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Iran and Russia: Potential Flashpoints in the Caspian Sea

Updated on September 29, 2011

Something is getting very little attention in a far away place near the Caspian Sea. Russia and its neighbors have been engaged in wargame called,Center-201,1 which simulated an Iranian attack on Caspian oil fields operated by American firms in reprisal for a US strike against Iranian nuclear sites. For most of the September, 2011, over 12,000 soldiers have been engaged in this wargame, which indicates that something will happen when Iran does get the bomb in 2012. The US, France, Russia are all on the same page once Iran does get it.

The scenario runs like this: The US or NATO makes some sort of attempt to prevent it. Iran responds with sending naval units to the oilfields in the Caspian operated by Exxon, an American company. Then, Iran sends over 70 fighter and fighter-bomber aircraft to the same area, as its armor and infantry divisions attack on the ground moving out of Iran. This causes Russia to employ its military. The Iranian offensive would single out the Kazakh oil field at Mangustan on the Caspian coast because it is American operated. The Iranian invasion is decimated and the Russian armies then continue into Iran capturing Tehran.

Recently, Iran has said it will send its navy to sit off the East coast of the US and suggested their presence in the Gulf of Mexico may occur (via Cuba? Colombia? Venezuela?).

All of this simmering of the nuclear boiling pot will come to full boil in 2012-13 for sure. Something is going to happen from the US, Israel or NATO. The wargame is very plausible and spelled out in the Book of Revelations regarding end times. In it, it describes how the Bear of the North (Russia) will attack into Persia (Iran). What it doesn't state is why.

Now you do.


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    • MG Singh profile image

      MG Singh 6 years ago from Singapore

      I think in the long run, Iran will not be able to sustain any military campaign. I see only one end result -the destruction of Iran. Its a pity as Iran has an ancient civilization.