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Interpretation of Confusion: Dumb

Updated on July 19, 2013

Being Dumb in my view is the lack of common sense; it is also the view of the Dictionary…. Common sense is something which I believe is not taught…it is what it means, common sense. So, it is safe to say that dumbness is also not taught. Am I talking about inheritance? Can one inherit common sense genetically? How about dumbness??
I much rather the word ignorance, but the dictionary has informed me that ignorance means; lack of information/education and the word dumb actually means; lack of judgment. All these years, I thought it was the opposite….although both words sort of go hand in hand in the majority of the population’s view and understanding, they are different. Also, I would imagine there are different levels to dumb, as there is to common sense, we all know people who are dumb, and we also all know people with good common sense. But here’s the problem with that… can you gauge this? You cannot, because it would all be based on someone’s perspective, which makes it very hard, if not impossible, to measure. Going back to the question…it’s extremely arguable that common sense it taught/learned, but at the same time it is also arguable that it is inherited. I also believe this has no bearing on the level of intellect, education or formation. There are people who can build space ships and analyze the cosmos with extreme knowledge but have no common sense when crossing a street. Seen it! I guess this would fall under the book smart vs. street smart category. Ideally you should strive to acquire both, but we all know this may be difficult since “most” people who are into gobbling books as a hobby are less likely to be straddling home at 4am on a Tuesday…and “most” people who can spot a pot dealer a mile away while negotiating with a street vendor is not checking the New York Times top Author list as soon as he gets home. So, here’s an argument – if you are able to be taught common sense…are you able to teach dumb as well? If you “have the gift” of common sense thru heritage, are you able to have dumb genes as well?? Here are some examples to ponder on….if you are a young child and you reach to stick your finger into a wall socket and mother says don’t do it because you’ll get hurt….you’ll either learn the easy way or the hard way, I would imagine this is learning common sense…..but what about that person I’m sure you know who commits the same mistake over and over and over again??? Would we be considering that….. learning dumb, or was that person just born dumb?? You see, common sense is effectively and commonly perceived as something which can be taught, so why not teach dumb?? We also confuse a dumb person with an uneducated/ignorant person, which can be tricky at times….but, if you commit the same mistake two or three times and then learn….is there a midterm between common sense and dumb? Again….smarts has nothing to do with common sense, but you learn smarts, one way or another, common sense may be acquired through time….it’s obvious we are not born with common sense, we acquire common sense as you get older, but I believe the hereditary part is linked to the ability a person has to react to common sense quickly versus slowly or at all, which may be confused with the learning aspect. In other words – Common sense is self-taught throughout time due to a hereditary ability to recognize/learn common sense! Therefore, there are others which are unable to learn common sense, just because, and somewhere in the middle are those who are able to obtain a modest amount of common sense at a slower pace of learning. These are just observation based on actual people I have met throughout this life. Most of them great people, just lack a little common sense here or there. I take it as it is, people are people, ignorant or smart, dumb or stupid, idiot or morons, they are and will continue to be everywhere……and don’t forget you are one of those to someone!


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