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Interview with Bozo

Updated on December 11, 2011

Interview with Bozo

This hub is a collection of some of my better rebuttals as I defend my work time and time again against the forces of evil that regularly haunts these hub pages. I have published them in the form of an interview with a fictitious Democrat called Bozo; a name that accurately depicts the members of that legion of fools that blindly stumble through life defending Barrack Hussein Obama as he goes about willfully destroying this country!

Bozo….Obama supporters outnumber Republican supporters about 2:1; the better educated the population sample, the higher the ratio; university graduates about 10:1. Boo!

Patriot.. You are full of yourself now aren't you? As for better educated; guess that means you guys are the 1% the occupy mob is protesting against but what puzzles me is why don’t you share some of your wealth. Oh that’s right only Republicans are rich but again if we’re so stupid how can we be so rich?

Bozo… Not just rich; greedy rich. The fewer the principles and morals, the easier it is to become rich use other people's heads as stepping stones.

Patriot… Any of their talking points you still haven't used yet; how about the fair share argument and this is a classic, the party of Chappaquiddick Ted and Slick Willy lecturing anyone about morals!

Bozo… You're right, the party of Nasty Newt and I'm-sending-your-jobs-overseas Romney is much better; Get real.

Patriot--- Let’s see you call us immoral and I respond with specific examples refuting your name calling; now you counter with more name calling so here I go factually rebutting your Name Calling again:

Let’s see; wasn’t it Hillary that told General Petraeus that his progress report on Iraq required "a willing suspension of disbelief." No you’re right calling the Commander of our Forces in Iraq a liar to his face isn’t being nasty!

And how about Democratic House of Representatives member Alan Grayson, a freshman from Florida, brought posters with him onto the House floor during after-hours debate, where members of Congress can address any topic they want. He built up to this point: "If you get sick, America, the Republican health care plan is this: die quickly. That's right — the Republicans want you to die quickly if you get sick." "Remember, the Republican plan: Don't get sick. And if you do get sick, die quickly." You’re right again this isn’t being nasty just factual right!

Two more specific examples of refuting your name calling but then again, NAME CALLING is all you guys have; you sure can’t run on Barrack Hussein Obama’s record!

Bozo… I am not aligned with a political party as you obviously are (since you are so sensitive -- your GOP is definitely showing). And you are the one who started throwing specific examples -- I made a generalization which is (generally) true -- Greedy Rich people are immoral & it is easy to become rich if you have no morals. Do you have morals?

Patriot… You say you are not aligned with a political party yet you spout the Democratic Talking Points; i.e. Rich equates to Greedy which equates to immoral. Then you have the audacity to proclaim it is true like you are some modern day Socrates proclaiming one of the world’s great established truisms!

Well my friend I am not rich but I earned what I have the old fashion way; I worked for it. As for greedy I never pass a Salvation Army Kettle this time of year without putting a dollar in it and I give each and every week to my church.

As for immoral; who the hell are you to challenge anyone you don’t know morals? But then again you are just repeating Democratic Party Talking Points which you claim not to be a member of!

Bozo…Aimless cutting and giving the corporate pig free access to the treasury and relief from regulation, I don't hear anything from the right but hot air. Furthermore, Gingrich and Romney have got quite a hill to climb before Nov 2012, so don't get giddy yet. I am a progressive, and I certainly do not need to be led down the yellow brick road by right-wingers

Patriot… Unfortunately there are many more dopes than you guys; how else can you explain the election of Barrack Hussein Obama Ummm-Ummh-Ummh! I guess to those of you that are mentally challenged and wandering around in the dark our factual data that we constantly put forth to back up our positions might seem like hot air; it must be terribly frustrating to have to resort to Name Calling because there are no facts to substantiate your position!

As for as you being a so called progressive; how many more time are you guys going to change your label in an attempt to fool people? First you were Socialists, then Liberals now Progressives! My friend a Socialists by any other name is still a Socialist. I am proud to be a conservative; why do you run away from what you are, a Socialists!

Bozo… Name calling, seems like that is your forte here. But ain't like the Right to get rough when they run out of ideas, which is frequently, isn't it? Check out your dictionary and find what a socialist is, right-winger, and get educated. Take a good look in the mirror and perhaps you can see just one example of who the true dopes are, step up to the challenge!

Patriot… Tis better to run out of ideas than to never have any. But rest assured we on the right have plenty of tried and true methods (ideas) that like that pink bunny our ideas keep working and working and they keep people working and working on real jobs not Government Jobs where the private sector has to pay for them to loaf.

