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Individual Contribution to Climate Control

Updated on October 26, 2013



Individual Contribution to your C02.

Climate Change and your C0²

Volume 2, Issue 19, July 12, 2013

Due to the carbon emissions and the changes in the external environment including the rivers, seawater, streams, oceans, and earth; the pollutants and toxins in the air, earth, and sea have increased and it is affecting the weather. The weather and man-made changes to provoke weather changes have increased dramatically in recent years, more so in countries or states that are not fully industrialized and have not invested in green energy, as much as, an industrialized countries; or a country that is growing and they are growing in industrialization.

One of the most pollution and toxin charged countries on earth is China with a whopping 6534 million metric tons of carbon emissions (C0²) Per capita compared and analyzed when we look at all of the countries with the highest carbon dioxides emissions.

The most pollution and toxin charged states in the United States is Texas with 688 million in metric tons of carbon emissions. The states that follow the order are California with 394 million in metric tons, Pennsylvania with 275 million in metric tons, Ohio with 262 million in metric tons, and finally Florida with 256 million in metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. This statistic was made available by “The measure of America: American Development Report 2008-2009, a Columbia/SSRC book.”

In thinking about reducing our carbon footprint and leaving an improved legacy for our children we also must think about improving our exterior environment and improving the weather by way of carbon emissions, so to speak by reducing this wasteful toxin and pollutant to our air, water, seas, oceans, rivers, and earth. Air and chemicals from the land, sea, rivers, and oceans mix with chemicals; and toxins are mixed together and produce chemical reactions on land, water, sea, or air. Toxins and pollutants climb, and do not dissipate in the air and it further mixes with the elements as it climbs into the atmosphere and statosphere.

The effects of global warming have an impact on the atmospheric Intensity of weather and changes in the weather, including earthquakes. Many scientists, global leaders, educational professionals, and the general public agree that there is factual evidence that link natural disasters to climate change. According to statistics and an article written by the prestigious Huffington Post ( natural disasters are linked to increases in C0² and manmade global warming. This weather increase “nearly quintupled, between 1980 and 2011.” That is dramatic when you think of the exterior environment, C0², industrialization, and the use of green energy as a whole. One must draw an entire picture from the factual evidence as probabilities that do produce these drastic changes. One picture that should be considered in recent times would be the Hurricane Katrina disaster in 2005 which cost an estimated 105.8 billion in costs and losses. Even more recent in recent times is the damages produced by hurricane Sandy that hit the New Jersey and New York coastlines in 2012 with a whopping $62 billion in damages. These are just two of the costliest disasters in United States history.

The shifts in weather are in fact dependent on the way we maintain and keep our internal and exterior environment.

Going Green and reducing the effects of carbon emissions in the use of fossil fuels, using environmentally friendly products, using technology as a means to reduce the deforestation of forests, and ultimately staying on top of our game in business and at home to reduce waste and pollution to the environment will dramatically impact the environment.

All of the small changes we elect or choose to make in recycling, re-use, and waste reduction will reduce our very own legacy that we leave to our children in a reduction in our carbon footprint. What this means is dramatic they will be able to have clean water, an abundant food supply without contaminants, and an environment where they can live without as many disasters as we have lived.


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    • Josak profile image

      Josak 4 years ago from variable

      Another one, yes all the scientists are lying in some huge conspiracy. As for those emails you are referring to the case was taken to court and they were found to be totally groundless claims.

      We know exactly the effect man has on the global temperature, we know that carbon gases create a greenhouse effect, you can even test this at home for yourself in a greenhouse, and we know we produce large amounts of the worst carbon gases.

      2+2=4 We do contribute to global warming, our earth given it's transition from the sun should currently be cooling significantly, but it's not, we know exactly how much the earth cooled last time it was in this soar position and thus we can measure exactly the effect we have had on global temperature by measuring the difference.

    • TheLibertyCell profile image

      Jim Lyde 4 years ago from Austin, Texas

      Superkey is right! Climate change exists; but it always has, even before man inhabited the planet. The question is, "What effect, if any, does man have on global warming? The so called "scientific community" has forfeited its credibility by lying to us. I have read emails discussing how these "scientists" can spin their findings to keep receiving grant money. The infamous "hockey stick" graph is the shining example. It has been entirely debunked.

    • Josak profile image

      Josak 4 years ago from variable

      Ah it's so hilarious how many nuts with no scientific knowledge whatsoever think they know better than those who actually understand the subject. Global warming skeptics are the greatest threat to our future, thankfully they have lost the battle very hard politically.

    • Superkev profile image

      Superkev 4 years ago

      The prestigious Huffington Post? LOL

      We can no more 'control' the climate than we can control the path of the earth along it's ellipsis.

      AGW is a farce and a scam designed only to redistribute money from rich nations to poor. If you want to go live in a thatched hut and sit around a burning cow pie for warmth, be my guest, but quit trying to force your fraudulent quasi-religion on me.