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Iran is Playing President Obama for a Fool

Updated on March 11, 2012

Sorry, but President Obama is being played a fool and he is being naive. He is diminishing our relationship with Israel, one that is creating tension and mistrust. President Obama has played the Iranian talk card again. Iran has taken the cue from Obama, that is, Iran sees the US-Israeli dispute about when to attack. To appease Israel, which Obama prefers not to deal with, he told the world sternly, "I don't bluff" about using military force, yet, the talks yielded concessions from Israel: time, time for sanctions to impact. As someone pointed out, Iran has been under sanctions for many years already in various degrees! Adding a few more, Obama thinks, will change Iran's course. That is the folly. Obama is an idiot to think that.

The mullahs in Iran, meanwhile, see this on CNN play out, and think, "we need more time to hide the nuclear evidence, more time to make the shelters bomb proof, more time to enrich more uranium" so, they tell the world, "hey, let's talk again under no preset conditions". Like a cat who loves mice, Obama went after the bait. But, Obama is smart, deceptively smart, by agreeing to "talks", he also prevents Israel (who is getting a little freaked out about the US aloofness and acquiescence, and ready to do something) from doing anything but wait until after the talks have run their course. Talks that will go on and on and on because Iran will bait the IAEA. It is already happening because Iran needs more time to clean of the evidence before they arrive and US satellites show this. Yet, Obama hopes! Please!

This is an old tactic. Iran did this the last time some 14 months ago, and Obama then, went after it like a lovesick man over a woman who is teasing him. Those talks utterly failed to do anything and Iran carried on making their enriched nuclear material, creating rockets that can hit Israel and beyond. It is enough to make one scream!

The strategy that Obama is allowing Iran to have buys time and when the talks fail you will know that Iran has completed making their weapon sites bomb proof. That is when Iran will walk away from talks. Obama should have insisted on a very short deadline for the talks to yield something, as they are now, they are "open ended". What is worse that in the past, Obama has expressed that this sort of policy of talking to Iran has been a failure, yet, he just can't let it go.

Obama's "Policy of Prevention" is what exactly? Obama has not prevented anything yet. Talking has not prevented anything, sanctions have not prevented anything. The Iranian government just keeps moving toward their goal. Wait, yes, it has prevented Israel from doing anything. That is it. Is Obama trying to avoid an Israeli attack before the election? Certainly a good point. Obama seems more concerned about stopping Israel than stopping Iran from getting a nuclear bomb.

I certainly hope Israel, at some point,says enough is enough without regards to Obama's wishes. They are already well within range of over 300 missiles from the Gaza, Lebanon, Syria. The Israeli government should not put their defense and trust in Obama's America. Too much is at stake.

Granted, their attack may not prevent anything also, but you will not know until you try.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 5 years ago

      Funny, Nick! I agree. Obama is too nice for Iran.

    • Nick Hanlon profile image

      Nick Hanlon 5 years ago from Chiang Mai

      Not exactly hard for the Iranians to assume that Obama is foolish.Sort of like a bank manager running an ad in the press that there'll be no security at the bank this week-end and the safe combination is written in crayon on the safe door.If the Iranians know that there is no threat of violence from Obama....then hey,let's party.

    • profile image

      R. J. Lefebvre 6 years ago


      This cituation is not like playing poker, its more like a game of chess with multiple options available. Israel is kicking the sand with threats before all the options can materialize. Obama is standing eye to eye to Iran: if you want war, so be it! Iranian leaders recognize a lot of their citizens may join the opposition.


    • perrya profile image

      perrya 6 years ago

      Hopefully, Israel will just do it.