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Inexpensive Products Make it Easy to Go Green

Updated on November 29, 2010
New Green Products
New Green Products

Reusable Starbucks Style Coffee Cup

You can now drink your coffee in a reusable Copco Acadia mug.  Instead of using paper cup after paper cup and filling up landfills you can now use one cup and reuse it.  It fits in your car cup holder and still looks nice if you bring it into work.

Mini Ceramic Kitchen Compost Bin

You can now get a stylish compost bin for you kitchen.  This ceramic compost bin will save you trips outside to you big compost bin and also save your nose from the smell of compost while it sits in your kitchen.

3 Watt LED Light bulb

New Westinghouse 3 Watt LED light bulbs produce the same light as a 20 watt incandescent bulb but us a fraction of the power, even less power than CFL light bulbs.  So LED bulbs  save energy and save you money while helping out the environment.  They also do not contain mercury, which is contained in CFL blubs and is harmful to the environment.


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