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Interpretation of Confusion: Corporate Dance

Updated on December 21, 2012

The amazing ballet of the Corporate World, a performance so majestic it may actually be considered for some sort of commendation if it not be performed over mud!

As a child I had aspirations to be a Fireman, something noble, nothing like having a job which consistently requires one to help others, save others and protect others. Although physically demanding, I imagine it to be a very fulfilling job. Instead I entered the blue collar world and to make a long story short I winded my way into the corporate world inside the business and from then on, I have witnessed what is almost like a code of ethics, except it’s like a secret code amongst lower, mid and high execs intertwined in fringe benefits, kickbacks and a whole lot of gimmes! This although not exclusive to any specific company, has different levels, types and depths. It is no secret that certain personnel within your company gets “stuff”…..whatever “stuff” translates to, that is what varies. Memberships, upgraded travel, free vacation trips, sports tickets, vehicles, the list is never ending. I personally do not see anything wrong with that, to each their own, good for you….what makes this observation peculiar is the fact that the people on the receiving end of these ”benefits” act as if it’s a secret. Not mentioning any of the perks in fear of, well, frankly….not sure what the fear is. Now…perception is what they are really worried about, the perception that they may be “taking advantage” of the company. If that feeling exists, chances are they are taking advantage of the company. The company doesn’t mind! Most people strive to reach this corporate level to be able to take advantage of these so called fringe benefits but until that level is reached, most despise and frown upon those who have it. Which strikes me as a bit strange…..the other word to describe this would be jealousy.

These perks clearly separate the working classes within a structure and promotes the hierarchy within. While top level executives will call the work force part of a family, part of something beautiful, and part of the success…..that is just part of the “brain wash”. You as a worker, blue collar or white collar, should understand that your work place is a place where someone has contracted your services….you don’t owe anyone anything else. Even after 20 years or more of service, I hear many people say, the company has been good to me….NO, the company has done what they are expected to do as long as you contribute with what you have been contracted to do. It’s a contract. I am obviously removing the human emotional factor from this argument…but make no mistake, “the company” will make drastic decisions which may include relieving you from duty no matter what. There are obviously some exceptions which mainly translate to be mom and pop businesses where the human emotion and feeling still thrive. As a corporation, medium size and big size businesses’ goes, you are a number, a head count, another cow in the herd which may be easily replaced by someone worst or better, the company doesn’t really care…..some people within the company may care but the “company” does NOT.

Family. My work family! Just a couple of days ago I was asked to sign a farewell card for a co-worker which has been around a significant amount of time and decided to change paths….I was astonished to see the comments were all the same with of course an exception here or there but they all said generally the same thing…….which indicated basically “It was nice knowing you”….I figured this was kind of sad because this person had been around for a long time and spent most of the last few years around these people on a daily, monthly and yearly basis and what she gets was nice knowing you..? This pretty much indicates that no real friends have been made. I understand this is human nature and co-workers are co-workers with some exceptions….just think it’s sad. So, having said that, when management tries selling you the we are a family bit, take it as it really is…a brain wash technique to make you think that deep down inside they really care…it’s just tactics, like political correctness. Been around long enough to see pensions removed and medical benefit rules change which as collateral would require 60 and above personnel to make decisions of retiring or not, seen people in “our work family” being terminated because of no tolerance policies, even when the infraction was minimal and quite frankly ridiculous, having management change policies to fit their beliefs whether they be health related or specific to opinion, essentially following a trend… It never ceases to amaze me that one person can be extremely smart, make that a collective person or people, and they become astonishingly stupid.

Well, I have definitely left myself open for many examples of exceptions in today’s opinion and I understand that. The point is, be smart, think, broaden your horizon and realize what is really going on around you. There will always be politics and lawyers lapidating the policies as the years go by….unfortunately they are usually restricting your freedoms in the work place.


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