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Innocent Until Proven Guilty Unless You're Black

Updated on May 19, 2016

The term says "Innocent Until Proven Guilty. In Cosby's case, it was the other way around.

Cosby during an interview
Cosby during an interview
Prove it in a Court of Law
Prove it in a Court of Law

Cosby had enough money to buy the NBC Network. Why would he have to drug a woman?

Bishop Nathanyel) Bill Cosby, in his American Negro frame of mind, has done a lot for the image of black people.

(Deacon Yawasap) He was young and he was conscious about black people

(Kacey) I remember, waking up in a bed, with Mr. Cosby naked, beneath his opened robe.

(Lynn Neal) He drugged and raped me.

(Bishop Nathanyel) If he had enough money to buy NBC, why in the hell would he have to drug a woman?

(Reporter) I have to ask about your name coming up in the news recently regarding this comedian…

(Bill Cosby) No No, we don’t answer that)

(Reporter) Okay… I just want to ask you if you wanted to respond at all about whether any of that was true?

(Bill Cosby) There’s no response

(Phylicia Rashad) What has happened is, a legacy has been attacked. A legacy is being erased.

(Rosie Perez on “The View”) You know what’s crazy for me though? It’s whether the allegations are true or not, it’s the fact the… venom that the public has, when they go on social media, it’s as if you’re “guilty until proven innocent”, and if these are true, I hope these women have their day in court, and I hope that he gets the punishment necessary, but if it’s not true, a lot of people rushed to judgment, and I just think that we should allow the process… (It’s a tragedy)

(Bishop Nathanyel) If he’s guilty, prove it in a court of law, that’s what the so-called constitution says. Go to court, prove it. And if he’s guilty, everybody’ going to be against him, but you have not done that. They’re trying to make him guilty through the internet and through the media. That’s not a court of law.

(Deacon Yawasap) that’s the reason why, we always have to seem to always start over with every generation because they always cut that off. These bastards are doing the same thing with Bill Cosby.

(Bill Cosby) Now if you tell the history of slavery right, you got a big problem on your hands. The slave traders did not take some savages out of Africa. They took a human being, sold him, like an animal and separated him from his family. America invented the cruelest slavery in the history of the world, because it broke up black families. After slavery was over, America kept breaking up the black man’s families. That’s some awful history to teach. Now if you want to look history right straight in the eye, you’re gonna get a black eye.

(Bishop Nathanyel) We’re gonna talk about the danger behind idolatry. But before we get there, Phylicia Rashad. Ok, I want to start there. You’ve all been watching the news, and they have said time and time, that Bill Cosby has drugged and raped over twenty women. I don’t know about you all, but I find it very amazing and shocking, especially when I saw the caliber of women, I said “what the hell is this?” They couldn’t hold a candle to his wife Camille. I also said… Now, I take things with a grain of salt, that’s what you all gotta learn to do. Yes there is an expression where there is smoke there’s fire, yes… But if he is guilty, it should’ve been handled where? In the court of law. It couldn’t get to the court of law, none of those cases because there was insubstantial evidence, which tells me that there’s something fraudulent behind it all. Now, some people may be mad at me, I could really care less…. And I was very proud, when the sister Phylicia Rashad… and she’s one of the most articulate women you will ever hear speak. I want to show the clip with her where they tried… And of course the reporter they get is a black woman, so they can make it seem that it’s not racial… Bill Cosby, in his American Negro frame of mind has done a lot for the image of black people, he has, he has, he has, positive black images. He’s one of the few, few actors out there who have done the work to make the role of the black man and black women uplifted in society. Um, yeah go ahead.

(Deacon Yawasap) Yeah also, as we speak about Bill Cosby there was a video that we had done almost a year ago entitled, “Joining Israel” thank you, and we used a clip from a documentary that he put together, and that was a very good… And he was young, and he was conscious about black people, ok. So, far as I’m concerned, the minute that all this scandal garbage came out, I said “These chicken head women are just trying to do the work of the devil to destroy the black man. That’s all it is. That’s how I saw it, but I had to keep my peace. But that’s what I saw.

(Bishop Nathanyel) Exactly… I’m glad you mentioned that documentary that he did, he also... I don’t know how many of y’all… Y’all saw “The Cosby Show”… NOBODY saw “The Cosby Show”? I thought I was the only one in there that saw that thing. I don’t know, but I used to run home to go look at that show, because I never saw a black family who had money, one was a doctor, one was a lawyer. So I was amazed at this thing and that really shifted the mindset of a lot of young people. “Wow we could that do that, mom, dad?” We would sit down as a family and watch that, I don’t know about y’all.

