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Iran Declares Nuclear Talks with the West a Joke

Updated on May 25, 2012

The Israeli patience with the nuclear weapons and enrichment talks grows impatient, The first round yielded nothing except to agree to meet again-that was in April or so. The second round, which just ended in Iraq, yielded nothing again and the West's offer to allow Iran to enrich uranium to 5% was called a "joke" by Iran. Now, the third round, set for late June in Moscow. Iran must be thinking the West's resolve is waning, because Iran has not given any ground and the West continues to try to "bargain" for cooperation.

Hey, read your history! This is what France and Britain tried to do with Hitler after he had taken over Czechslovakia in 1938. They tried to bargain. He played them for time until the military was ready to strike a year later in Poland 1939.

The sad thing is the US under Obama is trying to secure a deal with Iran and bending over backwards to do it. It sends totally the wrong signal to Iran and puts them in a position of power, So far, Iran's insistence that the sanctions be lifted before serious discussions take place have been rejected. But will that continue? Already Japan and India have indicated that will not go along with it because they need Iran's oil.

What has been long thought has now been proven as IAEA inspectors have determined that Iran was enriching uranium to 27% at the Parchin facility. Well, that explains why they were so busy recently trying to clean it up.

If you recall, Obama once indicated that Iran would never be allowed to enrich any uranium under his watch, well, that has now changed to allowing them to do it to 5%. While that may sound harmless, it takes much longer to enrich uranium from its natural state to 5%, than from 5% to 20%, which is nuclear bomb material. The current talks are not even discussing Iran's building of a nuclear heavy water plant that will be able to produce plutonium, which is another way to make the bomb!

So, even if Iran totally agreed to the terms set by the West, they have a backup to create the bomb from plutonium. Did the West forget about this???

Will Israel attack Iran? Many are saying it will occur by the end of summer unless a miracle occurs. Iran is buying time to complete its enrichment. Any attack would not come until after mid-July because Obama is planning to visit Israel in early July. But, no really knows.


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