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Inviting Punishment Increases Tolerance to Electronic Harassment

Updated on November 24, 2010

Inviting Punishment Increases Tolerance to E-Harassment

Willpower is built by doing the things "they" hate you to do and enduring that pain while doing your very best to accomplish this activity. They dislike violent video games, so that's where I go to get my "willpower credits". You feel your ears ringing, all sorts of negative thoughts to discourage what you are doing: all the crap you get when you aren't really doing anything - except this is them throwing everything at you. The tolerance you attain under the periods of higher-energy exposure makes life feel like life did years ago, not as it is now.

     So, here's a way to build your MENTAL RESISTANCE to this invisible mind-control.  You will notice that as your ability to take the pain of E-harassment INCREASES, so does your power to successfully accomplish anything.  I finally reached this state again just now.  When the pain became a SOURCE OF POWER, I beat everybody else.  It is definitely good to DISOBEY these invisible messages and function well at something as you UTILIZE THE PAIN AS A POWER-SOURCE.  They cannot physically harm you and they ARE GOING TO MAKE LIFE CRAPPIER ANYWAY - SO WHY NOT MASTER THE WORST THEY CAN THROW AT YOU! 

     This will do several things:  1.  After experiencing super-concentrated E-harassment and "mastered the pain game", ordinary levels of harassment feel like normal life did before electronic harassment.  2.  You will become more POWERFUL 3. Your thoughts/actions will more closely follow what your INDIVIDUAL PERSONALITY will be GETTING CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE BACK.  Last but not least, you and everyone else who chooses this path will have more of a personal legacy which survives death and goes on changing the world.  Don't you want to have a world where our passions and emotions are not dictated to us or repressed?  I sure do!  Know that every act we commit AGAINST THIS SYSTEM is another step in the right direction for our society. 

     The level of rebellion must start with us as individuals before it can become a movement.  Things aren't right for anyone, so the sooner we decide to put our minds to it, the sooner we can begin to make right what has gone so horribly wrong.  It pays off for you RIGHT AWAY in terms of restoring natural emotional balance, feeling better after concentrated exposure and RESTORING PERSONAL POWER.  I'm willing to say that if you teach yourself to LOVE PAIN, you are on your way to mastering this world.  Seeking it out seems to form a pathway of light that leads to greater mastery of life in general. 

     I still use medication that "severs the link" between me and whatever this is, so I am IN CONTROL OF WHEN I'M EXPOSED TO PAIN.  This way, you restore your sense of power and control.  Most people give in because they feel they have no choice.  Well, with the right tactics and countermeasures WE CAN TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY from this "invisible techno-fascism".  It's a psychic jungle out here, get stronger or be washed away in the stream of thoughts constantly assaulting your mind! 


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