(Deacon Yawasap) Actually when he began the show, he actually did it because he images of black people was below the ground. So he had a lot to do with the production of that program, to offset the negative imagery that was going on among black people, that’s the reason why he had them affluent, as far as their profession and so forth, all the kids and all that. Even though they had regular situation that was going on, on the show, it still gave a positive outlook, as far as, the world goes, as how black people would deal. So, he was conscious enough to go against all odds, to put that out there, (right) and that was at the same time when he was trying to purchase NBC and they told him “no”.

(Bishop Nathanyel) Right, y’all forgot about that, he tried, he had enough money to buy the NBC Network. He wanted black reporters, black news, they said “No.” The white man told him no, he said we don’t need a spin on the news. I was little when I saw this thing going down. So if he had enough money to buy NBC, why in the hell would he have to drug a woman? Did Biggie Smalls have to drug somebody? You got an outer dude say “He had enough money…” He could’ve said, “listen, woman I’m gonna give you 20 grand to do this to me… Sister over there, I’m gonna give you another 20 grand to do this” He had the money… And there’s women out there that would’ve ran, and did whatever … If he had done that. He ain’t got to “slip a drug in somebody’s drink”. Cause he can’t get a woman? What the hell is this? Made no damn sense, I’m sitting thinking, this don’t make sense. Anyway…Also… Right, that’s it, “Bill Cobsy tried to buy NBC and people didn’t like it”. Right, people was angry…. All these black leaders out here, none of them had the mindset that he had, to uplift our people. The white man was mad because Bill Cosby wanted to buy it. “Who in the hell does this negro think he is?”. Um, he’s also one of the few, who always gets on the black man and black woman about reading, pull up your pants, stop selling… You don’t really hear black people out there in the media speaking like that. That’s why a lot of black people… That’s why... Don’t sleep, there might be some coon behind all this, who’s angry because he was always getting on black people, the young black youth about reading writing, about women not whoring around, sleeping around. He’s the only one that was out there speaking against that stuff. So there’s a lot of anger.

(Deacon Yawasap) And he had access to universities and all of that. (Right) So they didn’t like that.

Accusers of Bill Cosby

Clicck here to watch interview
Clicck here to watch interview | Source
Beverly Johnson (Super Model), one of Billy Cosby's accusers.
Beverly Johnson (Super Model), one of Billy Cosby's accusers.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Phylicia Rashad on the Bill Cosby Firestorm

(Bishop Nathanyel) So now let’s watch Phylicia Rashad as they tried to trap her up in her words against Mr. Bill Cosby.

(News Reporter) She played as Bill Cosby’s wife on TV for 8 years, and now, as her former co-star is swarmed with allegations of sex abuse, Phylicia Rashad is airing her views, many of them controversial, to ABC’s Lindsey Davis.

(Phylicia Rashad) What has happened is, a legacy has been attacked, a legacy is being erased.

(Lindsey Davis) “For 8 years, Phylicia Rashad played Bill Cosby’s wife and tonight she’s standing by him once again, this time amidst a wave of allegations.”

People have been waiting to hear from you…

(Phylicia Rashad) Have they?

(Lindsey Davis) “Coming to the embattled comedian’s defense, as more than a dozen women make accusations against the famed comedian…. Claims in some cases that he drugged them, even sexually abused them.”

What do you say then to the women who have painstakingly told these stories of abuse, of being raped, they were sexually assaulted, that they were drugged?

(Phylicia Rashad) What can I say to these women whom I don’t know? What can I say to things that you are hearing when I’m telling you what I’ve seen. I’m telling you what I’ve experienced. What can I say?

(Lindsey Davis) What about then, when you first heard any inkling that women were saying they had been drugged or raped?

(Phylicia Rashad) I have never heard that before. So, this was the first time I was hearing anything like that, and I can’t even speak to those things and don’t want to.

(Lindsey Davis) And now Rashad has found herself in the center of her own controversy, all because of this online report

You were quoted online as saying forget those women,

(Phylicia Rashad) And that was a mis-quote… That is not what I said. What I said is this is not about the women, this is about something else. This is about the obliteration of legacy, that’s what I said.

