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Iran Entices Pakistan with Gas Pipeline

Updated on March 9, 2012

As the sanctions gradually impact the Iranian society, as Israel prepares and waits impatiently to strike Iran before May\June, as Pakistan-US relations remain not good, Iran and Pakistan may become an "odd couple".

Iran's oil exports comprise of 80% of their income, when Iran's customers, such as, China and India begin to cut back relying on other sources, Iran is worried. When food stables in their grocery stores such as rice and wheat skyrocket in prices for small amounts and customers begin to hoard stocks, Iran looks for a way to circumvent the sanctions. The question is how much tolerance will the Iranian people have for the hardships? Iran is not North Korea, in fact, its sophistication is ten-fold above NK. Its people are intelligent and educated. They follow only because they are oppressed to do so.

The rift between the US and Pakistan over many issues runs deep, as the Chevy ad might say. Both distrust one another and creates another "odd couple" neither really like. In this light, Pakistan is befriending Iran or vice versa. Pakistan already has the nukes. Iran is seeking them.

The two nations are now negotiating a pipeline deal for natural gas from Iran to Pakistan, that the US is trying to stop. Iran is offering Pakistan $250 million to complete it. Pakistan then will buy 750 million cubic feet of natural gas per day in 2014. Iran will also provide 80,000 barrels of oil daily. The two countries have already signed a deal where Iran will received 1,000,000 tons of wheat and 200,000 tons of rice from Pakistan in exchange for Iran's iron ore and fertilizer. Both countries do need the gas pipeline for different reasons and it is likely the deal will happen soon.

The US, which is pissed off about this, has offered Pakistan $1 billion to build a gas pipeline from Pakistan to Turkmenistan. Pakistan basically responds to it with a " F*** you". The US has also threatened Pakistan through diplomatic channels, which the Pakistani response was the same.

There could nothing worse than a Iran-Pakistan thriving relationship, sanctions or not. This is just one unforeseen event stemming from the Obama sanctions on Iran. It has shocked Washington for good reason.


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