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Iranian Missiles in Venezuela?

Updated on February 25, 2012

This is one of those news items that went under the wire last year. It will be news to many US readers for sure. However, while the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis invoked nuclear war between Russia and the US, the Iranians in Venezuela is much more subtle because that is their style, a good example is their nuclear bomb ambitions.

The German press in , Die Welt, first reported this story with some good evidence last May, and it has been percolating in the background since. The US indicates there is nothing to substantiate the story and therefore, nothing to worry about. All I have to say is look at history. If Russia managed to get ICBMs into Cuba, a mere 90 miles from the US, without detection in 1962, why can't be true today in Venezuela, which is 1300 miles away? The Iranian missiles are smaller. The base planning and building began in 2006. Venezuela and Iran have more than 200 trade agreements signed with 30 Iranian companies that predominately invest in Venezuelan mining mainly for uranium.

Venezuela has allowed iran to place medium-range missile silos in the northernmost peninsula of Paraguana. Silos are being built or planned for 60-65 ft. deep. if you Google Earth the area, many of the areas surrounding it are blurred. Specifically, the area near El Cayude, Venezuela is defocused intentionally it seems. Venezuela's, "El Nuevo Herald" placed Iranian missiles near the site or within the country. Venezuelan Vice President, Elias Jaua, denies the existence of those missiles in the Paraguana Peninsula but verifies the presence of missiles in Venezuela.

The kind of missile there, somewhere in Venezuela, is most likely the 2000-2500km ranged Ghadr 110, enough to hit Florida. The debate continues about the truth of Iranian missiles in Venezuela. Their Foreign Minister refutes this claim as a lie, but is he in "the know"? Are the other officials simply posturing with bravado to make the CIA worried? Maybe, the CIA is denying the existence so as to not alarm the media and population, while they track developments, which remain in early phases. Then , when real danger is obvious, take action.

Iranian missile installations are likely in place in Venezuela and await upgrades of long-range ordinance to achieve strike objectives inside the United States. From images that are available, only building seems to exist, however, Iran's technique is to build a facade building to cover up the drilling and building inside. Many of Iran's nuclear weapons sites are just this-nice looking buildings to the passerby and to spy satellites!


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 5 years ago

      @mio well, what people know and do not know is just that. I never said nuclear, but it seems even within the venezuela government there is a disconnect. The point is the area should be watched. There is no dispute about how both countries have similar interests etc. this is not out of the range of possibilities just as it was in 62, when people like you said the same thing. At this stage, everyone could be partially correct. War with Iran is simply a matter of when, probably before end of summer, if not sooner.

    • mio cid profile image

      mio cid 5 years ago from Uruguay

      Perrya, I don't mean this disrespectfully to you because you obviously are reporting on something that has been out there, but this is spread by the people that want to start a war with Iran.I don't know if eventually one day we will be at war with Iran, because the Iranian regime is a bad operative,but I can guarantee you that as long as Venezuela sits within the continent of south america , neither Brazil,nor Argentina who are the true heavyweights of south american politics will allow Iran to place any nuclear weapons on south american soil, you can take that to the bank.