(Lindsey Davis) Some people might think that it was dismissive, it came across…

(Phylicia Rashad) I am a woman, I am a woman, I would never say such a thing, I would never think such a thing. I did not say that.

(Lindsey Davis) Our calls to Roger Friedman and Showbiz Online were not returned. After a portion of our interview was aired earlier tonight, the reporter posted on his site in part “I did not misquote Phylicia Rashad. But she didn’t mean for it to be taken the way it was. And I should have punctuated”. Today, three new accusers came forward, and they’re returning, Gloria Allred, lashing out at Rashad.

(Gloria Allred) Phylicia, I vow to you that I will not forget these women.

(Kacey) I remember waking up in a bed with Mr. Cosby naked beneath his opened robe.

(Lynn Neal) He drugged and raped me.

(Lindsey Davis) Cosby’s lawyers released a statement early on saying “The fact that they’re being repeated does not make them true.” adding that “They’ve escalated far past the point of absurdity.” Even tonight as Bill Cosby performed in front of a packed Ontario audience with a handful of protestors outside, Rashad believes that the allegations are all an orchestrated attack.

I do want to get, your initial reaction to the allegations.

(Phylicia Rashad) Well, my initial reaction to the allegation was, “Hmm, someone has invested interest in preventing Mr. Cosby to return to network television”

(Lindsey Davis) Was there any dialogue ever that you would come out in support of him or is it something that he’s asked you to do?

(Phylicia Rashad) Oh no… Oh no, no no no no no. I did talk to him, towards the beginning of all of this and his commenting was “The internet has given some anonymous people a very loud voice”.

(Lindsey Davis) “It’s all about tarnishing Cosby’s legacy”, she says. The show which debuted in the 80’s was one of the first media images that portrayed African American families as educated, ambitions and driven.

Excerpts from “The Cosby Show”

  • And this is my office.

  • What do you do?

  • I’m a doctor for women

(Phylicia Rashad) We’re talking about a legacy that inspired a generation of young people to consider and pursue higher education. We’re talking about a legacy that introduced and portrayed American culture and its diversity. It’s difficult for me to watch this legacy… be erased? As if it never happened? There is the constitution of the United States which ensures, innocence until the proof of guilt, and that has not happened.

(Lindsey Davis) Did you perceive anything inappropriate?

(Phylicia Rashad) What I saw was fun, never anything inappropriate. What I saw was, work. Ms. Cosby was a frequent visitor to the studio, that’s what I saw.

(Lindsey Davis) Insisting that the man she knew…

(Phylicia Rashad) he’s a genius, he is generous, he is kind, he’s inclusive.

(Lindsey Davis) …Is the man that America fell in love with, night after night, right here, on the television screen.

(Phylicia Rashad) But you saw the shows, and that was what it was.

(Lindsey Davis) To critics who might say, “well of course Phylicia Rashad is gonna come out in support of Bill Cosby, she has a lot to gain and benefit, (Oh really?) if the show continues (oh really?) to air.

(Phylicia Rashad) Then they don’t understand how residuals go. The longer the show runs, the smaller the residual.

(Lindsey Davis) Have you talked to Mr. Cosby recently?

(Phylicia Rashad) No I haven’t spoken to him recently.

(Lindsey Davis) So you can’t even say if he’s doing well or how he’s holding up in the midst of the allegations?

(Phylicia Rashad) Speaking to the character, the man that I know, this has not been easy at all. But he’s not a coward… you know, he’s not.

(Lindsey Davis) Keisha Knight Pulliam who played “little Rudy” also spoke out to Wendy Williams in defense of Cosby.

(Keisha Knight Pulliam) I don’t know what happened. (Everything on the set seemed…) I don’t have that story to tell of him. The man I know and love, you know, is who I just described.

(Lindsey Davis) Super model, Beverly Johnson says “it was his legacy that made it difficult for her to come forward with her own accusations”.

(Beverly Johnson) This is the most difficult decision that I’ve ever, made. I am calling out a black man, a revered black man. But this is the right thing to do.

(Lindsey Davis) But for years she says she held a dark secret: Damning accusations, that Crosby drugged her.

(Beverly Johnson) And from the first sip, and then the second sip, I knew I had been drugged.

(Lindsey Davis) Rashad wouldn’t comment specifically on Johnson’s case or any specific allegation.

(Phylicia Rashad) That’s your conversation with her. I don’t know anything about that.

