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Get Rid Of Gang Activity Problems Once And For All

Updated on July 28, 2016

A gang is defined as “a group of recurrently associated individuals consisting of close friends, family members or neighbors who has illegally taken control of territory in a community.” In order to maintain that territory, violence is sometimes used. Many gangs require new members to commit theft or violent crimes in order prove their loyalty and sincerity.

The size of a gang doesn’t matter. It could be large or small. Well established gangs have decimated leaders who call the shots.

Individuals join gangs for a variety of reasons. A sense of identity and belonging are the main causes. Young men who find themselves in oppressed environments where opportunities for education, jobs and security are lacking are easy prey for gang affiliation.

The impact of gangs on urban communities and beyond can be very divesting to the individuals who live within those environments. The impact of gang activity includes intimidation, demoralization, isolation and oppression.

Intimidation Factor

Wherever gangs dwell, intimidation can be found. People are simply afraid to come out of their homes and walk to the nearest corner store. When groups of fierce looking men or youths are standing idly around on the corner, people usually avoid them by walking to the other side of the street or waiting until the area is free of these thugs. In such areas many residents without transportation usually take cabs home rather than riding and getting off the street bus in their neighborhood.

Demoralization Factor

The threat of gang activity interferes with the normal day to day functioning of a community. People can lose hope of coming home to a peaceful neighbor and relaxing on the porch or taking an evening walk around the corner. When people have to watch their backs whenever they go to take out the garbage or walk out of the door to their car, the area has become extremely dangerous. In such place, people simply lose optimism for their hopes and dreams.

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Isolation Factor

An atmosphere of fear is at an all-time high when well-meaning , peaceful neighbors cannot come together to enjoy block parties or spend time getting to know one another for fear of getting caught in the crossfire of gang shootings. The statistics are staggering when it comes to innocent by-standers. Both children and adults killed by careless and reckless shootouts between rival gangs. Therefore, neighbors live in a state of isolation from day to day.


Thousands of law abiding citizens must adjust their clothing style in order to live within an area that has been claimed as gang territory. To get caught wearing attire that drastically differs from the colors represented by these gangs can cast an individual into a life and death situation. It is oppressive when everyday citizens cannot freely express themselves due to fear of hurt, harm and danger. In these areas, the streets are often empty. Because robbery is a constant possibility, people hardly ever walk alone.


Addressing Gang Activity in the Community

In a gang infested neighborhood danger crouches on every side, ready to leap out upon law abiding citizens in the most unexpected moments. The goal of gang members is to guard their territories and to survive at all cost, disregarding the safety and security of those around them. The group is a danger to the entire social structure of neighborhoods, communities, cities, states and nations. Disorder and chaos are the order of the day.

Gang members are recognized by distinct clothing, including head bandits, tee shirts, colors and hand signs and signals. They confront and intimidate strangers who wander into their territories. They gather in groups and stand on corners, on porches or in local parks. In any large city, the sight of gang members will most likely be witnessed in oppressed areas of the city. Graffiti is will normally cover walls, bridges and overpasses.


Effects of Gang Activity

Gang activity Provoke many social issues, including:

  • Fear
  • Violence
  • Oppression

When witnessing these kinds of activities good citizens must keep a smartphone nearby. Individuals who really care about their communities will report all suspicious activities to the police and other supportive agencies and individuals who should be aware. Strong communities find a way to combat gang growth. Courageous neighbors come together and confront the problem of gang activities in their communities. Neighborhoods watch programs are a godsend to those who want to live in peaceful habitation and quiet dwelling places. According to the National Crime and Prevention Council “coordinated intervention by the community and law enforcement personnel reduces the likely hood that high-risk youth will become involved in gangs”.

Overcoming Fear

Fear is the worst enemy when it comes to spoiling gang activity within an environment. Neighbors are afraid for their own lives as well as for the lives of their children. Many feel that gang members will zero in on them if efforts of change are voiced. But in order to confront and destroy gang activity within any place, it will take a valiant approach. Neighbors must be willing to put themselves in harm’s way for the collective good of the whole community. Prayer and unity must lead the way. To be or not to be a safe and peaceful community is the question. All good is on the side of those who push for the peace and safety of their society as well as their fellow citizen.

Never go anywhere alone without the watchful eyes of neighbors, especially doing the initial process of standing up for your community. Unity and trust are two of your most powerful allies. A unified alliance against gang activity is a strong deterrence against its survival. Studies show that gang’s activities decrease when fed-up citizens gain the conviction that enough and enough.

Gang activity will only cease when and individual with the fortitude to mobilize neighbors who cherish peace and harmony in their surroundings. Otherwise the atmosphere of oppression will remain a constant realty.

Rewards of a Peaceful Community

The reward for riding your community of gang activity is the freedom to come and go without fear of becoming a victim of violence or worse. Children will be able to come out and play safely in the yards and in the parks. Elderly people will be able to take neighbor walks around the block without fear of mugged and assaulted. Productive, hardworking citizens will be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor without fear of theft and property destruction. These are the benefits of fighting and overcoming any kind of oppression, not only for the individual alone but also for the collective whole.


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    • Theresa Jonathan profile image

      Theresa Jonathan 

      4 years ago from Maseru, Lesotho

      A good Hub! Elderly men, women and children are victims. It is indeed very sad that a grown woman would fear passing near two young boys. But is is a reality, you start praying because you know the gang needs what you have and would not mind harming you over and above stealing from you.

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 

      4 years ago from Jamaica

      Gangs all end up in either two places.....Prison or with Hades. Some are smart and with some help actually beat the Gang System. Good hub


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