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India's Rape Trial: The World is Watching

Updated on January 10, 2013

The trial is beginning in India's most horrific rape trial, where a young college student was brutally raped with a metal pipe while on a private bus by five sick men. The victim's friend was also beaten and he was unconscious, unable to help. When the rape was complete, the dumped the couple along a road. The woman would eventually die from the metal pipe jabs in her vagina that severely damaged her internal organs. How can anything be more disgusting? All of India has protested and demand hanging.

The Indian court is under intense pressure from inside and outside. The world is watching as to how the court handles this obvious case-obvious because the five men who raped the woman have little defense based on the facts.

However, the attorney for the defendants state his clients were coerced in making their confessions by police, that, the woman and her boyfriend should not have been out that cold night and in effect, asked for the rape by getting on the bus. The attorney also stated that he has never seen a rape case with a respected woman, inferring that the woman who boarded the bus, a physiotherapy student, was a slut? How so? She was on her way home from seeing a movie with her friend at a mall, "The Life of Pi". Further, the attorney stated his client was innocent.

The defense seems to think rape and death by rape is a lesser offense than a coerced confession, if true.


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    • MG Singh profile image

      MG Singh 5 years ago from Singapore

      Excellent post Perrya. The atmosphere is charged in India and nothing will satisfy the populace than death sentence.