I know what a Socialists is and everywhere it’s been tried (Socialism that is) it has enslaved the people and resulted in the collapse of the economy because Atlas finally shrugs. You see Bozo we producers can take only so much from you Socialistic Sponges until we take our marbles and go home. If you need more look up Trotsky and Lenin and their Bolshevik Revolution; it eventually led to the USSR which gave us that Benevolent Leader Joseph Stalin and thanks to Ronald Regan finally collapsed under its own weight. But like all true believers of the Revolution this time Socialism will work if only America gives it a chance; right?

As for the true dopes; those that stand by and watch Barrack Hussein Obama dismantle the greatest country God ever gave man are the real dopes. I never met a challenge I didn’t like but in most cases, unlike this one, they come from worthy opponents.

Bozo… Come on, partisan, you really believe all that **** you’ve been shoveling? All of you rightwing types really buy into all of this. The wrecking crew, the previous administration has already done what now must be repaired. Obama is a just left of center politician, not a socialist. We are not going to agree, but remember, this socialist won his first term by a margin not seen by a Democrat since LBJ. So you need to have a little more respect when you consider the clowns your party is putting forward, we are going to get even more "socialism" in Nov, 2012. I guess you can refer to the vast electorate as dopes, but they are still the victors and you guys will be left to chew on your cud, till another day. Oh by the way, you can take what marbles you have and leave at any time, we won't miss you plutocrats, I promise. Surely the thoughts of you people rise to a higher level than that of a mechanical battery powered pink bunny? Maybe not? Good Heavens, what a right-winger to do?

Patriot… I not only believe every tidbit of what I’ve been writing I believe with every fiber of my being if we are forced to endure 4 more years of this Regime the United States of America as we know it will cease to exist.

As for the previous administration; when are you guys gonna grow up. Never in the history of this country has a so called president; in this case the leader of a Regime, continued to blame his short comings on his predecessor. If you call going from under 6% unemployment to over 16% (the actual number when you factor in the under employed) repairing anything then that explains your other views.

Obama is indeed a Socialists but those of you that are blinded by the light refuse to see it just as the German people refused to acknowledge what Hitler was doing to the Jews; that’s the way these dictators work. Hitler blamed the German economic problems on the rich Jews; Obama is evoking class warfare every bit as much; “Pay their Fair Share-Tax Breaks for the Rich- The rich 1%-We’re all better off when we spread the wealth around a little”! These sound familiar. See Bozo I unlike you cite examples to make my points instead of blindly spouting Democratic Talking Points or resort to Name Calling!

This Socialist WON BY PLAYING THE RACE CARD; YOUR ICON Bill Clinton said as much while campaigning for Hillary during the Democratic Primary in South Carolina; that and America’s need to assuage their guilt once and for all regarding Slavery.

I know our thoughts don’t ascend to the same high level as you elitist but then again we the people that actually work and pay taxes have to spend the majority of our time doing just that working and paying taxes so you elitist can sit on your derrières and engage in esoteric thought! The joke will indeed be on you if your King is given a second 4 years on the throne; you see his plan is not to protect but to destroy the middle class; such is the goal of all Socialists Regimes! The middle class is never expanded just eradicated as the majority of the population will be forced downward into poverty. Such was the case during the Feudal era and that is the end game for the modern day Socialists; there will be the Politicians- the Entertainers-the Professors and the Oafs and Serves; you my friend will become Bozo the Oaf! Enjoy munching on your Oaf Loaf!


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    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Partisan Patriot 

      7 years ago


      I really don't expect to but as they say; Hope Springs Eternal!

    • breakfastpop profile image


      7 years ago

      Let me know when you change that mind. I have yet to have an honest calm discussion with a die hard liberal. I find that they get angry right away and just start calling names. We have countless examples of just that sort of thing and that is disgusting. Up and awesome, Patriot.

    • profile image

      Old Poolman 

      7 years ago

      PP - The odds are against it, but miracles do happen.

    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Partisan Patriot 

      7 years ago

      Thanks Old Pool Guy

      If I could change one mind; i.e. cause a Lib to really look at what's going on and cast their vote against the anointed one then all the heat in the world would be worth it!

    • profile image

      Old Poolman 

      7 years ago

      PP - I liked it. You will no doubt take some heat on this one, but your are used to that. You bring up many interesting points that will force some into resorting to name calling. But I'm sure you can take a little heat and perhaps even change some minds on certain issues in the process.


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