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Indian election 2009 -- 15th Lok Sabha

Updated on May 25, 2009

15th Lok Sabha election

The Indian people have once again shown that they are the ones to decide in whose hands the power of the country will wrest. The 15th Lok Sabha election has just gone by, giving the United Progressive Alliance [UPA] the mandate to rule over the country for a second consecutive term. The Manmohan Singh-led UPA government has clearly won the applause from the Indian people, who have voted them to power for a prime minister who is just too honest and sublime to hurt anyone; for a young leader like Rahul Gandhi, who, being the party's general secretary and late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's grandson, has allured the educated and illiterate voters into voting a government to power which has at least done something for the poor as well as taken the country to new heights, showing disregard for no community, unlike the opposition -- BJP -- whose election plank is always sectarian conflict, which tried to win the public on communal lines -- the agenda for which is always religion, leading to sectarian violence and conflict. The Babri Masjid demolition is one such dark example of this party. Its election manifesto and slogan this time was majboot neta, nirnayak sarkar and Bhey ho meaning something to fear about, opposite to the Congress slogan of Jai Ho from the Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire, to downplay the UPA government's achievements. Well, but Indian public knows it all. It has grown from an inexperienced lot to a clever, educated bunch of people who want to work in favor of the country and are fed up with BJP's communal violence. Lal Krishan Advani of BJP, who was the prime ministerial candidate from that party, even promised to build a Ram Temple in place of the demolished Babri masjid if he was voted to power, Fortunately, the people of India decided in favor of the Congress party rather than the BJP, showing little regard for religion and giving utmost priority to country.

The reign of power is in the hands of the Congress once again, a party that was the forerunner in the struggle for freedom against the imperial British rule as the Indian National Congress. The poor admire the Congress/UPA because of its NREGA [National rural employment gurantee scheme], which offers employment to the poor for 100 days for a wage of 60 rupees per day. While the few steps taken in favor of the farmers to stop farmer suicides have also attracted the common man toward the UPA. The economy can be handled well by the Manmohan Singh led government, with Manmohan himself being a master in economics understands the economy and feels its pulse better than anyone else. The continuation of the same UPA  government is good for the economy, for it is expected to take steps for the betterment of the economy and improve on its earlier measures. Even the UPA is credited with signing the 123 nuclear deal with the United States, despite intensive pressure from inside the country, particularly within the colaition CPI-M. But Manmohan Singh-led UPA showed little regard for the CPI-M's gimmicks and signed the 123 nuclear pact with the United States.

The maturity shown by the Indian public by electing the Manmohan Singh-led government again is an indication that nothing can let us down now -- no matter what the tide is!

India being the largest democracy in the world elects its prime minister and his coterie in a democratic way, in which people above 18 years have the right to vote and elect their leader to the Lok Sabha. This time, electronic voting machines have ensured that there will be least discrepancy in carrying out the electoral procedure.

Men and muslce power were used in this election too to influence the voters, but the common Indian did not sacrifice his right to vote for such trivialities this time. In states such as Orissa and Bengal, we have the muscle power ruling the roost, with RSS-led goons, supported by BJP, and CPI-M-led goondas giving threats to people to vote in favor of them. Few lives were also lost in the process. Still, the common Indian showed his resilience not to bow down like before.

Let us take a pledge to exercise our right to vote in the next election, because it is the educated Indian voter who can make a difference. The youth are needed to choose the government as well as sit in the government because the future of the country lies in their hands. Experienced people are required, but the youth are needed to give vigor to the nation, the experienced ones will act as fodder and the youth as the horses to run the country.

Hats off to India and cheers my fellow Indians for having chosen the UPA. Here I must clarify that I am not a supporter of any particular party, I have judged the UPA's performance in the last 5 years and compared it with that of the Vajpayee-led NDA and come to the conclusion that we need people in parliament who can wok for the common man on a common agenda for the good of all , not for their vested interests. There are faces in the UPA which have their selfish interests, but overall, it is better than the BJP-led NDA, as at least the UPA least divides the country on communal lines, unlike the BJP, whose nonsecular agenda seems to mar the secular profile of this sacred nation -- India!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the great Indian election 2009

the great Indian election 2009
the great Indian election 2009
India: 28 states, 7 Union Territories
India: 28 states, 7 Union Territories
Indian Parliament:Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha
Indian Parliament:Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha
Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh : very humble and down to earth
Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh : very humble and down to earth
V for vitctory: UPA is in power again and incumbent Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to continue as Indian premier
V for vitctory: UPA is in power again and incumbent Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to continue as Indian premier
Welcome back to power Dr Manmohan Singh
Welcome back to power Dr Manmohan Singh


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