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India's Black Money? - Please Count.

Updated on February 19, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

One Man with Millions of people's support.

View the Corruption Money please item wise & scam wise.

2 Versions of Lokpal Bill - Janpal & Jokepal.

Someone sent a message on Facebook which they saw written on a wall in New York reading that in USA dogs can play Football,In China Elephants can ride bicycles and In India Donkeys can run the Government.Even after 64 years the ruling govt s that came to power majority of the period being the congress are unwilling to catch the corrupt people who are looting millions of our country's resources and finances in every sort of trade including filtering mud and selling it as sand.Any Govt dept is run on the basis of you be corrupt but keep my share.The money is shared from a postman to the minister and his relatives and his party.The money likewise gets shared from its source to the top and its crones.The bribe money I paid to so many people was to the tune of Rs.4,50,000 to get a certificate that the property for which I was paying tax was indeed my own and in the place approved by the authorities authorized to having made the ground a dwelling place.Even Even when my relative died I had to bribe the person who issues the death certificate.Millions of people are fed up and though the older generation bribe the younger ones are frustrated and feel so humiliated that they have to pay the person who is already paid by the govt to get a railway ticket.

At Ramlila grounds we see huge section of Delhi 's people.

7th Day of Anna Hazare's Indefinate Fast and Prime Minister is not worried on this 74 year old man's health.

When the entire country is in dire need to get away from corrupt govt employees by some method or other our Prime Minister and his ministers are engaged in meetings traveling from one ministers residence to others in all directions clueless as to what sort of magic wand will make the people go to their homes from Ramlila grounds and when they will sit in their offices and play with files and try fooling all the people of the country.Only they cannot express their desire to get away from all cool themselves in their homes.What can happen depends on what sort of conditions that will be acceptable to Team Anna in next 48 hours.

At Bangalore.

Many Bangaloreans converged at the Freedom Park on Sunday, making it virtually a picnic spot, while supporting Anna Hazares campaign for the Jan Lokpal bill.
Many Bangaloreans converged at the Freedom Park on Sunday, making it virtually a picnic spot, while supporting Anna Hazares campaign for the Jan Lokpal bill. | Source

Adults shout Vande Mataram,Kids Play,Mood upbeat.

Bangalore's century old Jail was shifted to the outskirts and the place was preserved as a Heritage site and in this Vast ground was made available in a corner as " Freedom Park " here It was a festive mood at the old Central Jail campus with the waving of the Tricolour and the singing of patriotic songs. The 2,000-odd strong crowd comprised toddlers to senior citizens. Most had joined the ‘party’ with a fervor with the hope being a part of the epoch-making event.Similar such support was there all over the country but our Turban Head was non Turbulent to any strong views as he is a weak person at the top.Most MP'S were sitting watching their TV'S and few V V I P & V I P MP's were invited to participate in discussions on TV channels.All channels were in high spirits with their top news broadcasters speaking with fever pitch voices.


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