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Influx of refugees to Europe

Updated on March 3, 2016


In recent times, there has been an influx of foreigners mainly from the Middle East, mostly Syria, and Africans. This has resulted in most European citizens living in constant fear and panic. The fear is mainly based on the fact that the supposed refugees, mostly from the Middle-Eastern country of Syria could have potential radical Muslims among them.

The refugees are now considered a threat to the social and economic status of the Europeans. At the moment, Greece is one European country struggling to deter refugees from entering Europe. The refugees have set up their camp in the borders of Greece and pleading to be given the chance to start a new life in Europe, as their homelands are war zones and not conducive for decent livelihood and productivity.

Since the Syrian crisis, a mammoth number of Syrians and some Arabs have left their homes for places in Turkey and other countries in Europe. Germany was one of the first European countries to accept refugees from Syria.

One issue which i believe Europeans should brace themselves for, would be the possible introduction of radical Muslim lifestyle to the younger generation. Radical Muslims are relentless and would go to any extent to steal the Christian virtues from the European youth and get them to submit to the likes of Sharia law. Christians form the majority in Europe and therefore must be vigilant in living with radical Muslim refugees accepted into their neighborhoods.

At the moment, a solid conclusion has not been arrived at, as to whether the European Union would gladly accept all refugees into all parts of Europe or not.



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