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Infamous African Serial Killers

Updated on May 31, 2014

Philip Onyancha (Kenya)

Philip Onyancha is also known as The Kenyan Vampire because he drank the blood of victims after killing them. He caused a national sensation when he was captured after wreaking havoc in the country and we don’t get many of his kind in these parts of the world. He claims responsibility for at least 17 murders and has helped the authorities uncover hidden bodies all over the country. “My target was to kill 100 women. I managed 17 and there were 83 to go,” he said. Philip claims to have been recruited into the killing business by one of his high school teachers in 1996 after he joined a cult. He confessed that after he joined the cult he became possessed by spirits which would direct him to strangle and drink his victims’ blood. One notable oddity about him is a large tumour at the back of his head. After spending two years in police custody Philip was found mentally competent to stand trial for multiple murder charges.

Fred Mujulizi (Uganda)

Fred Mujulizi remains at large in spite of Ugandan authorities releasing photographs of him and declaring a manhunt. He managed to access his victims by digging through the walls of his victims’ homes and hacking them to death once inside. He is wanted for several murders in the region however he captured national attention when he murdered Pastor Steven Mugambe and 8 of his family members in their home. Authorities describe the man as extremely dangerous and advices the public to report to the nearest police officers if spotted rather than engage him as he will kill if he suspects that he is about to exposed.

Ramadan Abdel Rehim Mansour (Egypt)

Ramadan Abdel is also known as ‘Al-Tourbini (Express Train)’ or ‘The Butcher of Gharbia’. He was the leader of a street gang and was involved in the rape, torture and murder of at least 30 children in the course of seven years. His victims were children aged between 10 and 14 years and were mostly boys. According to officials Abdel and some of his gang members would lure the victims (mostly street children) onto the carriage roofs of trains where they would rape and torture them and toss them onto the track sides. Others were thrown into the River Nile or buried alive. He was eventually captured on November 29, 2006 and sentenced to death in 2007. However soon after the arrest of Abdel it was noted that local businesses, tuk-tuk vehicles and supermarkets either renamed their stores to or offered products with the name Al-Tourbini or Butcher of Gharbia to attract customers. There is even an Al-Tourbini Sandwich that local restaurants offer. This has to be the most sickening marketing ploy imaginable.

Moses Sithole (South Africa)

Moses Sithole is also known as ‘The ABC Murderer’ and ‘The Gauteng Killer’. The ABC murderer name comes from his killings that started in Atteridgeville, then continued in Boksburg and finally ended in Cleveland, Johannesburg. Moses is described as a charming and handsome man who targeted women as his victims. He developed a horrific pattern of tying up, raping and finally strangling the victims with their own underwear. Before being captured he continuously taunted authorities with calls describing the murders and revealing burial sites of victims. On October 22, 1996 he was formally charged with 38 murders, 40 rapes and 6 counts of robbery. Since the death penalty in South Africa is unconstitutional Sithole was sentenced to 2,410 years in prison with the possibility of parole in 930 years.

Abdelaali Hadi (Morocco)

Abdelaali Hadi is also known as ‘Taroudant Serial Killer’, so named because he murdered his victims in the town of Taroudant, South of Rabat. He kidnapped, raped, suffocated and mutilated his victims and finally burying them in plastic bags. The police described him as a ‘homeless psychopath’ who was living in the area close to where his victims had been buried. Hadi confessed to the rape and murder of 9 victims who were boys and young men aged between 13 and 16 years. He is speculated to have committed these murders in a span of three years, between 2001 and 2004. He was sentenced to death on December 2, 2004.

B1 Butcher (Namibia)

The B1 Butcher is an unknown serial killer whose name comes from the discovery of body parts dumped close to the Namibian National Road B1 and the last name comes from the manner in which the bodies are dismembered. So far there are five female victims; two unidentified victims and Sanna Helena (all murdered in 2007); and Juanita Mabula and Melanie Janse (both murdered in 2005). The method of killing was different but all victims’ bodies show signs of freezing or refrigeration. Several suspects have been arrested over time in connection with the murders but all have been released due to lack of sufficient evidence to tie them to the murders. The murders are now considered a cold case.

Cleopus Nkomo (Zimbabwe)

Nkomo is a Zimbabwean serial killer who is currently incarcerated in a high maximum security Botswana prison. He is facing charges for the rape and murder of four victims. The most interesting fact about Nkomo is that while in prison he chose to end his life by chopping his penis into pieces with a sharp razor blade. Wardens were able to collect most of the pieces and he was taken to hospital where a surgeon managed to piece most of the fleshy puzzle together. However it was discovered that some pieces were missing. He remains in critical condition and has not disclosed reasons as to why he chose self-mutilation. Talk about sweet, sweet poetic justice!

Annanias Mathe (Mozambique)

Mathe is a notorious serial killer, serial rapist and armed robber from Mozambique. He is believed to have begun his killing spree in 1999 when he allegedly raped 7 women, poisoned his victims’ dogs, broke into their houses and stole their belongings. In some cases he raped the women right in front of their partners. He was convicted of 64 counts which include rape, housebreaking and robbery and was sentenced to serve an effective 54 years. On receiving his sentence Mathe just smiled. Mathe achieved further notoriety by escaping from Johannesburg Central Prison in 2005, then earning the distinction of being the only person to ever escape Pretoria C-Max in 2006 and a recently attempted escape from Ebwogeni C-Max where he chiseled a 30 cm wide hole for over a period of four months. He worked during the night and covered up his work using toothpaste and clothes.

David Thabo Simelane (Swaziland)

Simelane is also known by the alias David Albert Mhlanga. He has said that he became a serial rapist to get revenge after being convicted for raping a woman, a crime which he denies. His victims are women and children. His killing spree is thought to have begun in the late 1990s and lasted until 2001 when he was caught. He has led police to shallow graves where 45 bodies have been uncovered including several women who were pregnant. He was charged with 34 murders but only convicted of 28 and sentenced to death by hanging.

Nisreen Mansour al Forgani (Libya)

This last entry may cause controversy due to the nature of the murders. Nisreen is one of the thousands of girls and young women recruited by Gaddafi’s all-female militias and are therefore considered serial killers for Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. She admitted to being recruited by her mother’s friend, Fatma, where she received training as a sniper and executed at least 11 suspected rebel prisoners whom she shot at point-blank range. However Nisreen claims that she was forced to shoot under extreme duress and was repeatedly sexually abused by senior military figures. Some of her doctors and captors (rebel fighters) believe her while others assert that she is a cold blooded murderer. The question remains is Nisreen Mansour a serial killer or just a victim of circumstances?


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    • mecheshier profile image


      4 years ago

      I bet. I know it would get to me.

    • vivianwriter profile imageAUTHOR

      Vivian K 

      4 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Thanks and it was a bit difficult writing all that horrific stuff. It does get to you. If i get the courage i'll add some more characters.

    • mecheshier profile image


      4 years ago

      Yikes! Very informative Hub.. I imagine that researching this article took a lot from you. It brings me sadness and my heart goes out to the numerous people who lost a friend or family member. Thank you for such a great post. Voted up


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