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Injustice or Justice-Attorney Marilyn Mosby-Baltimore #FreddieGray

Updated on May 03, 2015
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Injustice or Justice in Baltimore

Once again, America has been faced with a “Statistical Number,” that will be added to the equation of young black men killed by police force or brutality. In 2014, it was reported by the New York Police Department that 76 blacks had been shot and killed by the police force world-wide. Of the 76 men and women who died from a police bullet or brutality, over 80% were black men. The age ranges of the victims (male and female) were from 7 years of age to 68 years of age. Some of the numbers factored into the equation were stray bullets that claimed the life of an innocent 7 year old child. What is of discussion and will be factored into the “Statistical Number” series is that all men and women were unarmed, yet had something that resembled a weapon. I have heard a saying that, “Only the Strong Survive”, but it appears that none of the 76 men and women survived. We fast forward to 2015, and as I sat and listened to the news, reviewed CNN, and watched social media posts, I picked up my book entitled, “Statistical Numbers” and begin to add another number into the statistics of a black man killed in the streets. As I begin to add a new name to my diary, I paused because something changed in a moment of time.

It was on April 24th, that a man by the name of Freddie Gray was introduced to the world via CNN and other outlets of media. I reviewed all of the information I could find on Mr. Grey and discovered the trouble he encountered during his life-time, but wondered what would justify the mishandling of a man who was in need of medical treatment. As I reviewed the population trends of Baltimore and reviewed the decision makers and schools, I turned to see if the mayor had any thoughts on the would be riots and unrest in Baltimore. I quickly checked the Baltimore city page hoping to find a message or information on the thoughts of what the city was going to encounter. I looked around the city of Baltimore page in hopes of finding the city mayor and what different events and initiatives were going on within the city because I knew the riots and unrest were quickly approaching the city of Baltimore.

The mayor of Baltimore is Ms. Stephanie Rawlings Blake. When I saw the name (Rawlings), the first thought that came to mind was a basketball, which means Mayor Rawlings- Blake can get items passed once in the hands of the right people. Before going any further, I reviewed her initiatives and saw the curfew for the city, the employment of young people in the summer, the outside review of the death of Freddie Gray and her desire to improve public safety, education and strengthen the neighborhoods. After reading the Associated Press and quoting this comment by the mayor (Stephanie), “"I want answers," I realized that maybe a turn of events in the death of Freddie Gray would happen. My mind begin to turn as I volleyed the ideas back and forth of the implications of what would become of the broken heart vs. the police force who walk away free 90% of the time because of probable cause. Within the depths of my soul, I held on to the 10% of hope that justice would be served no matter if Mr. Freddie Gray was black, white, Latino or Asian.

A few days passed and I watched daily as the unrest began to unfold in Baltimore. I saw peaceful marches, interviews with people who were concerned, those seeking justice and representatives from the police force. All of a sudden the riot began to spiral out of control as USA Today reported. At this point, I was thinking, who is going to bring peace to Baltimore. I knew the formation of the riots symbolized the need for justice. Without any news on who would bring the gift of peace, my 10% of hope was on reserve for justice. I knew someone would have an answer to Mr. Gray’s death and there would be someone who would bring justice to a state deprived of rest. Who would be the person to cease riots and bring justice to a state with a population of 620,961 people?

On Friday, I met a 35 year old Attorney by the name of Marilyn Mosby who was quoted as saying, "I heard your call for 'no justice, no peace,'" Mosby, who has been in office for only four months, said Friday morning. "Your peace is sincerely needed as I work to deliver justice on behalf of this young man." A few hours passed since I had watched the rioting on the news and the person who would bring justice or who could provide a justifiable answer to Mr. Freddie Gray’s death. On Friday (May 1st, 2015), I read on social media that all 6 officers who handled Mr. Gray were charged with his death. Will the justice system within the courts follow the trend of the 90% rule of public servants have a right or will the justice system become un-traditional and follow the 10 percent rule of probable cause must be justified?

Protests are not just an expression of the happenings in the world, but an outlet of beliefs and voices. The first protest in history was performed by ancient Egyptians at Dair El-madina in 1152 BC. It was performed against the famous King Ramses III from the 20th family. The workers were protesting delays’ in their payment and protested by halting their work. Today, the protests witnessed are centered on what the general population feels as an injustice leading to the wrong doing or death of someone. When will America wake up and understand that, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere?” –Martin Luther King, Jr.


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Marilyn Mosby Attorney

Dr. Alfreda Love-Writer

Dr. Alfreda Love

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    • profile image

      big daddy oreo 23 months ago

      I think this is only an issue because cop is white. If I was in charge this would not have happened because I would have ordered an all black law enforcement team. I would disguise all the white cops as black. The cops would be protected by black skin.

    • Alfreda profile image

      Dr. Alfreda Love 23 months ago from Texas

      This is not a case of black, white or otherwise. This is a case of was the knife legal or illegal. In this incident, black cops were involved as well as white cops. Was the victim secured in the van? Why was he stopped in the first place? What threat did he pose is a more realistic question?

    • profile image

      big daddy oreo 22 months ago

      The picture I saw was 3 white cops arresting him. From my experience, and I am obsesses with race some black people will respect black authority figures better. And work much harder for black bosses. You can watch morgan freeman handle his business on the movie lean on me. A black authority figure is very powerful dealing with disgruntled black people. Why not take some white authority figures and disguise them as black. There is a book called black like me where a white man change his skin color to black. White males need to look into this. Black skin is like a shield in america today.

    • Emonya profile image

      Emonya 22 months ago

      Thanks for sharing. Please send me the book. I would like to discuss this further with you. My email is Maybe it will bring up the point of how many minorities serve on the force and what effect multi colored responses would have on the fatality rate of men dying in the streets.

    • Emonya profile image

      Emonya 22 months ago

      I have the book and it has been in my library for about 7 years. I read the book and yes it was interesting. I will write my views on the book and want you to respond. Please invite anyone else to respond as well. I am visioning some type of refuge to make young men realize that they should have a voice, rather than run from trouble. Likewise, it is important that officials respect, yet keep citizens safe The issue of men dying in the streets is a fine line. My only issue is give people something to defend. If you are wrong, you just are wrong. If you are right, you are right. In almost 60 percent of the cases, the men ran. Was it because of fear or guilt? My whole point is just do right and you won't have to run or hide. It is hard to defend wrong. I'm still researching answers as to what brain people commit acts..I'm including law as well.

    • profile image

      big daddy oreo 22 months ago

      I want to change my skin color to black as well. I feel like black people have a much stronger hold on the world. I feel like black people have so much more protection in society. If freddie gray was white no one would care about him. If the police were black they would not be getting horassed by media. They always make the white guy look like a fool on tv commercials.

      What better way for me to stick it to the black man than by getting a race change. I had a black friend who made some hurtful comments about race. If and when I stand before him as a black man I can brag about how I have protection. Black skin is my shield. My bodyguard. If I ever have a son he will be protected by black skin. I want to start a new era. Black skin is a shield era.

    • Alfreda profile image

      Dr. Alfreda Love 22 months ago from Texas

      Alright, you have a right to do so.

    • profile image

      big daddy oreo 21 months ago


      I just found out it is very possible for a white person to live as a black person. The president of the naacp is a white lady disguised as a black lady! There is no excuse now. Police need to get that white stuff off of them.

    • Alfreda profile image

      Dr. Alfreda Love 21 months ago from Texas

      Please explain?

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