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Iran Rejected the Palestinian-Israeli Ceasefire

Updated on July 15, 2014

There is the reason for the rejection of the ceasefire, to pause, before all out war occurs. Before Israeli revisits Gaza in their search and destroy mission using armor and soldiers to decapitate Hamas' rockets.

Whatever happens now is because of Iran, who is pulling the strings of its proxy warriors, Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

The U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, was on his way to Cairo to solidify the terms when President Obama recalled him after receiving intel that any agreement was destined to fail. It was found out that Iran had rejected the ceasefire, flat-out. Iran provides many of the rockets and weapons for both Hamas and Hezbollah, and despite their silence on Israel, continue to vow its destruction. It is a given. Iran instructed both entities it controls to reject any ceasefire agreement if they wanted to receive further support.

The "persuasive power" of Iran can clearly been seen because the Hamas prime minister of Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, announced in a speech that his movement had accepted Cairo’s proposal to negotiate a ceasefire with Israel on July 13. Yet, in less than 24 hrs. later, the threats from Iran to Hamas had turned agreement into a statement of “an initiative of kneeling and submission.” Thus, at 0900 the the 14th, when the ceasefire was to occur, Hamas fired 25+rockets into Israeli to acquiesce its power source, Iran. Hezbollah also fired more rockets from Lebanon for solidarity.

Hamas has fired over 800 rockets in the past six days, of those, 145 of them were shot down by the Iron Dome. Israeli jets flew over 200 sorties destroying 11 rocket production centers but killing 170 and wounding another 1000.

As for the talks to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, it has proven to be a waste of time and simply a time delay for Iran because the talks were never focused on all of the ways in which Iran might acquire nuclear weapons through overt or covert means. None of the negotiations prevent Iran from buying a nuclear weapons from Pakistan or any other country. None of the talks prevents Iran from obtaining 8 kg of plutonium for a country, this is enough to create a nuclear weapon and is easily transported. The talks have only been focused on controlling and restricting nuclear enrichment in Iran and even then, Iran is allowed to enrich for peaceful purposes. The deadline for an agreement is July 20th.

Fat chance for either situation. Iran is behind the unrest in the Middle East.


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