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Into the Weird Part 7

Updated on June 17, 2011


There are some fringe ideas of pseudoscience that are well known, that gain media coverage or are known about in circles beyond those frequented by conspiracy theorists. There are also more underground ideas that are truly "out there". This series is designed to take believer, skeptic and indifferent folks alike on an educational safari into the land of the truly bizarre beliefs that inhabit our world. It is time for us to once again journey into the weird.

I would also like to apologize, as, thanks to Hubpages draconian advertisement policy they are forcing me to consider this hub commercial and put ads on it. Normally I disable ads because I believe they distract from the material here on hubpages and turn us all into corporate shills BUT hubpages will not allow me to post the links I need for this hub to work.

Time Slips, New Zealand and Memory

Like something out the Twilight Zone a time slip is exactly what it sounds like, it is a moment when the normal flow of time is disrupted. Many people claim to experience these phenomenon and the results of these phenomenon vary. For instance the Missing Time phenomenon reported by alien abductees could be described as a form of Time Slip. During these slips sometimes things can change drastically, for instance you might be transported to another dimension or to another time entirely. In this case we're going to talk about New Zealand changing position.

It may sound a bit strange but some people remember New Zealand being on the other side of Australia from where it currently rests. Others remember it being on that same side BUT being closer or farther away from the Australian continent. There are numerous memories of where New Zealand hypothetically SHOULD BE that differ from where modern maps currently show it. According to believers in this bizarre change the explanation has to be a time slip. They have somehow slipped into another dimension where New Zealand is elsewhere. Still others chalk it up to the time-line actually being changes somehow by some extra-temporal force.

In a previous Into the Weird edition I discussed the legendary Thunderbird photo, which, despite dozens coming forward claiming to have seen it, continues to be remembered differently. Everyone, it seems, has a different idea of where New Zealand used to be, or is supposed to be now.

Those of us who know where New Zealand was and think the whole idea silly are opening ourselves up to be scoffed as skeptics OR to be told that the time slip worked overtime on us going so far as to implant false memories or New Zealand being where it currently is all along. In fact this is the explanation most often given when everyone doesn't support their false memory and absurd idea of a time slip.

The whole phenomenon speaks only to the strange inner workings of the human mind and how we perceive time as well as how fallible our memories are and how we can be sure we saw something we didn't. I had experiences like this as a child where I would have very clear memories of possessing two of a given toy or item only to wake the next day and find only one in my toybox. I could have sworn I had two of those and so I would tear through the house on a mission to find the second one under the illusion that I couldn't have misremembered or imagined it. Human beings are very imaginative and our memories are malleable and fallible, we also tend to have egos and believe that our memories are correct even to the point of arguing over others what really happened.

This same sort of thing went on after 911 with some reporting bombs in the towers, seeing missiles instead of planes or seeing unmarked jets instead of airliners. Talk to anyone of these eye-witnesses (or, as has been my experience, people reporting the eye-witness reports second-hand) and tell ANY of them they are mistaken and they are likely to get angry. This is why objective observation is what is used in science, not simple eye-witness testimony, it's also why science is often repeated just in case errors in perception were made.

One thing seems obvious, it is infinitely more likely that the people's memories are at fault rather than the time-line being altered by some unknown force so that none but a handful of people can recall something different.

UFOs are Demonic

It should come as no surprise that some fundamentalist Christians are also conspiracy theorists. That sort of religious belief lends itself to the paranoia and gullible way of thinking that most conspiracy theorists employ. Most followers of conspiracies are skeptical but apply that skepticism more rigorously to mainstream claims while being far more open to alternative explanations. Rather than standing on the shoulders of giants they prefer to start from scratch and thus are more susceptible to bias and emotional manipulation. For Creationists especially the conspiracy is obviously one of science. Science, according to some crazy Creationists, is deliberately denying the reality of God by clinging to what they call a theory in crisis... but that's a topic for another time.

Amongst the conspiracy claims grabbed a-hold of by Christians are tales of alien contact and alien abduction. According to some of these Christians UFOs and their occupants are actually demonic in nature. Yes, that's right, we're not dealing with extraterrestrials, we're dealing with Satan's assistants. Some wild claims actually go so far as to say that the government is in league with these demons by way of Satanic secret societies like the Free Masons and Illuminati (never mind that neither of those organizations are affiliated with actual Satanism). The web continues even going so far as to connect or equate the supposed Reptilian shape-shifters with these demons and all of that is connected with the "Greys". These entities are supposedly demonic, not ETs, although some conspiracy believers blur the line between the two.

