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Inter-Community Marriages Are Good, We Must Practice It

Updated on October 29, 2017
Shubh Vivah
Shubh Vivah
Happy Conjugal Life
Happy Conjugal Life

To the 21st Century Indian Youth: Go for Selfless Love and Inter-Community Marriages

Bollywood Love

If someone tries to understand India via Bollywood movies, he/she will think that there is an overflow of pyaar (love) in India. Love content is so much prevalent in Indian movies that even an ISIS terrorists won’t think twice before asserting that all Bollywood movies just revolve around a love story. There is too much of straight love stories in Indian movies, but in fact, the country is far away from a comfortable environment filled with real love and compassion. What the movies show is just a surreal idea that never flourishes in reality.

The Reality

In real India, there is a hidden hatred among communities. There is also a language-oriented conflict present in all places. People of one community or language do not want to love or marry a prospect from other communities/languages. This may seem quite unreal for many, but in fact, leaving the metros behind, the inter-community marriage statistics is pretty bleak in rural India. That is a reason for immediate concern because we are already in 21st century that is fiercely competitive and ruthless to unaware and intrinsically orthodox societies.

To add to the curry, there are insulting jargon in every community to undermine other communities and many people start to have an idea that such preaching is correct. As a result, there are always some conflicting ideas among communities in India. Although, it is being challenged by many ethical-minded youth, the story we see in Bollywood movies is completely out of focus from reality. India is nothing about a pretty, love-seeking country. Love that happens within one’s own community and caste is only permissible in this IT-obsessed nation.

Self Obsession

Many people are so obsessed with their own self-beliefs that the idea of a friendlier and more aware nation is just a theory in this country. People don’t prefer to marry prospects from other communities. People in India are often the police to safeguard their communities from mixing up with other ones, which is a sign of failing social and cultural system in this once culturally rich and historically great nation.

Most people here in India are so filled up with the ideas of their own communities being the best that they hardly see the drawbacks of being communal, racist and a linguistically orthodox. Although, it sounds very feeble, most people in India are obnoxious fools who think their own communities are the best avenues to invest their love into. Inter community marriages are happening mostly in urban places and those who do this are usually highly educated and economically strong.

Always Middle-Class

The middle-class mentality in India is still very strong and it shows its ugly face every now and then. For example, you’ll hardly find Hindi-speaking people marrying south Indians. The case is so sensitive that in many places, even speaking about inter-caste or inter-community marriage is forbidden. If you go to India’s villages, marrying a girl from another community is like the worst sin one can think of.

The truth is that the whole India is full of obnoxious, orthodox set of fools who hardly see the scientific and social benefits of mixing up. It is genetically proved that inter-community marriages lead to healthier and more capable offspring. We don’t see why the communities of India have not engaged in widespread inter-community marriages by now? We think the traditional preaching that, “Your own community is the best community,” is responsible for this malfunction.

We're all at a Disadvantage

In fact, all Indian communities are just a herd of fools. I am Bengali and I don’t see everything as great in our community. I am not saying that Bengalis are hopeless, but why don’t we marry more Assamese, Punjabi, Marwari, Marathi, Tamil and Bhojpuri prospects, I don’t know. That will not only reduce the communal misunderstandings, but it is good in every other way fathomable.

The Benefits

Assimilation is good not only because it offers variety to a monotonous lifestyle. Marrying prospects from other communities makes us genetically richer. Moreover, as two cultures mix up, there are more chances of respecting one another’s good qualities by sharing love and respect among the couples. I think, we must really start the inter-community marriages as a viable option for uniting India. It is an opportunity that can really bring the much-needed sense of Indian-ness back to the core of societal structure.

Looking deep Within

However, having said that I must also tell some points that may probably be the reasons behind the more orthodox values. Indian society and family system has always preached to respect women by keeping them in a comfortable and more secure environment. Staying inside homes and following the orthodox values make women more secure and less experimental, which may be a good sign because it provides enough impetus to keep the units of society, the family, more secure from external threats.

The caste system is also based on the same principles. For example, if you are a Brahmin, looking for Brahmin prospects make you less experimental. That is, you do not seek to be wild and break the rules of socially acceptable marriage norms. The basic idea is that human beings are not animals and we are not created to have multiple partners. Therefore, staying within one’s own community and having lesser inter-caste and inter-community mix-up of people keeps the idea of being more sexless and increasingly civil intact.

Does that Help? Let's Mix-up.

That maybe a good principle, but repetitive intra-community marriages are leading to unhealthy and less-self-sustained offspring which is not good for any community. We need more variations because that will help us get ahead exponentially. I am not saying we should look for sexual satisfaction, I am saying we must build up mutual trust based on respect, understanding and love. That would make a beautiful India, an India full of mutual respect and love that makes everyone’s life full of love, trust and compassion.

Many people will see drawbacks and loopholes in this idea. I really don’t care for orthodox fools who have kept India a developing, third world nation forever. I am thinking about an India that is self-reliant, more cohesive and ethically superior than the one we are usually used to. That needs a silent revolution, and inter-community marriages can be the starting point to think about it.

So, here is respect and gratitude to those couples who have already embraced inter-community marriage; may the radiance of their true love spread like wildfire.


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