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Iran is the Big Winner in Obama's Nuclear Treaty

Updated on November 27, 2013

There has been a lot of political spin about the US-Iran nuclear treaty agreement from both parties in the US. President Obama desperately did not want to conduct a military strike on Iran to stop their quest for a bomb. Short of that, the only next option was to negotiate a good deal. While the president is spinning it a great win for the West to prevent Iran from getting the bomb, only those gullible or ignorant of the facts celebrate it as such.

Some call it appeasement. Obama admits that the deal only slows Iran down during the six month window to prove they are trustworthy. If you really think Iran will allow the West to halt their enrichment of uranium after the "trial" period ends, this is sheer lunacy. After spending millions and 10 years of creating underground complexes to enrich and the heavy water plant, if you were Iran, would you allow another country tell you what you can or cannot do? I thought so. Even now, Iran has publicly stated that how the US perceives the deal is false and their presentation to the American people is incorrect, one-sided. But worse is the fact that the six month clock will NOT even start until additional discussion occur. Nothing in the document states when the clock begins! So, until it happens, Iran will continue to enrich unabated.

What does Iran get in this deal?

A partial lifting and access to $4 billion of Iranian money in Western Banks and lifts sanctions on gold, precious metals, Iran’s automobile sector and petrochemical exports. This will help its economy at 50% inflation be reduced. Iran can now say the world has recognized its right to enrich uranium. The population will not rebel against its government and blame them for their living conditions because the government wants a nuclear bomb. No more sanctions can be imposed on them in the coming six months.

What does the US get?

Iran will not install or repair any of their 19000 centrifuges. Just how can this be monitored in reality? Think about this. Iran does not need more of them, since they have the right to enrich, what they have is enough over a six month time frame. Iran can enrich reactor grade uranium but not above 5% for weapons grade. Their Arak heavy water facility will not go into operation. Well, this is funny. A red herring. This plant is still a year away from being finished. Iran has no issue agreeing to that yet Iran is still allowed to construct and finish it! WTF! This plant is just another way to make a bomb using plutonium instead of uranium. What kind of negotiation is this? Finally, nuclear inspectors will be allowed a more thorough inspections of the nuclear facilities but Iran retains the right declare certain ones "off limits".


Even the IAEA report stated that Iran has enough enriched material for a few bombs, dirty bombs. How can the IAEA be sure this amount has been discarded? Iran simply has to hide it. Duh! The amount is not more than 400 kg. It is obvious, Iran is buying some time to allow their economy to recover and since they do have a right to enrich, will do so. How can the IAEA be sure Iran is not secretly enriching to weaponized levels?

The inevitable is going to happen unless some of there sites are destroyed using military action. That IS the reality of this situation, like it or not.


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    • wjcarr profile image

      W.J. Carr 4 years ago from Leeds Alabama, USA

      Obama has, and continues, to weaken our world wide influence... our economy... and our constitutional rights. Exactly how far is he going to be allowed to work against his own countries best interests before we finally impeach him?--

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 4 years ago

      Now, Iran is already saying that how the US perceives the agreement is false and did you know, the six month clock has not even started and will not begin until further discussions occur!

    • Cassie Smith profile image

      Cassie Smith 4 years ago from U.S.

      Obumbler has made the Middle East worse than anyone can imagine. That he upset both Saudi Arabia and Israel is quite an accomplishment. I'm hoping that his foreign policy will not start a nuclear war.


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