(Lindsey Davis) But she does say she knows Bill Cosby.

Is there any way for him to rebound from this?

(Phylicia Rashad) Oh, I don’t have all answers, I don’t know. But I think in the hearts and minds of many people, he is held in high regard.

(Lindsey Davis) And you still hold him in very high regard…

(Phylicia Rashad) Absolutely I do, yes I do.

(Lindsey Davis) For nightline, I’m Lindsey Davis in New York.

Keisha Knight Pulliam on the Wendy Williams Show
Keisha Knight Pulliam on the Wendy Williams Show

Cosby with his wife, Camille

Click here to read the Full Article
Click here to read the Full Article | Source
Men tries to pay a model to trap Cosby
Men tries to pay a model to trap Cosby

Two Wihelmina Models Paid to destroy Bill Cosby comes forward

(Bishop Nathanyel) Well alrighty then, so now, y’all may have mixed emotions in here, I don’t know about that side of the room. And they always do this, trying to pit the female against the male. It’s the same thing during the 60s and 70s with that feminist movement, how they separated the black female from the black male. I’m so glad for that sister Phylicia Rashad standing up on his behalf, because guess what the same thing that happened to Cosby brothers, false accusations, I’m gonna say it, could happen to anybody up in here. Give me Wilhelmina. Yeah, go ahead.

(Officer Bezaleel) Right before you played the clip I was raising my hand I wanted to say that, what they’re attacking, she said in the thing, it’s his legacy. (Right) Why, because the younger generation they don’t know who Bill Cosby is, they don’t know about the work he’s done. So if they know him as a supposed rapist, then they won’t look into what he’s done or pay mind to it, (exactly) and that’s why she said they’re trying to erase it as if it never happened. (Right, exactly)

(Deacon Yawasap) The white man’s the devil, and the reason why I say that… Yes that’s true that is true but the reason why I say this, because the same vicious demonic tactic that he’s doing to Bill Cosby, this white man did to Bill Cosby, this Edomite, it’s the same thing that he’s done to black people period. What I mean by that is that, every generation, there is some greatness among us. But we are not allowed, if you will, to carry that legacy on to our generation behind us, that’s the reason why we always have to seem to always start over with every generation because they always cut that off. These bastards are doing the same thing with Bill Cosby, and for the reason that you just mentioned, so that the young people won’t know anything about the legacy that he did. This is the same, they don’t change in how they operate, and they have done the same thing from, since we came over here on the ships. All the greatness that was with us, they made sure that it wasn’t passed down and they’ll do anything to cut that off.

(Bishop Nathanyel) Right, and they hired, they got a few black comedians like Cheryl Underwood, and there’s a brother making jokes about him to help in his destruction. I want you to see this article that came out. Now it says “Wilhelmina Model, paid to destroy Bill Cosby comes forward (FYM Exposes the truth! Over 3 Million Views”) Now this is a model from the Wilhelmina modeling agent, she says she was paid… That’s Bill Cosby’s wife on his left, our right, his left, that’s Camille, his wife. Anyway this model, what happened, she kept it, she wanted her name kept anonymous cause she knows… just like, watch what happens with Phylicia Rashad… The so called powers that be, you know what I mean by that, the white man, will systematically destroy their careers. “You don’t agree with us, we’re gonna destroy you” and they’re gonna hit you in your pockets, destroy your money, that’s how they get down. That’s why a lot of black people are not coming forward to speak up on this. I’m talking about actors, scroll up. Alright

Before we start down this road, this is what happened in 2004. “a woman claimed she was assaulted in 2004 by Bill Cosby ,the prosecutor said she didn’t report it for over a year , no evidence, she never said she was raped, the rest happened over 30 years ago. The following information has been fact checked and verified and provides evidence that Mr. Bill Cosby is being setup. The casting agents that contact Choice provided the model with two addresses: one to the casting appointment at the Ritz Carlton and a second address to Cosby’s location.

