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Into the Weird Part 6

Updated on May 5, 2011


Few people get to journey into the weird but if you've stumbled onto this hub you are one of lucky ones. Join me on yet another trek deep into the dark heart of pseudoscience, conspiracy theory and other bizarre beliefs. For those unfamiliar this series is meant to be an educational look at all of the far-out-there stuff that people will believe. Particularly I prefer to focus on ideas that are generally outside the purview of mainstream pseudoscience. Today I have two more topics that may have escaped the attention of those uninitiated in the world of the weird but first links to the previous installments:

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This may be the most "mainstream" pseudoscientific subject I've touched upon thus far or at least to someone like me who frequents the sorts of internet circles that I do it's one that leaps out as a big one. HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), for those who don't know, is a research facility up in Gakona, Alaska. Designed and built in the 90s HAARP beams High Frequency waves at the ionosphere causing it to heat up, or so official sources tell me.

Unofficially HAARP has become a sort of end all be all for certain fringes of the conspiracy theory community. Initially pegged as a sort of death ray or microwave ray designed to shoot down aliens or enemy missiles HAARP has now expanded to being able to cause earthquakes to being able to completely control the weather. HAARP was even blamed for those mysterious animal die-offs that had everyone scratching their heads a while back. In fact if conspiracy theorists are to be believed there are barely any things that HAARP cannot do.

According to many HAARP caused the Haiti quake and yes the recent Japan quake as well. This is a common theme for believers in HAARPS magical powers, any time a disaster hits HAARP is blamed. Much like Christians blaming Katrina on an angry God enraged by sin HAARP advocates like to blame HAARP for anything tragic EVEN if it has perfectly natural explanations. As it turns out finding evidence that HAARP caused these disasters proves even harder than trying to find the hand of God pushing Katrina toward New Orleans because unlike God we can actually see HAARP.

In fact anyone can see HAARP. The facility is unclassified and hosts open houses which are open to the public where curious civilians can see what goes on there (HAARP even openly admits it‘s coordinates on wikipedia and its own website). I’ve repeatedly brought up the fact that HAARP is not classified with conspiracy theorists, despite this they still seem to think something sinister is going on there. But why?

First off the array itself looks like something Doctor Evil would build. The idea that this is just a mundane operation looking to improve radio or satellite communications seems absurd considering its menacing appearance. Secondly it’s remote, which is mandatory of all evil lairs. And thirdly, and this is big for conspiracy theorists, HAARP was built by the government.

See, looks pretty sinister does it not?
See, looks pretty sinister does it not?
Clearly a villains evil lair, with sharks with frickin laser beams attached to their frickin heads
Clearly a villains evil lair, with sharks with frickin laser beams attached to their frickin heads

HAARP (cont)

So does HAARP actually do any of what they say it can? Can it shoot down aliens? Kill off whole flocks of birds? Cause quakes that kill thousands? Depends on who you believe. If you side with the conspiracy theorists than those are all viable options but if you’re like me and would like a little evidence you can go to more official sources. According to the HAARP website, and the total lack of evidence for any of the conspiracy theorist claims, HAARP cannot do any of those things. In fact HAARPs effect is limited to beaming HF energy at the ionosphere, a process that sometimes creates artificial auroras. The ionosphere is in no danger as it is replenished by the sun.

All of this information and more is publicly available on HAARPs website which, amazingly enough, is a .edu and not a .gov site. Of course if you’re a paranoid conspiracy theorist you can ignore what they say in their FAQ and what the peer reviewed scientific documents that come out of HAARP say as well. You can ignore facts in favor of fantasy and go believing that HAARP, designed by Nikola Tesla sometime after the Philadelphia experiment (according to the WEB of interconnected nonsense forged by CTs), and later built by the government to defeat aliens, control the weather or kill lot’s of innocent people in earthquakes for no reason.

The Terra Papers

A few years ago I stumbled upon an interesting work of science fiction being peddled around conspiracy theory circles as if it were entirely true. It was called the Terra Papers and was written by a Native American by the name of Robert Morning Sky. Full text of the papers can be found at the following address:

I’ve referred in previous posts to a phenomenon amongst the conspiracy minded to buy into almost anything that is alternative to modern Western ideas. This ranges from acupuncture and Crystal Skulls to the Mayan Calendar and Native American shamanism. I suspect that many who accept this story have fallen under the fallacy that all Native Americans are wise honest people and that they have no reason to distrust him.

The Terra Papers tell the supposed true story of Earth as conveyed to Morning Sky’s grandfather by an alien named Bek’Ti. So the first and most obvious point at which my skepticism leaps out is right there. This is a second hand account by his grandfather. So we must first set aside the idea that his grandfather did not tell him this story as a tall tale or that Robert did not just make it up and accredit it to his grandfather. We’ll set all that aside and get a few more pages into this wonderfully weird literary work.

We get a very poetically embellished description of the beginning of the Universe which involves swirling “essence” condensing into stars and galaxies and such. We also get a laughably simplistic description of the origin of life, that lightning struck and voila the first lifeform was formed. This is most often used as a strawman of abiogenesis by Creationists. Already this supposed hidden history of planet Earth is on shaky ground.

The story goes on to talk about man and other races of beings in the Universe, there are pages upon pages describing the battles of Empires. Morning Sky borrows elements from mythology and history as well as plays around with linguistics in some of the most absurd and laughable ways. One race, for instance, called the SSS-T, are apparently the reason why Hitler had the SS. According to him the word Aryan comes from a corruption of the alien name for Orion, Arian. This is all reliant on our modern English alphabet to function.

Morning Sky then goes on to claim that the Death Star actually existed. He’s ability to borrow from sources knows no bounds but one thing is clear there is no evidence for any of this and thus no good reason to believe it. It’s a fanciful and interesting story, although personally the names of things are so unpronounceable and strange that it makes getting through it difficult and some of the claims are so far-fetched that I have to laugh out loud.

Did Lucas Know Earth's Hidden History?

The idea that big names in Hollywood are in on the conspiracy and have insider info is a common one. A little while back a rumor went around that Lucas was a 2012 believer leading some Conspiracy Theorists to think that he had inside info.
The idea that big names in Hollywood are in on the conspiracy and have insider info is a common one. A little while back a rumor went around that Lucas was a 2012 believer leading some Conspiracy Theorists to think that he had inside info.


It is time to draw this journey to a close and return to the land of the normal and mundane once more. I hope you enjoyed this foray into the truly bizarre things that people buy into and will believe. It is truly amazing how imaginative we are as a species to craft such stories and theories but it saddening to me to see people fall for many of these subjects and forgo skepticism because of their desire for fanciful thought. We must now allow our desire to believe to overcome our desire for truth and without applying proper skepticism determining truth becomes a difficult task indeed.


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    • Titen-Sxull profile image

      Titen-Sxull 7 years ago from back in the lab again

      I've often wondered if the military has ever come to George Lucas asking him to design them an actual lightsaber or a Death Star.

    • Austinstar profile image

      Lela 7 years ago from Somewhere in the universe

      At lease George Lucas has a strong enough mind to deal with the aliens!


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