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Funny, Interesting and Shocking Things About People Who Watch Fox News

Updated on August 19, 2014

Fair and Balanced Data

What kinds of people watch Fox News? No complete survey has ever been done until now. Utilizing the most current and advanced methods in modern research, scientists from the Institute of Fair and Balanced Data have culled a plethora of amazing data about those who watch Fox News.

According to a report in "Atlantic Monthly", over half of Fox News viewers are 65 or older. Of those who watch Fox News, 83 percent identify themselves as either conservative or moderate.

While it's widely known that people who watch Fox News are 100% more likely to be right-leaning in their politics than those who don't (they vote for the GOP presidential candidate by an average of 9 percentage points), the following facts about Fox News viewers are not as widely known.

How would you characterize Fox News?

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The Truth

  • 71% believe that Sadaam Hussein was behind the attacks on 9/11.
  • 80% believe that global warming is not happening.
  • 66% believe that discrimination against whites is as prevalent as discrimination against minority groups.
  • 81% listen to Rush Limbaugh.
  • 43% more likely to drive a car made in America.
  • 70%% believe President Obama was not born in the U.S.
  • 89% more likely to believe President Obama is muslim.
  • 67% believe that President Obama's name sounds suspicious.
  • 56% believe Sarah Palin went to an Ivy league school.
  • 96% believe the economy was great when Barack Obama took office.
  • 99% of those on Medicare say they don't believe in "socialized medicine".
  • 70% live in a state that's in the top 10% of all states in receiving federal assistance.
  • 78% do not believe in evolution.
  • 80% believe that Donald Trump would make a good president.
  • 62% believe that a black man marrying a white woman is illegal.
  • 55% believe that gay people should be exterminated.
  • 95% believe that if a black man and a white woman have a child, that child will be more likely to be born with a birth defect.
  • 67% believe that a woman cannot get pregnant if she is raped.
  • 95% believe that a man cannot get pregnant if he is raped.
  • 55% believe that it is okay for a husband to rape his wife.
  • 45% believe that women should not have the right to vote.
  • 60% believe that children younger than 18 should be able to own a gun.
  • 30% believe that it's possible to buy a person of another race in Texas.
  • 50% believe that their state should secede from the United States.
  • 45% believe that the Sun revolves around the Earth.
  • 65% believe that their dog is smarter than most liberals.
  • 40% believe in martians.
  • 90% believe that Ronald Regan was the greatest president of all-time.
  • Only 15% can name more than 4 presidents.
  • 72% believe that gay people can be changed into straight people through re-education.
  • 80% believe that if a gay man and a lesbian woman have sex, the baby will also be gay.
  • 65% believe that if a black man and a white woman have sex, the baby will be gray.
  • 35% believe that sex between a black man and a white woman is illegal.
  • 40% would like to try sex with a member of another race.

  • 75% believe that being a climate scientist does not require one to go to college.
  • 89% believe that science is politically motivated and that science facts are filled with bias.
  • 99% believe that George W. Bush was a better president than Barack Obama.
  • 85% believe that race is not a factor in why conservatives hate Barack Obama so much.
  • 88% believe that prayer can heal.
  • 60% believe that prayer can heal just as well as modern medicine.
  • 85% believe that the earth is less than 10,000 years old and that carbon dating and the dinosaurs are a hoax perpetrated by scientists who are just trying to get more funding.
  • 82% believe that two plus two equals four.


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  • BernietheMovieGuy profile image

    Bernie Ment 

    5 years ago from Syracuse, NY

    Mio Cid, what you have described also can be used to profile muslims thoughout the world. Of course, by your philosophy, we aren't supposed to profile anyone. Just remember that when they're shoving 40 ounces of TNT up your rear with an 8 second fuse.

  • copywriter31 profile image

    James Ranka 

    5 years ago from Port Neches

    Left leaning media outlet viewers MUST be just as wacked. Why did you not do research to present the other side?

  • BernietheMovieGuy profile image

    Bernie Ment 

    5 years ago from Syracuse, NY

    All of the above poll results were completed by NPR and mainstream media outlets. True Conservatives understand the real meaning behind the numbers. But thanks for the entertainment nevertheless. Kool aid may be fun to drink, but Tea tastes so much better.

  • FlourishAnyway profile image


    5 years ago from USA


  • Angela Blair profile image

    Angela Blair 

    5 years ago from Central Texas

    As one of the people who believe my dog is smarter than most liberals I just wanted to say I enjoyed the Hub -- some of the percentages are right and some wrong but always interesting. Super fun Hub! Best/Sis

  • profile image


    5 years ago from those of the Ekklesia

    I wasn't trying to be funny in my comment below, I was being sarcastic. Just so that you CNN viewers can understand the difference.

  • profile image


    5 years ago from those of the Ekklesia

    88% believes that Obama butters his toast on the wrong side.

  • dianetrotter profile image

    G. Diane Nelson Trotter 

    5 years ago from Fontana

    Do you have any info on people who watch all media? This was interesting and funny!

  • mio cid profile image

    mio cid 

    5 years ago from Uruguay

    there are about 20 million people in this country who make up the Faux News audience,they are also the same who listen to limbaugh and hannity,they show up at the tea party rallies,and have taken the republican party and the whole country hostage to their extremist, racist, xenophobic,homophobic ideology which is for the most part based on ignorance and misinformation.

  • cathylynn99 profile image


    5 years ago from northeastern US



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