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Updated on October 30, 2010

Think Before You Speak

Harriet Harman has tonight had to apologise to Danny Alexander for the insulting remark she made about him. In her speech she referred to him as "a ginger rodent". She and the rest of the delegates at the Labour Party's Scottish conference laughed away at the supposedly numerous remark, but shortly afterwards Harriet was not laughing.

Not only has she insulted Danny, but all redheads. Quite why the former Equalities minister thought that was an even nearly appropriate remark to make is any-one's guess. However, clearly spurred on by the laughter from the delegates. she continued her insults, turning on the SNP.

Now it appears she has been "forced to apologise" and has phoned Danny Alexander to do so. Quite why she had to be forced rather than realise herself how appalling it was is beyond me. 

While there has been quite a lot of coverage of this speech, and so much condemnation from so many people - reading some of the on-line newspapers would probably break Ms Harmans heart  if she were to read what people think of her - there has not been a quote from one Labour colleague. I suppose the good point is that there has not been any support, but surely a polite rebuke and the comment that she has apologised so that should be the end of the matter.

The big question is - are the rest of the Labour Party so far removed from other people that they really don't think she has done anything wrong -or are they so concerned that she has done this they are still planning a way to spin it?

The fact that this comment was made in Scotland, where there are a lot of people with red hair could be totally damaging for the Labour Party. It has been claimed by MSP Shirley-Anne Somerville that the comment is not anti-Danny or anti Lib Dem but anti Scottish. 

From Danny's response,he seems to be the least annoyed about it. He has twittered that he is proud to be ginger and that rodents do valuable work clearing up the mess left behind by others. He certainly has his work cut out over the next few years.


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