Go up. This is what she says:

“I wasn’t going to send this email to FYM, but, the feeding frenzy on Bill Cosby’s character made my response necessary. In 1982, I had a photographer named Choice. Choice was contacted by a casting agent; I was told to meet the client at the Ritz Carlton for lunch in New York in the summer of 82’. This client wanted to talk to me about a film project. I arrived at the Ritz Carlton at 11:30 AM. Two male clients arrived a Caucasian male (late 30’s) and an Asian male (early 50’s). They indicated that I’d be perfect for a film project. I was told the project paid 5000$ cash. I thought that was strange, who pays $5000 cash for a modeling job? The Job was to meet Bill Cosby and try to seduce him; it would be a part of the script. I was confused by this job request? They told me I would be recording the session to see…”

(Remember what happened with, I’m just digressing a second it just popped in my head. Remember Al Sharpton, when they tried to get him on drug charges, I don’t know how many of y’all remember that. And he ran the hell out of the room, cause there was a buy and bust deal, and when he realized they was trying to get him to sell the cocaine he ran the hell out, it was all on the news. So this ain’t the first time they do this, I want y’all to just keep your mind aware of that. Where am I at?

“They told me I would be recording the session to see if I was successful and believable? My response to them… I would like to meet Mr. Cosby first and discuss the script. They said no, it wasn’t necessary to meet him. They said it was a spontaneous casting call. I have never in my life heard of a spontaneous casting call. As a legitimate model this seemed strange and unethical. I immediately turned down the job. The Asian man continued speaking and offered me 10 000$ cash up front and $5000 upon delivery of some seductive photos and some of his sperm. Sperm? (I was in shock when they said sperm?) I then realized that these two men had unethical intentions. I excused myself, went to the bathroom, and then I left the hotel and went home. Now, as a model in New York, I’ve been offered drugs, trips around the world, films, videos, money

(Bishop Nathanyel) And I’m glad she got that in there… Beverly Johnson. I’m sorry, Beverly Johnson. In the model world, they go to places like, the Playboy mansion with Hugh Heffner, what’s in there? Sex, drugs, money alcohol, all of that’s there. A lot of actors go there. One of the accusers, a 15 year old girl, said “I was 15 and I was at the PlayBoy Bunny Mansion and Mr. Cosby drugged me”. I was like wait a minute, she’s 15 years old, why was she at the PlayBoy mansion? Nobody’s turning on with that… But ACCUSE Cosby! This is madness…

(Deacon Yawasap) The reason why people won’t be surprised, because I just gotta speak straight, because the majority of the people in the world today’s intelligence is averaged on stupid. That’s the problem, they could say a whole lot of things and we won’t pick up nothing because they know… Like we talked about with that video, that when they put certain things in films, and all of that, they know what we will catch and they know what we won’t catch. They say “you ain’t gotta worry about them cause I know my niggers, they not gonna pick up on this”, that’s the way they see us, that’s the reason why they can put something as obvious as a 15 year old girl being in a doggone place where it’s nothing but illicit sex going on all over the place and the public sit there look at it, and they be talking about what she’s talking about Bill Cosby. They didn’t pick up on the fact that her behind didn’t belong in there.

(Bishop Nathanyel) Right… Exactly… Now y’all saw Keisha Knight Pulliam, she was on Donald Trump’s show the apprentice. She got kicked off of the show, because she wouldn’t ask Cosby certain things, like money and all of that. That’s what they do, you don’t roll with us”, the white society I’m talking about, they will shut you down. That’s why a lot of black people don’t stand up and say nothing.

(Deacon Yawasap) Now, in addition to that, I was listening to when Phylicia Rashad was speaking, and the interviewer said well you have some trouble of your own, because basically what they’re trying… What is that, it’s that a reminder of saying “listen if you don’t agree with trying to destroy this man, you’re gonna end up with some problems yourself. Cause were gonna create some problems” (That’s what they do) That’s how they deal!

(Bishop Nathanyel) Keep thinking this man is your friend, keep thinking… Where am I at now?

(Deacon Yawasap) I’m sorry one other thing. They first gave her $5,000 to the model, this particular article here, and that wasn’t enough so they came back with $10,000 in addition to the 5, so when she heard of the 5, she said “this is strange, you know this is just a regular, I’m a legitimate model” such and such, they don’t give you this much money for this here, so there must be something behind it, so the fact that his man would give you even more money, lot of people would be like “damn man $10,000” but you have no idea how much money he is going to save by destroying an iconic image such as Bill Cosby, so $10,000 to them is nothing, compared to the millions of minds that can be influenced positively by this man’s legacy, had it not been tarnished.

(Bishop Nathanyel) And again, just like she said, if he’s guilty, prove it in a court of law. That’s what the so-called Constitution says. Go to court, prove it, and if he’s guilty, everybody’s gonna be against him. But you have not done that… They’re trying to make him guilty through the internet or through the media, that not a court of law. Come on… Where am I at?

