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Indian Politics, Its Ingredients and Characters

Updated on November 22, 2018

A little about India

I think before understanding the Indian politics and its character. It is important to understand the nature and character of India, its society, thought process of its people.

India is a very vast country inhabiting thousands of religion, caste and creeds. It has climate of all the regions of the world. Sometimes, parts of India experience temperature above 50 and some parts experience temperature minus 30. It is the place of all major and minor religions of the world starting from Muslims to Christians, Zoroastrians to Sikhs.All the religions and people have equal rights offered by the constitution of India. It is said that India is united with its diversity. Many regional and national political parties exists in India. The regional parties based on language, community and idealism plays an important role in present political scenario in India. Almost every political party is founded on the emotional aspects of Indian society. And therefore some regional parties play a greater role in the national politics,engaging all other small and big party. We can see the communal taste in the regional parties. Still, they manage huge support politically from almost all parts of the country. Gone are those days in India, when a single party majority existed. Nowadays, the government often tend to find its allies in poll season, to muster sufficient seats in the parliament for a successful tenure. The constitution is the mix of England and the USA, it is neither so rigid nor so flexible. President is the supreme authority but the president is a mere consenting authority. All the decisions are made the Prime Minister and his cabinet, which are to be adhered by the President. President can only return any bill for review, but the has to give his perusal at the last with or without accepting his proposal. Still, with all the powers and restrictions, the President is respected everywhere.

Characteristics of Indian Politics

Indian politics is very much influenced by caste, language, and religion. Political parties in India are founded on the bedrock of religion and caste. the language also plays an important role in political scenario in India. There are thousands of caste and creeds that exist India.

Sometimes voting is inherited in the family, a particular family or group tend to vote for the party which the ancestors had voted. In other words, we can say members of a family or group has a common view for a party which they want to vote.

People in India are greatly influenced by religion and their belief towards a certain ideology. This kind of fanatic personality of most of the Indians give the political parties a free hand to prove their interest at the cost of the interest of the country. The religious outfits in India are supported by the political parties which act according to their wishes, sometimes to aggravate the religious harmony in a particular region.These religious outfits sometimes act as the moral police which em brass the peace of the society. They consider themselves as the protectors of the Indian society and its rich culture. People tend to vote for a party which can be favorable for their religion and their beliefs.People in India are also attracted towards a certain personality, we can see this in Indian politics as many cine stars and individuals of great mass support have successfully positioned themselves in politics.

Regionalism also plays an important role in Indian political scenario. People sometimes keep their region above the national interest. Politicians use this emotion of common man for their advantage.

Language again plays an important role in political scene of India. There are political parties in India which are exclusively founded for the welfare of a particular language speaking people.People of that community or language speaking, sometimes keep their community over the interest of the nation. This creates language chauvinism for the nation which is very dangerous for the unity of a democratic country like India where the people of different of languages and regions have co-existed for thousand of years

Politics in India is also party centered. A large political party has a large mass of supporters. These supporters are favorite to one particular party even if the party does not perform at the behest of society. That means single party dominance prevails in India.

Lack of common emotions, language, ethics, equality among different religions is a definite reason for slow progress of many important issues of national interest.And this has a bad effect on the economy and market view for India.This sort of mixed politics is not only seen in India, many Asian countries have shown almost the same characteristics as in India.

Lack of consensus or unity among the opposition parties can be seen in the political India.

We can say the political scene of India has not attained an inner equilibrium over the last 65 years, since independence. The political heavyweights and powerful corporates test their muscle in the elections and legislation. The political class not only in India, all over the world boast of their status and prestige. Still, i would say, the political nature of India is such that it has maintained the dignity and values of basics of the constitution. Many a times, the government at the center has tried to amend the basics of the constitution, but the powers of executive, legislature, and the judiciary is explained in the constitution in a very detailed manner. These powers can not be undermined by any of the pillars of democracy. No one can interfere in the working of these three pillars of democratic India. The political class never undermines the authority of judiciary, which gives an insight of the constitution which has detailed powers and restrictions of each authority.


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      4 years ago

      very good article on Indian politics and here I also wants to share my views that character is Indian politics is very differ from the character that our Indians were thinking at the time of independence...


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