little brutalized girl who is lying among machines (life-support systems) and its numerous tentacles (tubes)?

I just hope there won't be any more bad news tomorrow? I hope? Can I?


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      This issue will go on and on until stringent action is taken against the criminals..... Women and even small girls (what a shame!) must be aware of such criminals....... The criminals must be hanged immediately...... They mustn't be sent to jail......

    • Hridyapal-Bhogal profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from New Delhi, India

      That's what is required! Our judicial system has to become pro-active now rather than remain a mere reactive body...

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      there should be a proper rule to punish these criminal


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