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Iran Slammed at it's Own Non-Aligned Conference

Updated on August 31, 2012
Left, Ahmadinejad for Iran, Morsi, to his right, scolding Iran.
Left, Ahmadinejad for Iran, Morsi, to his right, scolding Iran.

Most Americans have no doubt about this, but Iran hosted international countries in a Non-Aligned Conference movement created after WW2 for countries who are neither pro-west or not. For Iran, holding the conference in Tehran is a coup for them as many countries sent their president's to attend. Iran was hoping to solidify its status with other countries opposing the West, specially, America. It wanted to promote its own quest for nuclear weapons and to find ways to get around US sanctions with countries like India and South Korea.

What they got was so unexpected and embarrassing it, that Iranian censors blocked out much of Egypt's President, UCLA educated, Mohammed Morsi, scolding directed at Iran's Ahmadinejad. Iran's media had thought Morsi was a new friend upon his arrival, but as Morsi scolded Iran, translators stumbled or did not translate at his words and only a few Iranian websites managed to inform Iranians of what he said.

Egypt's President Morsi speech in front of 120 nations shocked Iran. Morsi, said Syria's regime was oppressive and had no legitimacy and it was wrong for Iran to assist Syria. He said, Syrian bloodshed is the responsibility of all and it will not stop until real intervention occurs to stop it. Then, he went to state that he rejects any threats made by any member to destroy another state or to attempt to deny historical facts such as the Holocaust. There was a request for Iran to cooperate with the Nuclear agency.

Iran, embarrassed because all comments were directed at Iran, reacted by calling Morsi an "immature and new diplomat". This was the first time Egypt has had relations with Iran since 1979. Syria walked out of the room during Morsi's speech and then accused Morsi of meddling in business it has no interest in.

Of the 120 countries in attendance, only Venezuela, Syria, Iran and North Korea seem to think Morsi was meddling, everyone else agreed with Morsi.


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