“As a naïve model you’re offered many compromising projects, but, this blew my mind. I was offered 15 000$ to seduce and destroy Bill Cosby. Why else would they need suggestive photos and sperm? I also realized that America has a history of oppressing, killing and destroying successful and poor people of color.”

I’m glad that’s in a article!

(Deacon Yawasap) Gotta say amen to that, that’s a sister that said that thing

(Bishop Nathanyel) Got a history of doing it, a history… Y’all thinking this is some new stuff going on here…

“I wasn’t going to send this letter to FYM, but, the media lynching of one of our global icons (Bill Cosby), is simply unacceptable. Also, after watching Nightline, Associated Press, CNN, CBS, NPR, Fox, and many other news outlets…”

(Bishop Nathanyel) I want y’all to see that all those networks are together… They all put that stuff out, nobody having the knowledge or wisdom to say “You know what? This has not been proven in a court of law, let’s not put it out” He should sue everybody…

(Deacon Yawasap) What was that guy saying concerning Phylicia’s statement? About, what’d he say about the girls? Forget them or something like that. He went and published it, put it out there (right), and then he said, well I just made a mistake. (Right… I should have put it in quotes) Right, that kind of thing.

(Bishop Nathanyel) “She didn’t say it, I put it out there”, that’s what the article writer said.) Ok…

“…I’m shocked by the lack of integrity…” That’s the word. She said “I’m shocked by the lack of integrity of our major news media.” (Don’t be shocked y’all. White media is our enemy…) “Why would CNN, ABC, CBS, AP and the like lie about 30 year old untrue news? Meaning it has never been proven in a court of law, he never went to jail he was never arrested for any of these things.

“Nightline simply cut, deleted and destroyed the Cosby interview, making him appear guilty What has happened to the integrity of our nation?”

See that’s the problem “our nation”… (there you go) This ain’t our nation! That’s a problem. That’s why black people get confused, make sure you get that in Isaiah 30, about the confusion.

“I was offered $ 15,000 cash to discredit and ruin Bill Cosby’s good name. I’m 100% convinced that all the women coning forward have been paid off to discredit Bill Cosby as well. Why? He is simply too powerful, his intentions is to empower people of color and his net worth would anger any weak man. I think most people are good people. My intentions aren’t to insult white people, but, the facts are the facts.”

(Deacon Yawasap) They need to be insulted.
(Bishop Nathanyel) They got to be insulted.

“It’s a fact that 9/10th of the global population are people of color and only 1/10th of the global population are whites. As in Ferguson, 21 000 people of color are controlled and abused by 60 white city officials. (Now that’s a heavy statement right there)

“Reminds me of a plantation”.

(Bishop Nathanyel) Damn! That’s some heavy stuff there.
(Deacon Yawasap) She ain’t gonna have no contract or nothing after this
(Bishop Nathanyel) That’s why she kept her name out of it.

“The world doesn’t want powerful people like Bill Cosby to empower people of color and teach them that we have always had the power in numbers and economically.”

Ok we’ll stop there… Go ahead, what’d you want to say?

(Deacon Yawasap) Now this article, how come, CNN, CBS, APR, NBC, all of them, how come they didn’t run this? They didn’t talk about this at all, this is probably just one media outlet, probably a newspaper article somewhere, and that’s about it. (Or internet newspaper) Or internet newspaper. But it’s not all over CBS, it’s not all over NBC. It’s not all over on any of those major outlets that people sit there and watch.

Pagan worshiping. This is where Christmas originate from.
Pagan worshiping. This is where Christmas originate from.
The back of a one dollar bill.  Notice the pyramid and "all seeing eye"
The back of a one dollar bill. Notice the pyramid and "all seeing eye"

We (The Nation of Israel) have made a covenant with America, which is spiritually Egypt

(Bishop Nathanyel) Exactly, go to Isaiah 30.

(Officer Liam) The book of Isaiah chapter 30:1

(Bishop Nathanyel) Now Isaiah is prophesying about the Israelites, trying to make a covenant with Egypt. When Babylon came into power, certain Israelites wanted to make a covenant with Egypt. Ok, *laughter* so that’s the history behind this, start at verse one.

