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Iran Prepares for a September-October Middle East War

Updated on August 1, 2012
Stealth bomber in action
Stealth bomber in action
The Supreme Leader
The Supreme Leader
The Target sites
The Target sites

The world and the West is nearing the end game. The end stage. The end.

For over a year now and since April, 2012, the West, led by the USA, has sought to stop the Iranian nuclear weapons program using various means. All have been economic in nature, all have had some impact, mostly on the middle and low classes in Iran. The rich Iranians and those in government have not really felt the sanctions. The Iranian government has proven to be quite versatile and resilient in their ability to continue on with their uranium enrichment to acquire the bomb. President Obama's strategy has so far only partially worked because of the numerous exemptions conceded for key nations under sanctions. India, Japan, China and more all are exempt so Iran can continue exporting its oil and goods. The electronic method of payment for them , while it has been cut to Iran's major banks, lesser banks still have SWIFT accounts enabling electronic payments and receivables.

Hmmm, no wonder the Obama plan has not totally worked. What is Obama thinking? Exemptions? All of this defeats the sanction s purpose. Very stupid.

On July 27, Iran's supreme leader gathered his "war council". All the leaders of military and defense organizations to instruct them to prepare for the war. Iran is obvious going all the way for the nuclear bomb. Israel has hinted that a military strike seems unavoidable unless a miracle occurs. They cite either in September or October. The US has announced that the their 30,000 lb. cave busting bombs are now ready after their improvement program to increase depth penetration. Iran is now covering many key sites with huge boulders and reinforcing them with steel plates to reduce penetration. Iran is making their asymmetrical retaliation also.

All the usual targets are there: Israel, Saudi Arabia, US Navy. The use of Hamas and Hezbollah is there. The coming war is really going to be very disruptive to the West and very messy. It will last months and cause fuel to reach historical levels for consumers.

Are you ready? Obviously, Iran has now made the key decision to be done with meaningful nuclear weapon talks. They will not be making any conciliatory moves meaning much. But, they are still buying time to beef up their defenses, their sites.

Will it be the biblical Armageddon? That is a loaded question. There is no question that it could be. It could go into tactical nuclear weapons being used by the US or Israel. All this before the US Presidential election. Wow!

For many, how Obama handles it, should it come to pass, will be a make or break situation for him.


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