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Iran's Chutzpah

Updated on October 27, 2011

Iran’s Chutzpah

I am certain that the governing mullahs in Iran are so chronically Anti-Semitic that they would even object to my using the term, ‘Chutzpah' - to describe the audacious assassination attempt of one of our citizens on our soil- simply because it is a word usually ascribed to what the Iranian mullahs would call the ‘Zionists.’ Of more import to national pride and standing in the world is the fact that, if true, that the Iranians sanctioned a ‘hit’ on our soil of a Saudi Ambassador… potentially, putting our citizens in harm’s way. This is one of those moments, which have been happening lately, where my mouth is agape like that of the Aflac Duck we see in those iconic commercials.

I want to be fair to President Obama, especially in light of his keeping many of the effective Bush tactics used in fighting terrorism, but I have to wonder that if anyone else were President, would the Iranians have the testes to try to assassinate a dignitary/American citizen on our soil? Would the Iranians do this if President Reagan or either Bush were at the helm of wielding the tip of the spear of our power? Now, the better question is now what are we going to do? The world’s bullies are keenly watching because they, like the typical bullies on the streets or on the school-yard playgrounds, do not respect doing ‘nothing,’ but expect those who are would-be bully-victims to respond in kind.

Whether we want to face this reality or not - sooner or later, we, or the West in general, will have to physically fight Iran; for if the Iranians do not have nuclear bombs as yet, and, are so bold, what is to deter them when the nuclear genie is at their beckon call? Perhaps now, those in the Obama Administration will give more urgency and respect to the Israelis take, vis-à-vis geo-policies in that part of the world. The opened grating secret is that the Iranians have used their surrogates and proxies to do their bidding in Iraq and Afghanistan… killing our soldiers in droves, but apparently now, they are not satisfied in those theatres – they have brought the fight to our doorsteps… daring us to respond.

In the coming days, we will hear the Foreign policy pundits opining on the merits of acting unilaterally or convoking our allies to invoke sanctions that will have no bite, simply because the Chinese and the Russians are beholden to the Iranian mullahs for oil. The elephant in the room is Israel... for we all know that the time is drawing nigh when Iran will acquire “the Bomb,” and coupled that with its religious fervor and beliefs that dying brings heavenly rewards… tell us what the Israelis are facing in the near future.

I hope that the West is not thinking that the Iranian threat is confined only to Israel or that part of the world… but, that, all of us are threatened. How many times must we dismiss the hatred and hegemonic aims of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who speak for the mullahs, as the musings of a mad man? And is there someone in President Obama’s Administration capable of responding forcefully to Iran - perhaps, Secretary of State, Clinton, have the gravitas to do so?


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