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Iran Continues to Press for Missile and Nuclear Objectives

Updated on December 14, 2013

Even before the recent nuclear weapons agreement with Iran and the West negotiated in November begins, it falters and suspicions on both sides increase. Even before both sides agree on a start date that begins the six month window of mutual validation, it falters.

What has happened is not unexpected. The U.S. Congress has forced President Obama to increase additional sanctions on Iran by adding new Iranian companies and individuals engaged in the oil industry to the list of targets.This happened on Dec. 12. On the 13th, the Iranian delegation abruptly terminated the talks taking place with the six powers in Vienna, announcing they must return home for consultations.

Iran made the following comment: “Surely the recent actions by the US in adding names of Iranian companies and institutions to the sanctions list is a clear violation of the Geneva nuclear agreement. American officials showed that they are not trustworthy.”

The truth is that some of Iran's previously frozen assets have been released as promised, but Obama does not control congress. Meanwhile, Iran continues to spin its 18000 centrifuges for nuclear weapons because the six month start date for Iran to halt has not been discussed. Obama has a choice to somehow veto the new sanctions or forgetting the agreement.

In either case, Iran does not suffer much. During the negotiations, American and European negotiators asked to discuss the ranges of Iranian ballistic missiles with Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, without citing the types capable of delivering nuclear warheads. Zarif refused to discuss this. The West was concerned about Iran's development of missiles that could reach Europe or America and wanted to included missile range limits. Iran assured the West that they are only developing missiles with a range that puts Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia within the arc. The West was happy with that and no further discussion occurred.

Now, Iran announced Saturday, Dec. 14, that a monkey had been successfully launched into space and brought back to earth safely aboard a home-made bio-capsule. The mission, dubbed Auspicious, was the first to run on liquid fuel. This is the second successful launch into space, the first one, last January, surprised the West. This proves that Iran already has missiles that can reach nearly anywhere on the planet. Thus, Iran's comments about only developing missiles with a 2000 km range is false.

When taken it altogether, it seems to point to the fact that Iran wants a nuclear warhead capable of being used on a missile or ICBM. Whether they would use it, is another question. Iran seems to want to be the "North Korea" in the Middle East for coercive purposes. The trouble with all of this is that nuclear development and going to outer space can be either for peaceful or nefarious purposes. Of course, Iran claims the former, but their actions of deceit speak more to the truth.

Making deals with the devil is sure to cause mayhem in the future. There is no question that Iran will be involved in any armageddon in the Middle East.


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    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      I can't argue about any of this. I think it will come to pass. The question is will Israel make the pre-emptive strike first or will Iran. Even if the strike delays it for 5+ years, it might be worth it. No good choices in this future.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Iran has sworn to destroy both Israel (the Little Satan) and the U.S. (the Big Satan). If they get nukes, they'll try to do it. However, if Israel feels the risk to their citizens becomes too great, Israel WILL take pre-emptive action against Iran...and the Middle East will erupt into full blown war!

    • Smireles profile image

      Sandra Mireles 

      5 years ago from Texas

      Iran wants nuclear weapons. They are playing the international community including the United States until they have what they want. I am not sure if they will fire upon Israel or not, but they will certainly have a part in any Middle East implosion. They have been behind most of the uprisings in recent years in one way or another.


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