(Officer Liam) [Isaiah 30:1] Woe to the rebellious children

(Bishop Nathanyel) In case you didn’t know the rebellious children is us, the Israelites, the 12 tribes, we’re a rebellious people, go ahead.

(Officer Liam) [Isaiah 30:1] …saith the Lord, that take counsel, but not of me.

(Bishop Nathanyel) Meaning, we look for answers, but never in the Holy Bible. We want to hear what Oprah has to say, we want to hear what Obama has to say, we want to hear what Bill Clinton has to say. “What Bubba gotta say?”, that’s what they be calling him, Bubba. But never what God almighty has to say, go ahead.

(Officer Liam) [Isaiah 30:1] And that cover with a covering, but not of mine spirit

(Bishop Nathanyel) meaning we cover ourselves, under democracy, we cover ourselves under Christianity, but we never cover ourselves with “thus saith the Lord”. Some of you might think that’s odd, I just said Christianity. Modern day Christianity is not bible based. Modern day Christianity is based upon ancient Babylonian texts. Listen to good to what I’m saying. I’ll give you an example.

The birth of Messiah December 25th is not based upon the bible, that’s based upon ancient Babylon with Nimrod, and Semiramis, and their son Tammuz. Do your research, look it up. That’s why when you ask a Christian, “PROVE that Jesus was born December 25th in the winter”, you hear crickets. They don’t got an answer cause they have never researched that garbage religion they’re in.

(Deacon Yawasap) I’m going just use what the Elder said, to illustrate perfectly what I said early about people being perfectly stupid in this age. You could walk inside one of these sick whore houses that you call churches. And say “PASTOR, show me that Jesus was born on December 25th” and then you grab the mic and then you tell everybody in the church, everybody in the church will hear you read out of the bible that Christ was born on the Passover and they will all leave.

(Bishop Nathanyel) I’m gonna tell you what happened. That happened… Me… Who was with me? It was me, Karamiah who y’all call Killa Priest, umm, there was a few of us, like 5 of us. We used to go, when we first came into the truth, we would go into the churches, we listened to the message and would be on the bible study night, listen to the teacher and we would ask questions like about Christmas, they didn’t leave Yawasap, they threw us out. They said “If you don’t get out, we will call the cops and arrest you niggers”. That’s how Christians get down, they don’t want the truth. Where are you at, Officer Liam?

(Officer Liam) [Isaiah 30:1] …that cover with the covering, but not of mine spirit, that they may add sin to sin

(Bishop Nathanyel) Right, we don’t cover with God’s spirit, we cover with the lies we learned out here in America, based upon Babylonian texts. Again, you go to these churches, you ever hear these things called “Father’s day”, “Mother’s Day”, “Women’s day”… And you ask, “where is that in the Bible, where can I hear that?” You hear crickets, you hear “Gone with the wind”. And they will curse you ‘til you die, I’m telling you, read on. Yeah, “Satan got a question…” Go ahead…

(Officer Liam) [Isaiah 30:2] That walk, to go down into Egypt (So now, like in the past, we had literally walked to go down into Egypt, go head) and have not asked at my mouth. (because our people that went down into Ancient Egypt at that time, did not ask at the Lord God Almighty’s mouth, go ahead) to strengthen themselves in the strength of Pharaoh, and to trust in the shadow of Egypt.

(Bishop Nathanyel) So, I want y’all to see that next part “And to trust in the shadow of Egypt” lets you know this is a two-fold scripture from back then, all the way up to today, cause America is a shadow of Egypt. Put that up on the board Abiel. The dollar bill, the dollar bill, because I know we got some new people in here. Cause you may be asking, sister may be sitting right here what do you mean this is the shadow of Egypt. America is in the shadow of Ancient Egypt, just as in Ancient Egypt the 12 tribes of Israel was in captivity, likewise today, the 12 tribes of Israel are in captivity. Oh, you thought the all-seeing eye and the pyramid was a coincidence, on the back of the dollar bill? No, it was by design. The masons that designed this, they know that this place is a spiritual Egypt. Right, the Obelisk that you got in Central Park, the Obelisk that you got at the Washington monument, or a real Obelisk… The scholars know what’s going on, it’s Christians, we don’t know what’s going on, our people don’t know, we’re lost in the sauce. Right the Washington monument, thank you. Officer Liam, where you at?

