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China, Iran and the Coming War

Updated on September 19, 2019
Ken Burgess profile image

Grew up on Cape Cod, Mass. Army Vet., Fmr. Director of Energy Conservation programs, RE Agent. Current residence: the Space Coast, FL.

Oh I know you've watched your favorite news show, and you have seen the drone attacks on Saudi oil plants, and you've heard about Trump's trade war with China and how its hurting our farmers.

But these are symptoms of something much bigger, a war that was begun during the Obama-Clinton era that few Americans knew about.

Events such as the civil war in Syria, the bombing and overthrow of Libya, the coup of the democratic order in Ukraine, sanctions against Iran, and the direct pressure applied to Beijing in the South China Sea, have accelerated integration among nations that prior to the 21st century had very little in common.

China relies on Iranian oil and has clearly signaled that it will defy US sanctions on Iran. China has also recently signaled that it is hunkering down for what may prove to be a protracted trade war.

Iran, Russia and China have fully understood that union and cooperation are the only means to fight a common problem, Tehran, Beijing and Moscow embrace a unified strategy in the common interest of defending their sovereignty.

Have no doubts, we are very much in a struggle right now for world dominance, its a very real battle, and it is only a matter of time before it conflates into a full blown war.

Russia's central bank does not to accumulate dollar reserves, favoring instead foreign currency like the Indian rupee and the Chinese yuan. Chinese and Russian independent rating agencies strategize to undermine America’s role in global economics.

Across the globe, From Africa to South America de-dollarization is occurring and proceeding rapidly, especially in areas where they have mutual business interests with China. More and more nations are dealing in commodities by negotiating in currencies other than the dollar.

Below is an excellent video documenting the changes in China, and how it is now on war footing, as seen from a westerner who has lived there for many years:

China, Iran and America's Downsizing

Below is the un-edited original content of the article written in 2012. The key point being the deep ties Iran now has with China. And how the war that is simmering between Iran and Syria could, and likely will, drag America and China into a regional conflict in the Middle East, if not beyond.

Make no mistake, China is now on a war standing, its policies and propaganda are just short of martial law or military state control. As Americans we are largely oblivious to this, thinking we are having a 'trade war', but to China, we are in a fight with them for global domination, control of the world's resources and trade.

Furthermore, China feels as if it is freeing itself from one hundred years of oppression and shame fostered upon it by the West, and now that it is resuming what it feels is its proper place in the world, the West wants to knock it down again.

This outlook is exacerbated by Hong Kong's looming economic collapse and its open rebellion against China's authority. Hong Kong is currently fast tracking to become the next failed nation in terms of economic disaster that cannot be averted.

If they had assimilated into China's culture and accepted CCP control their economic woes may have been diverted, or at least muted. But not now, as they are openly revolting against the CCP, China will likely be all to happy to see its economy collapse, if only so they can have the excuse to step in and re-establish law and order.

So let us look back, to where we were seven years ago:

More than thirty years of missteps and miscalculations began with Jimmy Carter, who sat by idly when Ayatollah Khomeini and the founders of the Islamic Republic stormed the U.S. embassy and held Americans hostage for 444 days. Since then Iran has funded terrorism and extremist groups that have targeted Americans, even Bush was no more proactive in countering Iran’s actual attacks on Americans: The hundreds of thousands of American soldiers that Bush had deployed to Iraq were targeted by the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) of Iran,and their local allies, during the entire decade of America's occupation; a fact that U.S. officials tended to obscure. The efforts of the Iranian regime made peace and stability in Iraq impossible for America to achieve without addressing (with force) the real issue of Iran's influence.

If you can kill Americans, and the White House (and by extension the American media) uses every means available in covering up your malfeasance (whether it be Iran's significant involvement against American troops in Iraq for more than a decade, or Iran's support and involvement in attacks against American Embassies throughout the Middle East during the 'spring uprisings' or supporting Hamas attacks and Syrian slaughter), you can certainly build a nuclear weapons facility without too much concern that the Americans are really keeping “all options on the table”; simply put, the Obama Administration will never take military action against Iran and it's hollow threats are not much of a deterrent.

Barack Obama's Middle East policy is one of extrication from the region, not further military involvement. Intentionally or not, the current Administration's actions have only strengthened Iran's influence and control in the region and further inflamed the Muslim world against America.

