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The Accusers, the Lawyers and the Dems.

Updated on September 30, 2018

Mantis Manny Prays for the Nation


Mantis Manny is in the Kitchen

Good Morning, Breakfastpoppers. Today is Sunday, September 30, 2018. Our pious friend, Mantis Manny, is at the stove preparing Hangtown Omelettes for our enjoyment. He chose the dish to mark the atmosphere in our nation at the moment. The Dems are desperately trying to stop the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. Of course, should Judge Kavanaugh fail to get confirmed, the rest of the short list is in the short hairs. Please join us this morning for breakfast and some honest talk. We look forward to your arrival.


We Need More Than Prayers

Thanks so much for coming to the breakfast table this morning. The confirmation process for Judge Kavanaugh has turned into a circus. Judge Kavanaugh, his family and the nation have suffered at the hands of ruthless Senators, biased and cruel media and accusers with strange inconsistent stories. The one thing they have in common is the complete lack of corroboration, Thanks to the cowardice of Sen Flake, the agony will continue for another week. Knowing the tactics of the Dems as we all do by now, they will try to delay and obstruct the process until it fades into oblivion. It would be best for the nation if the Dems faded into obscurity. They have disgraced themselves and betrayed the American people all in the name of power. Once this "investigation" is completed, the confirmation process must move on. The Republicans had better man up and start doing their job. As of now their weakness is crippling this nation and allowing the Dems to stir the pot of hatred and deceit. Judge Kavanaugh has been investigated so many times by the FBI that the call for yet another investigation is incomprehensible. The time would be better spent investigating the accusations, the accusers, the lawyers and some on the Senate committee.


Point a Finger at the Accuser

Christine Blasey Ford gave an emotional and child-like account of her story about Judge Kavanaugh. I don't remember hearing about her ties to a Big Pharma abortion pill maker. I don't remember hearing about her ties to the CIA. I don't remember hearing her questioned about the assertion that she is afraid to fly, thus calling for a delay to the proceedings. I don't remember hearing anyone at the hearings bring to light her flights all around the world. A woman of integrity should have objected to telling this story. If we assume her attorneys told her to say she feared flying, her conscience should have screamed no. I don't remember hearing about her attorney's ties to George Soros. There is so much information about Ford that has never been discussed adequately. Judge Kavanaugh's life has been turned upside down, but his accuser is getting rich as I write this because of a Go Fund Me account . By now it must have reached $500,000. Why she needs this account is beyond me. Her lawyers say they are representing her pro bono. Having said that, I don't remember hearing about what was in the envelopes Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee handed to Ford's attorneys during the hearing. Kavanaugh has answered his interrogators. Ford has been treated with kid gloves and has not adequately explained everything. Something may have happened to this woman, but her story loses some if its steam when I read that it was she who leaked her story to the Washington Post despite claiming that Sen, Feinstein had her letter first. There are many questions that have not been asked of Ford. Her memory is more than sketchy, but she vividly remembers having only one beer that fateful night. She vividly remembers who her attackers were. She escaped, but she has no idea how she got home. She doesn't even remember how she got to the party. Her memory fails her on many details, but not when it comes to accusing Judge Kavanaugh. Shouldn't she be asked about that?


Honesty Matters

Much of what has transpired this week smacks of political grand-standing by the Dems. A Democratic operative and former Clinton White House official, Ricki Sideman, is now an advisor to Ford. He spoke about a plot to destroy Kavanaugh in a conference call in July. He spoke of the destruction of Kavanaugh's nomination.n infant would know that this entire ugly episode was pre-meditated and dirty. There are questions abounding but they are not about Judge Kavanuagh.

Should the FBI investigate Julie Swetnick, another Kavanaugh accuser? The short answer is yes and so is the long one. She claims she was gang-raped at a party where Kavanaugh was present. I think her claims lose some steam when we see that her former employer alleged that she engaged in sexually offensive behavior towards two male co-workers. The company also alleges that she lied when she said she graduated from Johns Hopkins University. A former boyfriend of Swetnick filed a restraining order against her because she physically threatened him, his wife and his child. Given all of this. it should come as no surprise that her attorney is Michael Avanatti.


Total Hypocrisy in Congress

The spectacle of watching the likes of Cory Booker questioning and harassing Judge Kavanaugh was painful. Sen. Booker admitted to sexually assaulting an intoxicated friend when he was 15. He was a groper by his own admission. He goes on to become a senator much to the chagrin of voters like myself and no one is trying to destroy his life. Has he lost the right to question Judge Kavanaugh? I think so.

And then there is Sen. Feinstein, a key player in this catastrophe. Meet Sharon Bovat. She went on YouTUBE this week and told a hideous story about sexual abuse. She speaks about Sen. Feinstein enabling the cover-up of the event. In 1960 Ms. Bovat was an escort at a Feinstein party of a Japanese investor. The party took place in San Francisco at the Fairmount Hotel. At the time, Feinstein was running for governor and it was also her 47th birthday. Ms. Bovat says that she returned to her room after dinner and was molested and sexually abused by the Japanese donor. Bovat was kicked out of the hotel the next day. Her mother was a Democrat and friend of Feinstein. Bovat states that she never intended to go public with this story. She says she was protecting Feinstein from the unions, because Feinstein did not want the unions to know that she was taking money from foreign donors. All of that changed when she witnessed Feinstein trying to destroy Judge Kavanaugh. Perhaps this event deserves a closer look.

Judge Kavanuagh has been thoroughly investigated by the FBI. Another investigation is pointless. If they need something to do I suggest they check out the accusers, the lawyers and the Dems.

Manny's Song

The moment I wake up

Before I stretch my wings

I say a little prayer

For our nation....


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