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Iran Bans Public Squirt Gun Fights

Updated on September 3, 2011

Yes, I know. It is simply hilarious to think that a government would take the time to crack down and ban teens having a blast in the park with water guns. But, hey, we are talking IRAN here, the place where insanity and paranoia prevail. I swear, I did not make this up.

The dastardly deed happened last month, when via Facebook, someone posted a call to gather at a park in Tehran for fun - and bring your water guns! Like wild fire among teens who have little to do, some 800 showed up-both boys and girls, which for Iran, is another "taboo" and rare (buts teens there ignore it). The kids were having a blast, as one Iranian teen said, then, police arrived to break it up and found themselves battling them. Try arresting someone when they are squirting you and multiply that by 20. The police were severely outnumbered and breaking up the illegal gathering was not easy. It took the cops four hours to disband the water gun fighters who ambushed them many times and then ran. Some of the teens used the water bombs technique with balloons. Of course, it finally dawned on the police to off their ammo supply-water! They managed to capture a few of them and took their weapons and interrogated them as to where they bought them. They then went to the store to make sure they were not imported from America. Luckily, the weapons were made in China or Iran.

The Iranian government remains quite scared of large gatherings because of the Arab Spring uprisings and with 30 million of its population under 30 yrs., they fear they need to keep control of everything. One authority called the gathering a "disgrace" to our revolution. He was obviously from a different generation and not shared by Iran's youth.

Iran is trying to track down the organizers of "water wars" FB page, which now has 24,000 members across Iran. They managed to find one, a 22 yr old college student. He was arrested and spent three days in jail and during that time was beaten many times for subversive activities against the State of Iran (sounds like the old USSR). One teen girl was caught and interrogated all day until she confessed and promised never to have a water fight again.

Many toy stores now have stopped selling the weapons that sell for $25. Demand remains high with the water warriors who now vow to be defiant and have more water wars in parks!


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    • profile image

      sedwin 5 years ago

      Yes, ridiculous. Then again Republicans in Tampa Florida banned squirt guns and string longer than 6" while allowing concealed guns during the GOP convention in 2012. What were you saying? We are talking about IRAN here...I mean FLORIDA and the REPUBLICAN PARTY here! LOL!