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India's Rural Rules for Living in Rural India.

Updated on February 20, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.



On a Plastic Sheet it is writen of the place and Balavadi.


Let me start from the little kids at their Play Home run by State Govt.

This is a Hut for 15 to 20 kids below the age of 5 to come stay,play and eat mid day meal from their homes at specified times and days.There is no facility for drinking water or toilet for these children but they get some food and can play with other children.My concern is why in this village the children are kept in such poor environment while other villages have govt built good buildings.The reason is that the villagers must contribute 10% of the cost and the villagers can't get that much money since the number of houses are very limited to just 50 houses.Its ridiculous that Govt asks 10% and will not help 15 to 20 children.If the Hut were to collapse and if few children get injury they will announce a compensation of an amount much more than what the 10% would amount to.I tried sending a letter to the Chief Minister and the result was that the local Block Development Officer phoned to the village president and wanted a copy of the letter I had sent to the Chief Minister.When it was given to him he said pay 10% to the govt and you will get the building constructed. You should not write to the chief minister here after words.I thought of writing another letter to Chief Minister with the picture of the place with children but there is some hesitation from the president on this as he will get in to bad books with this Block Development Officer.The Elected President is threatened by this bureaucrat. .

Rural Living for Urbaners.

I live in a village surrounded by 7 other villages representing this part of the state of Tamil Nadu.The 4th most prosperous state of India.What I saw here after constructing a house has made me that my dream of a village was highly over estimated and completely with out consulting some one who had moved like me and living to tell the story of their life.It was my misfortune that I did not care to do but went ahead and completed the construction of the house trusting the land developer who constructed my house with my invisible supervision.My home construction contractor had made a layout in an area of 14 acres of land by purchasing from over a dozen farmers who kept their land with out farming due to financial handicap and insufficient water supply from god and govt.When the Land Developer approached them may be with wads of currency in his hand they signed on the dotted lines along with their family and their land was his which he sold us hurting these farmers who then realized as to how much money they had lost.They were gritting their teeth and waiting to get their anger out of their system when I landed with out knowing the history of this layout.The villagers knew that city people and city life .would come to the village so that they will get some benefit in some financial way .For some time after our relocation to this god forsaken place we could not get any person from the village to help us settle down with unpacking and keeping things around the place.I had a big room to keep the huge luggage boxes which were slowly taken out and arranged and it took few months more to get phone and gas lines.No one came to help us in the village.We had stayed in a hotel till we shifted to our new home and with the help of the hotel room boy we managed to get 2 persons to help us.The villagers came to know that we were paying more than what they were getting by working for 8 hours in the farm fields and one person was prepared to work as helper in our house.

This is the Office of our representative. I went there few times but saw only Gas Cylinders.


Hello - Hello.

Having decided to stay in a village to breath fresh air and walk with out traffic problem I was taking a walk daily and saw the scenic beauty of the place.I followed a canal flowing with water and came up to a place where I saw few houses and I wanted to know the name of the place and asked a lonely person who was going by my side as to what is the name of the place and how many houses were there.He told me what I asked.I further asked him if any person from my caste was living.He told me that there was only one person.I was thrilled to hear and asked directions to his house.He told me to go to the temple at the end of the road and there will be a temple and I can meet him.He was working as a Priest in the temple along with his son and he was pleased to meet me.However he left the place as he was there for over 9 years and wanted to go back to his native place in the city.He said he was not interested in staying the village as people were very different in their social contacts compared to city life.I felt depressed as here was a person who did not like the place after staying for 9 years.I wondered how I will spend my time here.My only consolation was the circumstances of his going and my coming were very different.As I took leave from him he said take care this is a village just keep Hello - Hello relation with the people in the village.That was one year ago now I follow his advise and keep remembering his advise.Here in my village no one wants anything from strangers they never say Hello.I am known as ' layout man ' but children call me by different names.The rule of this village to us here is ' mind your business ' and leave us alone.I am not a person to take such rule so I went and did what I do always.If I had told some of my domestic helpers that if they do not like to work they need not come from the next day that person in my previous place would make sure that I would not say so again.Here when I said so to our cook she did not come the next day.I am trying to teach English to children below 9 years and one day I told a girl who was just 6 years old that if she did not like to learn English she need not come from the next day.She did not come from that day.I told her father but he said we do not bother about her as she does the same thing with us.I tried to help our gardener financially for his daughter's marriage and that created financial trouble for every other person and tried to extract money as what help I did to the gardener went round the entire group of persons working in my layout.To improve the village I wrote several letters to various govt dept's through the person officially and got the reply from the person that what ever is required must be told by proper person to the proper authority.My presence in this village is no better than what it was in a city so I am now trying differently to achive what I want to do as nothing can stop me from doing what I want even though I have no one to help me.To live in this village I had to let go many of my needs like no friends,no social contacts,no relative to go,no internet,no telivision but cable guy only,no drinking water, no good road,no news paper,no post office,no public transport that is comfortable like in city,no proper tower for my cell phone,no dept'l store,no hair cutting saloon,no dhobi,no tailor,no doctor,no drug store its a big NO to even Police and many many things.

What are the Rules to live in the Villages ?.

Rule No. 1.

If you are living in a city do not go to live in a Lay Out made in a Village.

Rule No.2.

There are no rules in a Villages you have to practice what they follow.


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