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Influence of Air Pollution

Updated on July 8, 2011

Introduction: The modern age prides itself on its progress in knowledge and its matchless scientific achievements. During the recent past and then going centuries the world has witnessed a tremendous developments in the field of science and technology. It has harnessed the forces of nature, annihilated distances and brought about a revolution in the methods of industrial and agricultural production. Advancement of knowledge in science and technical innovation has greatly helped in improving the life of man, removing diseases and ignorance. But they have not helped in creating an environmental atmosphere which could be favorable to the full growth of human life on earth. But unfortunately man has created an imbalance between himself and nature. The instruments which could favorably help man, have created lot of problems. To day man stands on the brink of ruination as a smelt of environmental pollution.

Man and environment: In spite of progress in knowledge in the field of science and technology the modern civilization is confronted with many problems. One of the problems is pollution which literally means the fouling the natural habitat and environment. The environment is being polluted by different ways. Air pollution is one of them.

Effect of air pollution: The mills, factories and vehicular transports pollute air by releasing smoke. The sound of chimneys of mills and factories, horns of vehicular transports and loud speakers produce vibration in the air and it cause air pollution. The vibrate air of the horns of vehicular transports that floats in the air causes, great damage to ear. In the opinion of the medical experts excessive noise can lead to deafness and create other health problems which may do irrecoverable damage to the well being of man. Today, we have come a long way from the days when our forefathers were woken up in the morning by the chirping of the birds and cocks. But it is indeed an irony that today men in the city of Dhaka pass many sleepless nights because of the careless use of the very devices which were designed to make man's life comfortable.

Control of air pollution: Necessity knows no law. There in no want of conscious men in the society. They should come forwards to solve this social problems. To have a successful solution of the problems, it is necessary to from an organization. Social approach is very much needed to solve this social problems. In elision and dissemination of environmental knowledge and information in the formal and informal systems of education and media are to be ensured as spontaneous and direct participation of people in all environmental activities need be involved. wide spread mass awareness regarding environmental conservation and improvement is to be created. Above all drastic action must be taken against the personnel of law enforcing agency who will show negligence in implementing the law. The government should cancel the license and blue books as a punishment of these transports which are not fit for playing on the roads. Moreover, there should be regular check up of vehicular transports on the roads of the city by the police under the leadership of a magistrate. Heavy penalty should be imposed for violation of vehicle rules. If this done at regular intervals, it is hoped the present environmental menace can be controlled to a great extent.


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