Even as America and other Western governments have tightened economic sanctions against Iran with the aim of forcing it to curb its nuclear ambitions, China has continued to strengthen its links with the Islamic Republic. Iran’s oil, which generates almost eighty percent of Iran's government revenues, is increasingly flowing towards refineries in China, which is now its biggest trading partner. Iran has become a lucrative market for Chinese products and services. And China has invested billions of dollars to improve Tehran’s infrastructure.

Approximately fifteen percent of China's oil imports now come from Iran. And an increasingly larger amount of their natural gas imports come from Iran as well. China finds in Iran a permanent partner for its exports and a source for its growing energy demand. In 2004 and 2005 China signed series of 25 year contracts worth over $150 billion, for over 400 million tons of liquid natural gas.

In 2011, Beijing and Tehran signed yet another extensive deal that gives China exclusive rights to several Iranian oil and natural gas fields through 2024. Under the terms of the deal, Iran will give Chinese oil companies exclusive rights to three large regions of Iranian land as well as the rights to build all necessary infrastructure for these regions of large oil and natural gas fields. In return, China promised to treat any foreign attack against these regions as attacks against its own sovereign territory, and to defend them as such. China was given permission from the Iranian government to maintain and increase its military presence in Iran. China's General Zhang Zhaozhong's statement that "China will not hesitate to protect Iran even with a third World War." pretty much summed up where they stand on backing Iran.

China knows what it's doing all too well, even if America's current Administration seems totally clueless about the economic consequences to 'downsizing' and shrinking back from the Middle East.

China is responsible for aiding Iran in the development of advanced conventional weapons including surface-to-air missiles, combat aircraft, radar systems, and fast-attack missile vessels. And of course any Nuclear abilities the Iranians have developed could not have been achieved without China's aid. With China's support and a withdrawing America, Iran's security and power in the Middle East is all but assured.

America is about to face an economical crisis called China, whose GDP is averaging 7.5% growth compared to our anemic 1 to 2% growth which we have been stuck at during the Obama years.

The Gross Domestic Product of China was worth 7298 billion US dollars in 2011, according to the World Bank. The GDP value of China is roughly equivalent to 12 percent of the world economy. The Gross Domestic Product of the United States was worth 15094 billion US dollars in 2011, according to the World Bank. The GDP value of the United States is roughly equivalent to 24 percent of the world economy. Roughly twice that of China.

The problem is, that was 2011, in 2014 the two nations are nearly equal... with China still growing, still developing new trade partners, and America still on the decline, its GDP shrinking.

Chinese growth has outpaced American growth by a huge margin over the past 30 years. Between 1980 and 2010, U.S. GDP increased roughly 5 times. China’s GDP increased approximately 30 times over the same time period. Such performance appears to all but guarantee that China will surpass the U.S. if we continue on the current rates of growth the two nations have been on the past 5 years. In fact, if we were to continue to allow them to manipulate currency, and remain practically tariff free, this will be all but irreversible by 2016.

To quote what I wrote nearly two [nine] years ago:

"The British Navy has put the aircraft carrier HMS Invincible up for sale on an eBay-like website... and we will likely do the same. Who but the Chinese will be in the market to buy them?"

"The Chinese are already manufacturing their own Stealth fighters and warships, they can hasten their transition by buying British and American ships that are being decommissioned because of the draw down... I expect this will happen without hardly any media coverage in the U.S."

Tonight we go to bed with America as the #1 World Economy and #1 World Power... when we wake up in 2016 that will no longer be the case... China will have taken the lead role on the world scene... it will be interesting to see where things lead from there... but I imagine fuel and food costs will begin an even more dramatic rise than we have seen to date... as we become just one more country supplying China's appetite for resources, and less of a consumer nation ourselves.

What will happen to Medicare, Welfare, Social Security... when we have maxed out our National debt, and China has moved ahead of us in the world, and neither China, nor Saudi, nor anyone else will be willing to support our avarice and idiotic spending any longer?

© 2012 Ken Burgess


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    • Wayne Brown profile image

      Wayne Brown 

      7 years ago from Texas

      What better place to build nuclear weapons than in a facility which could be placed smack in the middle of a Chinese controlled oilfield looked upon as sovereign ground. Obama treats Iran like a troublesome splinter in his hand when, in actuality, it is a ticking time bomb. As the USA is pushed further and further out of the Middle East, Israel is cast into a role to go it alone with potential attackers on all sides. With China in the mix, Iran is well-insulated against thoughts of foreign aggression able to mouth off without worry of retaliation. All that we have fought for and paid for in money and blood in the Middle East is now riding on the whims of Iran...that splinter in Obama's hand. Well Done! ~WB


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