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Iran is a North Korea in the Middle East

Updated on April 10, 2015

All the liberals to left of the political spectrum have always said that a deal with Iran needs to happen. Even President Obama is pursuing a deal at "almost any cost". Part of this is for his legacy after he is no longer president, but also, his general overly trusting aspect that the Iranians would not cheat. For those conservatives, they say that no deal is the best deal or Obama's deal is a bad deal and that sanctions is the best weapon against Iran barring the use of military action.

After many months of endless talks and sparring, the West and Iran finally agree to agree on a framework for further discussions to reach a written, formal, agreement. The Iranian people celebrated in the streets because finally the crippling sanctions would be gradually be lifted. The sanctions truly have crippled the Iranian society in many ways, although, China and Russia, who are also part of the nuclear weapon talks, continue to send their products to them! Lifting the sanctions will help everyone including those secretive elements still seeking to create a nuclear bomb. It will help them obtain products from the West that have dual uses.

It only took a few days for the Iranians to show their true color- their Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei stated that there is no guarantee in a final deal and President Rouhani stated there was no deal unless all sanctions were lifted on the first day of signing. Khamenei further stated that the West cannot be trusted and was never optimistic about dealing with America and Rouhani concurred.

Rouhani made it crystal clear, "We will not sign any deal unless the agreement abolishes all economic sanctions on the first day the implementation of the agreement". But it gets worse, now the Iranians stated that inspections of facilities located on military bases will not be allowed. Thus, creating islands where nuclear weapon development can continue unabated.

This is all the proof anyone who thought they could trust Iran needs to show they cannot. President Obama immediately responded by stating the Iranians were in la-la land. That, negotiations had always indicated the sanctions would be lifted gradually over time to prove Iran could be trusted and never all at once. Inspections would occur wherever their was suspicion. The Iranians knew all this. They are game players. They are trying to change the terms of the contract and posturing. Maybe, their intent was never to really have a deal and its been all a public relations for their population to sway public opinion against the West, claiming the West cannot be trusted. The population in Iran is largely under 35 years of age, they crave American and European products that have been banned by the sanctions. They find the Chinese products very inferior.

If the deal happens, Iran will get $100 billion in oil revenue from frozen foreign oil accounts and it would take two years for their economy to be normal once again. They would be getting Americana and European products. But, some of this money would no doubt be used to support terrorist activity elsewhere and this remains to be a concern. Iran is really a North Korea in the Middle East. They cannot be trusted to be honest because they have an agenda to promote their brand of Shiite religion and continue to hate America and Israel even while the smile and promote peace. Unless the government changes or the people overthrow them, this is the fact of life. Iran will continue to do what they do to get a nuclear bomb, one way or another. The other is the fact they could easily buy a bomb from North Korea and ship it to Iran. They already have key personnel living in NK working with them in developing a bomb. These details have not even been discussed in the current agreement.


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