(Officer Liam) [Isaiah 30:3] Therefore shall the strength of Pharaoh be your shame

(Bishop Nathanyel) Just like we were shamed in the past when we made a covenant with Ancient Egypt, Most High had Babylon destroy us, bring us into slavery, hard bondage. So now today, we have made a covenant with America, spiritual Egypt, read that again.

(Officer Liam) [Isaiah 30:3] Therefore shall the strength of Pharaoh be your shame

(Bishop Nathanyel) We are always ashamed when we’re here, in this country, cause things never work out the way we have planned them or envisioned them… go ahead

(Officer Liam) And the trust in the shadow of Egypt, your confusion (see that? And the trust in the shadow of your Egypt your what brothers?) Your confusion

(Bishop Nathanyel) your confusion, that’s why we’re always “I don’t understand… I’m confused! What about the court system? How come no indictments? Why? Why? Why?” It’s our confusion.

(Deacon Yawasap) Let me give you a bit of a hypocritical history. They want to talk about making up lies on the brother Bill Cosby right? Talking about he raped and did all of this. Let me see you the hypocrisy of this country that you love so much. They honor Columbus day, do they not? That vicious beast that genocidal maniac demon, Christopher Columbus and his hoard of convicts, raped robbed and murdered all across this country, and what do these bastards do? Set up a holiday, in honor of him, and got dumb niggers on the damn floor, partying with them. That’s showing you, I’m sorry that I have to say it that way, but sometimes you need those kinds of words to hit you upside the head for being so damn stupid, cause it don’t make any sense for people to be this doggone dumb. (Right, read on)

(Officer Liam) That was verse 3 (go ahead read on) [Isaiah 30:4] For his princes were at Zoan (Now that goes back to the past, go ahead) and his ambassadors came to Hanes (Hanes right, these are capitals in Israel, now watch verse 5) [verse 5] were all ashamed

(Bishop Nathanyel) Now when we read verse 5, I want you all to bring it to today, cause that’s what it’s going into as well. Go ahead)

(Officer Liam) [verse5] They were all ashamed of a people that could not profit them

(Bishop Nathanyel) We are always ashamed, because we thought the white man is always for our profit. It says “NO! You’re going to be ashamed, because they’re not for your profit.” Read it again, read it again.

(Officer Liam) [verse5]They were all ashamed of a people that could not profit them

(Bishop Nathanyel) And that’s why black people are scared to speak up for justice when it comes to Cosby. They know right from wrong, you mean y’all don’t know right from wrong? You’re accused guilty on the internet, on the social media, this is insane. Just like they did it to him, believe it, if they can do it to him, and he’s a multi-millionaire, you don’t think they can do it us? That is the message “Stay in your place” That is the message, don’t get uppity. Read it again.

(Officer Liam) [Verse 5] They were all ashamed of a people, that could not profit them, nor being an help nor profit, but a shame, and also a reproach

(Bishop Nathanyel) that verse 5 is heavy, I know it might scare some of y’all, but that verse 5 is our reality today, read it again, I just want it to marinate.

(Officer Liam) [Verse 5] They were all ashamed of a people that could not profit them

(Bishop Nathanyel) you like to say, this ain’t about black and white, this is about Jacob and Esau. This is about people, upon the earth. That’s why it says “they were ashamed of a people”. You like to think “oh some mysterious angel is out there doing things”… “go accuse Bill Cosby booohoooo”. Yeah you keep fooling yourself with that. There’s a room of Conspirators, we’ll use that word, conspirators, that sit down and say “Listen, this dude keep trying to buy NBC, we need to shut him down. He’s trying to give black people a leg to stand on. He’s trying to tell them to stop being in gangs. Don’t they know that we serve god? Gold, oil and drugs, that’s our god: gold, oil and drugs. They don’t know that? Shut Bill Cosby down and don’t let these Israelites EVER get on the news media in a positive way”. That’s what they do, that’s their talk. Right…

(Deacon Yawasap) It’s about destroying imagery, that’s why I always talk about imagery, how important imagery is, because, once they destroy your image, you’re gonna just fall in and believe that, the perception becomes the reality, that kind of thing, that’s what happens

(Bishop Nathanyel) They say… what’s that thing they say? “If you say something long enough, the people will believe it”. But Cosby’s lawyers said “just because they keep saying it, doesn’t make it true”. You know… Read verse 5 one more again…

They were all ashamed of a people, that could not profit them, nor be a help nor profit, but a shame, and also a reproach.

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