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Insurgent Taliban Fighters Get Government Jobs in Afghanistan

Updated on April 2, 2012

The US reintegration program. God, this is an idiot policy. I would like to see the stats of how well this program has worked in the past, or is Afghanistan the test tube baby for it? Whatever.

The program provides former enemy soldiers, Taliban and non-Taliban, lucrative jobs in some very key positions within the Afghanistan government. Yeah, this makes sense. Take the case of Commander Abdulla, who was a local insurgent pro-Taliban leader of fighters. He was THE enemy to NATO forces only three months ago. Then, he was known as Charsi (Hashish smoker) and his forces in western Afghanistan caused mayhem around Herat. It was only in January, before Abdulla "saw the light" and switched sides, kidnapped a man, severely beat him and forced relatives of the man to pay $20,000 ransom. To do this, they had to sell most of their land.

Now, the 45 yr old man, has dyed his beard black, works for the Afghan government. He has renounced his wayward days as a Taliban fighter\leader and was awarded a new job-the commander of a border police battalion containing 470 men! The locals of the area where Abdulla commanded Taliban forces are quite irate and very distrustful of the Afghan government. In other areas, Afghan elders are angry because it sends the wrong message to young men because it rewards crime and injustice. Abdulla now drives around his kingdom in a Ford Ranger, many quietly despise him. He stated that the reason why he switched is because his area changed from NATO to Afghan control (translation: much easier to have corruption continue).

A total of 3900 former Taliban fighters have turned over their weapons. Each will receive $120 for three months to help pay for their "allegiance". Wow, US dollars paying for this. I am sure in most cases, these guys are doing for money only but their true beliefs are not changed. So, once can see, once the money stops-crime, corruption and Taliban return. The warlords in north Afghanistan are already preparing for power struggles after 2014. This is when foreign forces are gone and so is the pro-democracy Karzai president.

Abdullah is typical of these former Taliban fighters. He has no regrets even when others accuse him of corruption and how he tortured them before his "conversion". One elder indicated that he often trained insurgents to create IEDs and other roadside bombs and would even lie to his Taliban superiors about results of combat operations using a satellite phone. This elder was then beaten and tossed into an icy river for being a "spy for foreigners". Abdulla regrets that he did not kill him then. But, that was then. It is funny, though. Abdulla thinks the Afghan army is pathetic and its men only fight for the money, they destroy houses and kill.

Abdulla's brother, Abdulrazzak, remains a Taliban leader with a large group of men well armed from the weapons and motorcycles Abdulla and his men left behind when "converting" in late January 20012. Abdulla claims his brother had left the country, yet, locals claim the brother is doing want Abdulla had done-create terror in villages.

And what does the commander of the Herat province police forces think of Abdulla, "He is a terrorist and head of a terrorist organization", that came from Gen.Saqeb. He went on to say that he lost many men fighting him a few months ago and just because the Afghan government forgives Abdulla, most of the locals do not.

Obviously, the US program will is a disaster waiting to happen. The Taliban must be laughing.


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    • mrshadyside1 profile image

      mrshadyside1 5 years ago from Georgia

      This is a symptom of the type of governing system we have in the US.A system dominated by two parties that is easily corrupted and controlled by money.Political parties that have unregulated power means that you have very limited options in candidates.So,when you vote D or R you are not getting a man that is qualified to do a job,you are getting a man that is a loyal follower of his particular party.The right man for the job will never be seen by the voting public because in most cases he will try to do his work with pride and unbiased view politically.In the end you have a system where idiots and liars and cronies make policy and laws.The longer we live under Dem and Repub rule the more ridiculous things will become until the whole thing comes falling down,which is where we are at the moment.A good leader and manager acts in a way that political parties do not want.They want people that will"tow the line" and defend party agendas which I can assure you have little or nothing to do with the interest of the general public.A good politician is someone that can lie,deceive,and manipulate his way through the system.So intelligence and professionalism are left to performance based environments and kept separate from government. The majority of our enemies we war with today are monsters that we created just a few decades earlier.Who decided to create these monsters?Actually we did by allowing ourselves to be limited to two options every time we vote.It is incredible that a country with so many brilliant citizens resign to be led by morons.Now due to our "trust" in this system things are about to change and the "big two" are noticing the disgust of the public.In attempt to prevent their loss of power they are attempting to limit ours.Which in the end will be another example of idiotic thinking that will come at our expense.Anyway I agree this is stupidity at work.