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Interpretation of Confusion: Politically Correct

Updated on November 21, 2012

This has become the biggest farce and actual degradation of human intellect to date….in my insignificant opinion. The notion of watching your words in fear of offending someone is counterproductive and today’s society has transformed it into a weapon! The easiest way to defeat an opponent in any arena is to degrade them for what they have said or most of the time “tried” to say. People say stupid things, this is nothing new, but to brand someone, as today’s society does with the influence of media is insulting. I see talking heads everywhere throwing their arms in the air and revolting because someone stated that Hippies are pot heads…. as if Hippies will roam the streets in tears because someone doesn’t like them for what they consume…I have not conducted any scientific study, but I am positive there are Hippies which do not consume pot….but it is common knowledge that the majority does. Yes, that is someone’s opinion! If you are a Hippie or not and cannot deal with someone disliking you for what you consume based on common knowledge and most likely facts….you are going to have a long hard, difficult and unfulfilling life my friend. I am not referring here to deliberate attacks on people for their beliefs, race, and political inclination etc etc… I am referring to facts, common knowledge and most importantly, common sense.

Appeasement is what drives it. Trying to make everyone happy! This is an impossible achievement but by attempting to, we make ourselves look stupid….and as Forrest already stated “Stupid is as Stupid does!” I could elaborate with examples from here to Christmas..oops..Holidays, but I’m sure we have all heard the ridiculousness our own government…which is made of people, mind you, make the dumbest decisions based on being Politically Correct. I understand there are legal arguments, and miles of paperwork to justify some of these decisions which are solely made to appease other people. Being Politically Correct has become main stream and part of everyone’s daily life….you see it at work, at the stores, at schools, business offices, churches, gyms…everywhere! You cannot escape it.

Is Political Correctness something generated from kids who got medals, ribbons and trophies even though they came in last place in sports?? Is that where it came from? Or was it generated from the parents of these children….the glorification of mediocrity! Not sure what we are trying to teach a child by giving out a medal or trophy just for showing up, other than instant gratification for….well, for trying, or showing up. This isn’t a very good signal to give to our future generation when we all know what the “real world” is about. Although I have seen the glorification of mediocrity increasing at the work place!

Maybe there is a correlation between these two subjects, maybe there isn’t….this person just believes that Political Correctness does not promote intelligent/dynamic dialogue when someone has to avoid certain subjects with the fear of being branded. I believe in saying what you want but with common sense, you should be able to expect the other person to be intelligent enough to let you know when you crossed a line and carry on………

*The reference to Hippies on this article is solely used as an example and in no way, shape or form are meant to offend, brand or label this unique way of life as drug consumers. ;)


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