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Could Bernie Take Still the Nomination?

Updated on August 5, 2016

The Numbers

According to, 2,383 delegates are needed for a nominee to clinch the place of presidential candidate. In terms of pledged delegates, (the one's who represent each state's primary outcomes) they are legally bound to support the candidate their state chose, and are evenly distributed based on percentage won. This is why we see things like, for example: Montana with 21 delegates - Bernie had 51.1% of votes, Hillary had 44.6% of votes - so Bernie has 11 delegates and Hillary has 10 in the state of Montana. At the end of the primary race, Hillary has 2,205 pledged delegates, Bernie has 1,846. Neither hit the 2,383 mark, right? Wrong, because we have 'super delegates,' and that is where things get tricky.


What could happen tonight.

Up until now, Hillary has maintained the majority of super delegates. These guys can vote for whoever they want. The voice of the people and the results of the polls in each state do not determine who they vote for. Currently, Hillary has 602 super delegates, and Bernie has 48. The remaining 63 are undecided. I think at this point everyone knows why Hillary is the presumptive nominee. When you look at the amount of 'provisional ballots' given to Bernie supporters during the primary race (that where not counted) and the media blackout throughout the race. Using the super delegate numbers to make Hillary appear to be winning, when the race was so tight. According to "the AP is concealing the identity of the decisive super delegates." Then there was the closing of poll locations, the states declaring her the winner, when people were still in line to vote. I could ramble on, but lets get to the point. The super delegates aren't final until the convention. Tonight they can still vote for whoever they want during roll call. I'm hoping after the embarrassing opening last night, they will have a change of heart. It's pretty clear how the voter turn out will look in November, if Hillary is officially given the nomination.

Just Curious

Hillary or Bernie for president

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In case you missed it, Day 1 of the convention.

To sum up last nights events, the grand opening of the Democratic National Convention was anything but unified. The majority of speakers walked up to the microphone, trying to appear confident. The second the said 'Hillary,' they were met with some cheers, completely drowned out by very loud boos. It was like watching a deer in headlights over and over. Every speaker pretty much made the same point. People need to vote for her because she wants what Bernie wants. Theoretically, yes, their on the same team. However, i feel it's kind of like someone trying to sell you knock off perfume for four hours, when you just want the real thing. Knock off's always stink later. At the end of the show, Bernie came out to speak. He was very authentic, the crowds went crazy. What the DNC needs to realize is that Bernie is the only way to beat Trump. They need to bring him up to the plate, and tonight is they last opportunity for that to happen.

The crowd listening to pro-Hillary speeches


Can Bernie win tonight?

As far as I'm concerned, yes. If the super delegates swing in his favor tonight, he could definitely win. Will they? Who knows. Hopefully they want a Trump presidency less then they want Hillary to push the agenda. I think everyone knows at this point the nomination was stolen from Bernie. That's why they hesitate to vote for Hillary. As much progress as Bernie's made to the shape the platform, it's just not the same. She cheated. I really hope something wonderful happens tonight. I hope Bernie takes the candidacy.


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