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Individuals displaying ethics and integrity principles

Updated on April 10, 2014

Today there seems to be a lack of ethical and integrity principles being exhibited throughout government and society. These principles are important characteristics which we as individuals should display throughout our daily lives. They are character traits which will or should gain us respect in what we do every day.

The media is quick to recognize and publicize when individuals or companies do the wrong thing as has been seen in news reports all to frequent. There is a need to recognize individuals who have the presence of mind to do the right thing with respect the decisions they make and accomplishing their responsibilities in their jobs.

Some may say there is no integrity within our government and overall the appearance of this fact may be true but there are good individuals everywhere even in government but they do not get the recognition they deserve. Government needs to change their methods of operations/culture to display a more positive integrity minded philosophy. There is too much partisanship and not enough bi-partisanship in the functions of government at all levels.

Integrity in society today is always in the news and those who display integrity principles that can be verified must be given the exposure they deserve. It is beneficial to the public perception that not all individuals, organizations or companies lack integrity. It seems that it is not newsworthy to identify people with integrity only those without it. The media must make efforts to identify those who display integrity principles that can be verified. One area that is lacking in the perception of integrity is the political arena. Politicians who actually possess integrity in making decisions should be recognized for their efforts irrespective of party affiliation. In regard to this area politicians who lack integrity should also be recognized irrespective of party affiliation.

One of the areas which needs to be addressed and would increase the positive opinion of how government operates is honoring the Constitution in legislation that is put forth for a vote. The content of legislation needs to honor the Constitution by not having any subject that is not directly associated with government responsibilities or where government has a role though not a dictating one. The topic of legislation today too often starts out with the Constitution but as they progress amendments get attached which has nothing to do with the original purpose or action.

Instilling ethical and integrity principles within legislative actions or decisions would be a good start to give citizens and the voters some measure of hope that Congress has gotten the message from voters. In this election year there are going to be many ad campaigns which target individuals with a somewhat stretch of the truth or not presenting the whole picture for voters to decide. Individuals running for office this election year will be more closely evaluated in many cases with regards to decisions made associated with legislation the public sees as harmful to their lives and our country.

Voting records can readily be seen as to whether what an elected official stands for vs what decisions he has made relative to his philosophy for government involvement in our lives. We as voters should not elect or re-elect politicians who lack integrity in their decision making process. If we elect or re-elect politicians without integrity then we are sending the wrong message. Principles of integrity or the lack of them need to be verified and decisions should not be based on reports or statements by others or the news media. The true measure of integrity is the documentation to prove the existence of integrity principles in individuals, organizations and politicians.

There have been numerous articles in the media today about the ethics and integrity of individuals. Some of these articles focus on the individual after they have died and this is good to make sure the quality of their life that affected others is not forgotten. However, people who have integrity and ethics should be recognized while they are living. Today there are many articles written about individuals and organizations that do not exhibit integrity and ethics. We also need to focus on those in society that display integrity in their daily functions as an individual and as part of any organization or company. There are those organizations or processes that provide this exposure but they never seem to get the publicity equal to those that lack integrity.


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