As I've mentioned in previous Into the Weird installments the strands of the web are what's important, even though each core idea is complete nonsense when you look into it the web of pseudoscience creates the illusion of depth and detail. Take the following site for instance:

Take a look at the amazingly academic seeming nature of the material presented, at least from a format perspective. Quotes, links to source material supposedly proving their point, and tenuously strands of the web being forged to everything and anything religious and pseudoscientific they can think of. The site also goes into how Christianity is demonized, how it will be persecuted. The idea that the Christian religion is persecuted is absolute nonsense. Heads up Christ followers there are 2 BILLION of you, you're the largest religion in the world if you include every Christian denomination. One third of the world are Christians, and yet the site promotes the idea that Christianity is being assaulted by some dark spiritual forces.

It isn't just modern UFOs being re-interpreted as demonic either, many Christians who espouse these sorts of beliefs even go so far as to point to ancient stories in the Bible as evidence. This is where the connection to Creationism becomes its strongest, when Christian conspiracy theorists bring up the Nephilim. Funnily enough the Nephilim get very brief mention in the cannonical Bible, their story is only gone into in depth in the Book of Enoch. In the Book of Enoch a group of angels called the Watchers begin to find human women attractive so they all swear an oath to take human brides, the result is the Nephilim. The Nephilim are alien human hybrids, or is it demon human hybrids, or is there a difference? They then take this ancient story of fallen angels interbreeding with human women and attach it via their web to modern reports of aliens attempting to breed a race of hybrids spread primarily by alien abduction believers.

The connection between alien abduction and demonic interaction is understandable to some extent. After all being taken against your will in the middle of the night to have insidious things done to you sure sounds sinister. The fact that most alien encounters seem almost dream-like, with people often being lifted right through the ceiling, closed window or wall, probably adds to the ability to interpret these as supernatural events. And of course the aliens look pretty scary, at least the way they've been drawn ever since Whitely Strieber's book COMMUNION. I have to admit that when I read that book, even as a skeptic, it was genuinely compelling and chilling but then so too are many episodes of the Twilight Zone.

In the end the alien demon connection is just another strand in the ongoing web of weird that conspiracy theorists, pseudoscientists and believers have attempted to create. The sheer depth of rabbit hole is meant to be dauntingly impressive especially to those who come into this information without a good education and sans a healthy amount of skepticism. After all with this much time, effort, and information invested in it how could it all be rubbish? Quite easily actually, but when all you see is the web you forget about each rotten core and only see the tangled strands holding it up.


Another journey at an end. Take a deep breath and relax. I hope you will take the time, whenever you can find it, to look into these subjects farther. As I said the web of weird is massive and the internet is a trove of bizarre beliefs and truly out-there ideas. It can be easy to dismiss these ideas as the ravings of madmen or simply the fictional flights of fancy of people with far too much time on their hands but I think its important to study and understand pseudoscience and how it differs from actual science. It is important to look at what people are willing to believe and why. I hope you enjoyed reading and will join me next time for another leap into the weird.


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    • profile image

      Johnsequitur1221 6 years ago

      Any chance they've long since transcended duality (us vs. them thinking) and we're just projecting our inner demons onto them? Aren't we talking more or less the same group whose tradition holds that a woman named Mary was visited/impregnated by "angels"?

    • emichael profile image

      emichael 6 years ago from New Orleans

      Ah man. To each his own I suppose. It's more the parallel universe storyline that grabbed me than the monster of the week episodes. Though it takes a while to get there.

      Xfiles on netflix? Nice. I missed that, somehow.

    • Titen-Sxull profile image

      Titen-Sxull 6 years ago from back in the lab again

      Not a huge Fringe fan, watched the first three or four episodes and tried to get into it but it just made me want to go back and watch X-Files again... which thanks to Netflix is now possible :)

    • emichael profile image

      emichael 6 years ago from New Orleans

      Do you watch the show Fringe? It's one of my favorites and seems like something that would interest you.

    • Austinstar profile image

      Lela 6 years ago from Somewhere in the universe

      Why did New Zealand move to the other side of Australia? That is weird!

      If only we knew. There are so many mysteries in life. One day the solution will present itself. Until then it's fun to speculate.

      The danger comes from unstable, unprovable beliefs. People act on those beliefs and the facts just confuse them.