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Insider Trading by Congress

Updated on February 1, 2012

Love of Money

Is there any institution in this world that isn't corrupted by money? The fact that Congressmen and Senators get to bypass ALL the regulations when buying and selling stocks is just another kick in the teeth to the common man. Is it surprising at all that Americans are skeptical about almost everything. The vast majority of our Congressmen and Senators seem to have no shame at all. Half truths, hidden schemes, and down right bold faced lying seems to be the norm, and we have come to expect it. It's a sad sad situation, and it's getting more and more absurd! We are slaves to money, whether we like it or not, we simply must have it! It's right up there with food and water for modern people. In fact, money is food and water to modern people. If any of you out there have never been flat broke as an adult and unable to pay your bills, you probably don't have any idea how fast this "cruel" world will start kicking your ass! All people want is the same rules to apply to everyone. Wealthy people have considerable perks that common citizens just don't have. The only reason is access to money. Such as; poor people go to jail much more often due to the lack of resources to acquire a competent attorney. The wealthy get better interest rates on loans. Wealthy persons hire slick accountants to find loopholes in the tax code. Is there really any question why middle class America is so angry. We are being penalized for not showing big balances in our bank accounts. We pay higher interest rates for the same loans as the wealthy. Dosen't it seem backwards to you, that the poor and middle class should pay more. Dosen't that sound more like sabotage. Banks might argue that the poor and middle class loans present and greater "risk", and therefore, just like insurance companies, have the right to charge you more. That is total nonsense and it should not be this way! It's wrong!

One of the hardest things for me to understand about how creditors operate, are the late fees and penalties for late or non-payment. Now I do understand that if creditors had no penalties, many people would choose not to pay in a timely fashion, if at all. What I do not comprehend is the notion that the right course of action is to punish those persons who are unable to make their payments by charging them fees and penalties they already cannot afford. Credit cards should be much more difficult to attain in my opinion. Now some people might say this will exclude the poor from ever getting a credit card and that it's not fair. I would argue that obtaining a credit card is not about fairness. Credit cards are like dangerous tools, and you shouldn't get one just because you breathe. Credit cards are inherently bad and tend to really hurt young people who lack the life experience necessary to responsibly use one. It can then take them years to recover when buried in credit card debt. We have got to stop the mass distribution of credit cards. "Credit Card Debt" ought to be taught in our schools to children as a modern evil. We have got to begin changing our credit culture and teach today's children that nothing charged to a credit card is worth having! Credit card interest rates are downright criminal and we cannot allow the greed of banking institutions to continue to fleece the world.

Who's Corrupt?

Will Congress Self Impose an End to Insider Trading Pratices?

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